How to make On Demand Delivery App

On-demand apps are in great demand. Since the launch of on-demand apps like Zomato, Uber, Netflix, and more, every service-based business is eyeing on developing their on-demand app.

For every service, there is an on-demand app-

But, the most popular on-demand apps are the delivery apps- Postmates and Doordash. The food delivery or parcel delivery is one of the common on-demand service apps.

Postmates on-demand app has gained enough popularity that even the on-demand market leaders are interested in buying it. Well, if you’ve heard, Uber is showing interest in buying Postmates.

Looking at the success of Postmates, it becomes vital for delivery service-based businesses to develop their on-demand apps now.

But why?
What are the benefits a business would have after developing an on-demand delivery app like Postmates or DoorDash?

Let’s find out-

Why should you develop an on-demand delivery app?

Here are the reasons why you need an on-demand delivery app:

1. Growing market

As per the report by Statista, service delivery platforms are expected to generate revenue of around 9.26 billion U.S. dollars by 2019.

It is not 2011 that you would take years to convince people to take on-demand delivery services. It’s already up, and you don’t need to wait a moment further to monetize your business.

2. Customer demand

Look at any on-demand service app. You won’t see it is failed because there is no need for the same.

The demand for on-demand service app is increasing continuously.

Did you ever imagine that you would book an electric scooter for your ride? But, we have an on-demand app like Bird and Lime.

People use it and are high in demand that the market leaders are expanding across various countries.

Do you know that 60% of U.S. consumers order food delivery of takeout every week? Yes, so the demand is enormous. You only need to start considering it as an opportunity.
3. One of the key trends

Oh yes, on-demand delivery apps are trending ever since they’re launched. Today, every industry is making efforts to set the trends among its competitors.

Today, video streaming, car rental booking, spa services at home, and more have become a trend. And, that’s the reason why you should not miss the opportunity to become the trendsetter.

4. Brand visibility

Needless to say, but your on-demand delivery business is going to get brand visibility to a great extent.

Earlier, nobody knew Uber; now people refer every on-demand service with Uber. Say for example,

  • Uber for food delivery
  • Uber for salon
  • Uber for grocery shopping
  • And, much more

Get ready with your on-demand delivery business model, and we shall start working with building your on-demand delivery app.

How to build an on-demand delivery app?

Here are the steps to consider while developing your on-demand delivery app:

1. Define your target audience

First of all, understand what do you mean by the target audience.

A very clear-cut definition by Fabrikbrands is-

A target audience profile is simply a specific group of customers most likely to respond positively to your promotions, products, and services. Often, your target audience analysis will be based on particular factors like location, age, income, and so on.

Even when we sit and discuss the mobile app development requirements, our first set of questions include- who is your target audience?

Until and unless you know your target audience, you cannot serve them the best. And, to develop an on-demand delivery app, target audience plays an essential role in making it a successful business.

Here are the steps to define your target audience for your on-demand delivery app:

  • Identify the people who would trust you & your business capabilities.
  • Write a description of your target audiences such as name, age, gender, job description, hobbies, weekend activities, and more.
  • Find out the personal & professional motivations of your target audience.
  • Identify the opportunities on how you can help your target audience achieve their goals.
  • Develop a plan that will help your target audience to be motivated in life & career and even achieve their goals with your services.

audience profile
Image Credit: Slideshare

This way, you can define your target audience for your on-demand delivery app, and based on that, win your business game.

2. Partner with restaurants & grocery stores

Once you know your target audience, you’ve your on-demand delivery business plan ready.

Now, the next step to develop an on-demand delivery mobile app is to partner with the restaurants, grocery stores, and food producers.

After your on-demand mobile app is ready, you would need partner restaurants from which your target audience will order.

But, how to partner with restaurants for your new on-demand delivery app?

You must understand that the restaurants are not providing food-delivery services because of their delivery expenses. But, you’re entirely a delivery hub for their food orders.

Being a business person, you need to showcase your business plan in such a way that it seems beneficial to the restaurateurs and grocery store owners.

It’s an easy calculation that you can show-

The higher the discounts for the orders from our delivery app = the more orders for your restaurant or grocery store.

That’s how Zomato, Grubhub, UberEats, and more work.

3. Collaborate with the drivers

Your next step towards building a mobile app for your on-demand service business is to collaborate with the drivers.

Without drivers, your business would not move forward. But, hiring drivers is a challenging task.

Here are two ways you can collaborate with the drivers for your on-demand business-

  • Contract-based Along with your delivery, the drivers can also choose to work they like to or want to. They must give priority to your orders, but can do whatever they like, when they’re free. Just like the Uber, Lyft, and Ola drivers.
  • Hire dedicated drivers With this way, you need to work for your on-demand business only dedicatedly. The way Zomato, Swiggy, and other food delivery on-demand businesses hire. I guess hiring the drivers dedicatedly sounds more beneficial as there are lesser chances of them going to deliver some other parcels over yours.

4. Identify the essential feature for developing a successful on-demand delivery app:

Here comes the most crucial step- decide which features your on-demand mobile app must have to become a successful food delivery app like Postmates and Doordash.

You require four mobile applications- customers to order, restaurant or home-based food producer, drivers to manage the delivery, and one for you to manage the entire business like Postmates and Doordash.

Features that each of your on-demand delivery apps must have:

A. Customer app

  • Register/login – a customer can register on your app and even login Search the restaurants/food producers – a search functionality based on various criteria/filters
  • Order food – a user can place an order from the restaurant/store from which they require
  • Food customization options – a particular customization option that sends an instruction to the food producer/restaurant
  • Order deals – a user can place a coupon code to avail the on-going discounts
  • Delivery options – allows a user to choose from the multiple payment
  • Options such as – Cash on Delivery, Credit card/Debit card, Wallet payments, and more
  • Payment processing – this feature processes the payments that a user make
  • Order history – this feature showcases the past orders
  • Order preferences – based on the order history, the app personalizes the app dashboard
  • Track the food delivery – allows a user to track its food parcel through GPS
  • Notifications – a user gets an update when the restaurant accepts the food order, when a delivery boy picks up the order, and when the delivery boy reaches the destination
  • Call options – a user can call the delivery boy to share the location instructions or any other information
  • Rate the delivery person – after receiving the food parcel; the user can rate/review the delivery person
  • Review the restaurant/food producer – An option to rate/review the restaurant for their food

B. Restaurant/food producer app

  • Admin panel – a web-based dashboard for the restaurant to maintain, manage, and process everything from food orders to delivery
  • Order management & History – the administrator of the app can track the orders received in the past and maintain the present ones
  • Notifications – A notification is sent and received at the time when the restaurant gets, processes, and ship the orders.
  • Add/Edit/Delete menu – the restaurant can add, edit or delete items available in the menu along with their pricing
  • Featured listings – of a restaurant owner wants to pay the business owner for placing their restaurant on top; then this feature comes into the picture
  • Payment – managing the payments received and invoicing everything is taken care by this feature

C. Driver app

  • Driver registration – drivers, can register on this app and can manage their profile
  • Accept/Reject pickup & delivery – once orders are placed, the driver can accept the order pickup and schedule the delivery
  • Status – the driver, can update the status of confirming the order, picking up, and more based on which a restaurant and the customer can get the notifications
  • Location sharing – using GPS functionality the customers can track where the driver is heading towards
  • Delivery history how many deliveries a driver has made are tracked under a driver’s profile

D.Business owner

  • List of restaurants – the number of restaurants partnered with your business
  • Number of orders – the number of orders per restaurant taking place across several areas
  • Order management – managing all the orders across all the restaurants and its analytics
  • Delivery staff management – managing the human resources within the app
  • Payment process – payments to the drivers and others
  • Reports – reports showcase you the entire analysis of how many orders generated monthly, compare them, and measure the ROI of your food delivery on-demand business

To understand what other features you will have in your app as a business owner, connect with one of our experts to guide with the same.

Develop an unbeatable on-demand delivery app now

Starting your on-demand business is crucial, but it’s a growth strategy. It’s never to be late than to become a successful player.

Have you got an on-demand business idea? We will bring it to life.

Hence, get your on-demand business idea ready, and we will help you get to the market with a perfect plan and an unbeatable on-demand delivery mobile app. Talk to our on-demand mobile app development specialists now.