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What is chatbot?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence based software program to implement intelligent conversation through written or spoken text.

Integrating pre-set scripts and machine learning, bots can anticipate an accurate response to a question and allow to efficiently replicate human conversation and reply to spoken or written question. It automates specialized purchase conversions.

Generally, a chat bot will chat with a real person one to one but now applications are being developed in which two chat bots can chat with each other. Apple Siri is also a good example of a bot.

How chatbots will be useful?

Chatbot can open new channel for your business promotion and sales. Whatsapp and facebook have billions active users and with chatbot we can directly reach to them. A user don't need to leave chat app for using your business service and he can use your service within chat application

We don't need to develop chatbot separately for each mobile platform. It is like developed once and use in all platform like iOS, Android, Windows and Web as well.

Where chatbot can be used?
  • Chatbots are being developed for chatting apps like Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Wechat etc.
  • Facebook recently launched bots for Messenger which can book uber car, doctor appointments.
  • Chatbot can give weather updates, traffic updates and shipping status.
  • Whatsapp has more than 1 billions users and 30 billion messages are being sent every day so there are lots of opportunities for growing your business with whatsapp chat bots development for your services.
  • Chatbots are also used for ecommerce and customer services, call center.
  • Restaurant and Hotel booking services can be also delivered using Chatbots.
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How chatbot works?
Chatbot defined as a Set of Rules Chatbot defined as a Set of Rules

Chatbot defined as a Set of Rules

This bot is very simile and have limited functionalities. It can only reply to very specific commands. If you don't say correct thing, it doesn’t know what you mean to say.

This bot is only as intelligent as it is defined in the software code.

Chatbot that uses Artificial Intelligence. Chatbot that uses Artificial Intelligence.

Chatbot that uses Artificial Intelligence.

This bot has been programmed to use artificial intelligence. You don’t have to be much specific when you are talking to it. It recognize language, pattern of text and speech, not just commands. Apple Siri is a smart bot.

This type of bot are getting smarter and efficient from conversations behaviors has with people.

We have expert chatbot developers team and we can develop efficient and intelligent chat for Facebook Messanger, Whatsapp and Skype.

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