Discover the World's Most Successful Online Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery applications have been used on a large scale for the past few years. The popularity of such applications has seen a significant boost. The entire food delivery app industry is expected to reach a market size of $320 billion globally by the end of 2029.

Considering the demand scale,online food delivery app development has been one of the integral services in most software development companies. If you own a restaurant business, you need the right technology to fulfill your customer orders.

Not just that, but these applications are also proficient in terms of managing the workers, tracking deliveries and a lot more. A food ordering and delivering app handles all the steps to ensure smooth business operations and attain a positive customer experience.

In this article, you will get an insight into the top online food delivery apps worldwide. These businesses have utilized this app development trend and have proven themselves as the leading service providers in the online food delivery fraternity.

1. FoodPanda

FoodPanda, a European food delivery service, is now renowned worldwide. The business was started in Singapore back in 2013.

FoodPanda primarily focused on delivering service only across Asian countries, but as of now, they have expanded their business to Eastern Europe.

They are offering their food delivery services in Bulgaria and Romania. Moreover, they are also active in Germany to grow their presence in Western Europe. The mobile application is available on iOS and Android devices, and the interface is quite simple for users.

FoodPanda offers a wide selection of top restaurants over its platform and offers easy access to users upon special offers and rebates. The payment options are quite seamless and secure.

2. GrubHub


GrubHub is one of the most renowned food delivery applications on iOS and Android platforms. The customers will be inputting their location over the app, and it will display all the nearby eateries or restaurants.

Customers can search for restaurants by the cuisine name or the specific food menu. The delivery destinations can be preferred for convenient ordering of food.

GrubHub is available in around 3200 cities across London and the United States.

GrubHub offers an extended delivery service to all restaurants. It offers delivery services, even to cloud kitchens. It means restaurant owners do not need a physical dining setup to register over GrubHub. They can earn money by setting up a home restaurant business.

The best thing is GrubHub offers order management which integrates with the POS systems of the restaurant. It means that the tech development integrations are on point.

Moreover, the supplementary delivery solutions by GrubHub can help restaurants reach a wider customer base.

3. Zomato


Zomato is yet another top successful food delivery app in the world that has a great global presence. It was earlier known as Foodie bay upon its foundation in 2008.

It is an India-based food ordering and delivering app that performed well in the Indian market. The performance and demand were so high that Uber Eats had to sell off all of its Indian business chains to Zomato for $400 million.

Today, Zomato is offering its services across 24 countries and is available in more than 10,000 cities. Zomato picked up the demand pace because it designed its platform as a social media networking site for the foodies out there.

Its search capabilities are way beyond excellent than any of its competitors. The online food delivery app development was on point for Zomato, and they are constantly scaling it to offer better experiences to the end customers.

4. Deliveroo

Deliveroo is another top online food delivery app established in London. It is available across 200 sites in around 14 countries and 84 cities. It is popularly used across UAE, Hong Kong, Spain, Singapore, Belgium, etc.

The location and the restaurant determine the varying delivery cost over the Deliveroo application.

In 2019, Deliveroo made around $365 million, making it one of the most profitable delivery apps of that time. The application is accessible on both Android and iOS applications.

Deliveroo has a list of cloud kitchens with no usual setup for offering dining services. Hence, this enables food entrepreneurs to acquire this innovative concept of earning goods with low initial investments. This helps Deliveroo offer various eateries, as only a few players allow non-traditional food hubs to participate in online delivery programs.

5. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s is one of the most loved pizza hubs for people from all across the world. They have a dedicated application allowing users to order discounted pizzas. They allow the users to choose either the pick-up or home delivery, based on which the final charges are imposed.

Domino’s Pizza application doesn’t offer food delivery services from other restaurants, only from their outlets. It is because Domino’s wants to take up the job of delivering a good customer experience all by itself. It doesn’t want to rely on third-party food delivery apps to do the needful.

As a result, around 5.3 million customers of Domino’s use their mobile application. Hence that accounts for around 43.9% of online sales.

As of 2022, Domino’s Pizza operates around 19,880 restaurants worldwide. And as of 2023, 1032 new units are now added to that number. And in all places with a Domino’s Pizza store, the mobile application can be used for ordering home delivery or store pickup of pizzas.

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6. Postmates

Postmates is a less-known online food delivery application on a global scale but is widely used in the United States. It has more than 2940 stores in the US, and users can get almost anything delivered to their homes using this application.

Postmates help customers get alcohol, food, groceries and many other things through the application. All of the orders that are placed over the application are subjected to some form of fee. The costs will eventually be higher during busy or rush hours.

They offer on-time delivery services, which helped them gain an exceptional reputation and revenue.

 In 2018, they earned a revenue of around $1 billion in 2018. In 2020, this astounding food delivery application was acquired by Uber for around $2.665 billion.

Postmates doesn’t run alongside Uber Eats as a merged company but runs independently. This astounding application is available for both Android as well as iOS devices.

7. DoorDash


DoorDash is one of the most popular food delivery applications, operating in 32 markets and delivering services across 300 cities. DoorDash has gained immense popularity and revenue, covering around 45% of the market share.

In 2020, DoorDash generated a revenue of around $3 billion, showcasing its global popularity. You get to use the application on both Android and iOS devices.

The food delivery app development culture was so appreciated in the modern era that DoorDash on boarded Little Caesars Pizza for delivery solutions first time in its 60-year history.

DoorDash offers a commitment to offering quality food and great customer service. On-time delivery is one of the biggest advantages for the users relying upon DoorDash.

8. Delivery.Com

It is probably one of the oldest food delivery applications, which started back in 1995. The business offers exceptional home delivery services across 2400 locations in the United States. It has more than 19,000 merchants working with the brand.

They further expanded their business to Hong Kong in 2014 and then sold all of the holdings to FoodPanda. Delivery.Com offers many services online, with around 3 million active users.

The customers had the feasibility to order alcohol, food and groceries. They also had the feasibility of allowing customers to avail of dry cleaning services. Over time, they built a massive marketplace and network, contributing to their overall development and popularity.

Most of the offices in the United States order their food from, as it lists some of the best restaurants which could handle catering or big-sized orders. It is only among the few food delivery applications that cater to the needs of B2B food delivery.

The pricing at Delivery.Com is different based on the restaurant you order from. The standard commission for restaurant orders is 15% for each order.

Moreover, the website mentions that they don’t charge restaurant delivery fees. Hence, more and more food brands are partnering with Delivery.Com.

9. ChowNow

ChowNow is one of the most advanced online ordering platforms that use a prominent restaurant mobile app development strategy, which manages the orders, customizes the food menus and tracks the delivery locations. It is a singular platform that centralizes all information under one dashboard.

The administrators or the restaurant owners will have the feasibility to pull reports, track records of all orders, monitor new orders and view the top spenders of their restaurant. Apart from easing the food delivery solutions for the customers, this platform is developed with technological advancements for the restaurant or food brand owners.

The system helps the restaurant owners route incoming orders, manage transactions and allow the restaurants to use customer data for identifying and rewarding loyal guests.

The restaurants can easily connect with the customers through several platforms such as Google, Yelp and the ChowNow applications.

ChowNow offers restaurant owners the feasibility of acquiring the email addresses, order metrics, order histories and disbursements of customers through analytical reports.

Restaurant owners can customize branding over the platform to determine how ChowNow customers view their brand.

Hence, ChowNow is considered more convenient for restaurant owners. It connects them to a wide network of delivery drivers. There will be no interference of ChowNow between the brand and the customer. In return, the brand must pay a monthly subscription fee as compensation for ChowNow’s network or community services.

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10. Caviar

Caviar is the last food delivery application on this list of top names. Like most other apps in this list, it connects the drivers, restaurants and customers to ensure seamless convenience. Caviar has a list of best-in-class restaurants and cuisines. DoorDash, a renowned food delivery application, has acquired it.

It was originally launched in 2013 with a listing of 30 restaurants. It soon became a popular choice of people in San Francisco for meal deliveries. Soon, the company expanded its services to many other cities across the United States.

It is an easy-to-use application, as the developers were given special instructions to ease the online food ordering process for customers.

The best thing about Caviar is that it brought unique restaurants that usually denied delivering food online to most rival food delivery apps. So, when more people found food from their favorite dine-in restaurants more accessible, they relied upon it. Hence, this became one of the most reputed food delivery apps globally.


So, these are the ten top online food delivery applications being used and praised worldwide. Apart from these big names, many new startups are also entering the industry. All it takes to succeed in this industry is a good food delivery app development service provider, to enhance the UI/UX of the app, and a unique service offering to compete or co-sustain with the rivals.

These are the two things that anyone would need to thrive in this industry. If you are keen on starting your own food delivery business, get along with hiring the best online food delivery app development services. Later, you can take your marketing quest to bring in more restaurants and customers to rely on your platform.