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Mean Stack - A Full-stack development to deliver the best

What is Mean Stack? Mean Stack is an open-source, Javascript-based technology that allows us to build hybrid, fast loading, and UX-rich web applications. MEAN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. These four software development components enable our Mean Stack developers to create web apps with exceptional front-end and powerful backend.

TriState Technology is a leading Mean Stack development company helping startups and SMEs to build success-driven web applications. Our Mean Stack developers use the power-packed MEAN components to boost the performance of your web apps. We create dynamic websites that attract your visitors, engage with them, and make them stay loyal to your brand.

Whether you're looking to develop a single page web application for your MVP or looking to upgrade the user experience of your web app, we provide customized Mean Stack development services as per your needs.

What are the benefits of Mean Stack Development?

Empower your web applications with Mean Stack development. Here are the reasons to choose Mean Stack,

  • Best for real-time apps

    Do you want to develop real-time apps like Netflix, Uber, or Walmart? Mean Stack is the technology that helps us develop the same for your killer business app idea.

  • Open-source

    Mean Stack allows us to build flexible, scalable, and cost-effective Uber-like applications because Mean Stack is open-source. The components and resources are freely available.

  • It’s Javascript

    Javascript is the most powerful technology to build competitive, compelling, and creative apps. MEAN components are made up of Javascript, and hence, it’s the best.

  • Code reusability

    With Mean Stack app development, we can reuse the code written once for any app. This benefit of Mean helps us save a considerable number of hours in development.

  • NoSQL

    Mean Stack allows our developers to use NoSQL for configuring a secure database for your web applications. NoSQL makes migration easy and well-managed.

  • Cloud integration

    Our Mean Stack developers integrate cloud solutions to ensure operations within your app takes place faster, securely, and efficiently. No more data security issues in your app.

  • Higher security

    Mean Stack is considered as one of the top platforms that are secure and stable. Everything from the front-end to the backend is secured by using MEAN components.

  • Better performance

    Mean Stack makes your application lightweight, and hence, it makes your app perform extraordinarily. Its performance makes it the first choice for top-notch companies.

Here’s Our Range of MEAN Stack Development Solutions!

At TriState Technology, we serve the purpose of using modern-day MEAN stack development solutions to streamline the way your business functions. Your end-users will get an interactive experience with an outstandingly performing web application. Hence, it will eventually make your customers stick with you longer.

To help you achieve it, here’s our list of MEAN stack development services:

Mean Stack consulting Mean Stack consulting

Mean Stack consulting

A business app idea remains just an idea if it doesn’t meet the right strategies and set of processes. Our Mean Stack consulting services help you validate your app idea and provide you a set of guidelines to ensure the success of your business idea.

Mean Stack web development Mean Stack web development

Mean Stack web development

Everything from designing brand new logos, UI/UX to developing the flexible and functionally-rich Mean Stack app from scratch, we provide everything in our Mean Stack development services. We build single-page apps and even e-commerce ones.

Porting to Mean Stack Porting to Mean Stack

Porting to Mean Stack

Have you got some legacy apps in place? Don’t worry, we help you port them into Mean Stack. Our Mean Stack migration experts upgrade your existing web apps into Mean Stack with the utmost security and zero percent data loss. Migrate it to Mean Stack with confidence now.

Support & maintenance Support & maintenance

Support & maintenance

We believe in delivering the best, and hence, we help you do the same with our Mean Stack support and maintenance services. Whether it’s server downtime issues or some mandatory app updates, our Mean Stack experts ensure it takes place seamlessly.

MEAN Stack eCommerce Solutions MEAN Stack eCommerce Solutions

MEAN Stack eCommerce Solutions

Suppose you want to start an eCommerce business. We can integrate the MEAN stack for developing dedicated web apps to support business functions and responsive dashboards to help you centrally manage the operations.

MEAN Stack Enterprise App Development MEAN Stack Enterprise App Development

MEAN Stack Enterprise App Development

Using MEAN stack development, we can properly sync your entire business. The web application will be customized to handle heavier loads and enhance organizational productivity.

Why is TriState Technology the best Mean Stack development company?

As we firmly believe that building something revolutionary needs a timeline and not a deadline. Our approach, strategies, methodologies, and expertise make us the first choice for game-changers.

Exceptional team Exceptional team

Exceptional team

We’ve got some brilliant minds in our Mean Stack development team that includes strategists, designers, developers, managers, testers, and QAs. This team of experts ensures that your Mean Stack development remains just perfect from point A to point B.

UX-focused development UX-focused development

UX-focused development

To take the lead in your industry, you need to focus on improving even the tiniest of user experience (UX). That’s what our Mean Stack developers strive for. We build apps that offer a killer user experience that opens up the opportunities to become the industry leader.

We are the trendsetters We are the trendsetters

We are the trendsetters

Technology keeps on evolving, and so do we do. Sometimes, even we are the trendsetter by building something exceptional, something unrivaled. While developing your Mean Stack app, we ensure we make you stand out by creating a trend for others.

Technical Expertise Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

Our Mean Stack app development team uses the latest tools, technologies, and methods to build a successful web app. We have expertise in AngularJS & NodeJS, ExpressJS programming skills, database management in MongoDB, HTML 5, AJAX, Bootstrap, JQuery, Restify & Mojito

Skills & Expertise of our MEAN stack developers
  • AngularJS & NodeJS
  • ExpressJS Programming Skills
  • Database Management in MongoDB
  • HTML 5, AJAX, Bootstrap, JQuery
  • Restify & Mojito
Skills & Expertise of our MEAN stack developers
TriState Technology is Your Perfect App Development Partner for MEAN Stack Utilization!
Exceptional team Exceptional team

Exceptional Industry Experience

TriState Technology is the best MEAN stack development company with immense industry experience. Hence, this gives us the advantage of understanding and navigating the unique development approach for every client.

Exceptional team Exceptional team

Highly Proficient Team Members

We have a powerful team of developers, testers and project managers with the required expertise to handle all complexities associated with your development project.

Exceptional team Exceptional team

Updated with the Latest Technologies

With our MEAN stack development services, we make sure to use the latest technologies at all times. In this quest, our developers are always trained to stay updated with the latest tech trends and utilize them to develop powerful web applications.

Exceptional team Exceptional team

Competitive Pricing

We believe in offering the right value, which corresponds to the pricing we charge from our clients. Apart from that, our pricing is competitive and reasonable for the quality we claim to offer.

Exceptional team Exceptional team

Implementation of Agile Methodology

Our Agile approach to developing a web application ensures integration of quality specifications and timely completion.

Exceptional team Exceptional team

Widened Track Record

At TriState Technology, we have handled projects of all domains and complexities of clients worldwide. Our track record of successful projects determines our expertise in the arena.

How we build software

We constantly refine our software development life cycle to develop more efficient workflows that let us make better software faster.

  • Planning

    We gather and analyse your requirements during the planning phase. We carry out this detailed analyse report to technical expert team for research to define proper technological stack. In this stage of process, we prepare project specifications, wireframes and other project document. Project team and deliverables for each sprint will be defined while planning stage.

  • Design

    Based on defined wireframes, our creative designer team define UI/UX of the application by consulting with you regarding the your suggestion/idea about theme.

  • Development

    After planning and design phase, technical team will start development. As defined sprints, Development will be accomplished by the team. Generally, sprint lasts in 2 weeks which will allow us to gradually demonstrate about the progress of the development.

  • Quality assurance

    We understand the importance of quality assurance and we usually perform iterative testing while development phases and deliver bug free build before actual release of the application to have your end user most pleasant user experience

  • Support

    We also offer post release support after launching your product in the market. Support and maintenance helps you to improvise product based on your customers' feedback.

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Alyssa Franks

Alyssa Franks


I am so glad, and so grateful that we partnered with TriState Technology. TriState has been with us from the beginning, looking at our very basic sketches and bringing all of that into a reality. The things I’ve loved best about working with TriState is that the communication has been consistent, reliable and fast.






I am Sisi from Netherland and we are very happy that we found TriState Technology LLP. They have developed our Android App, Flurry which is now online in Google Play Store. Our contact person Jay was professional, very flexible, he was also very easy to work. The development team did a very good job by completing the app, applying our questions, finding solutions that we have faced with the previous team. Even though there was the time difference, the communication was flexible. We are hoping that Android App would be a super success and will ask TriState to develop the iOS version App too.






We enjoyed working with TriState, they are very professional, respond fast and are flexible to additional querries. We will continue to work together in future projects. Thank you for the good work!"






I've been working with Tristate now for almost two years. It's been a pleasure. They've been fantastic. Their developers are strong. Project management is great, they're reliable. If anything comes up, it gets taken care of right away and I can't recommend them enough.






The team @ TriState Technology are very honest, helpful, and knowledgeable. They were familiar with the latest developer rules from Apple and Google and guided me to setup all the necessary accounts I needed for both the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and website hosting. They are very agreeable and communication was very open during the entire project. Thank you TriState!

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Mean Stack Development FAQs
  1. What Is MEAN Stack Development?

    MEAN Stack is the widened collection of various JavaScript technologies used to add exceptional functionalities to web apps.

  2. What Is The Benefit Of Using MEAN Stack Over Other Development Frameworks?

    MEAN stack is a JavaScript framework that allows developers to write custom modules conveniently. As a result, they can come up with maintainable and scalable apps.

  3. Can I Acquire The Source Code Of My MEAN Stack Web App?

    Yes, you will get the source code with proper licensing and copyright. We will maintain optimal transparency in this factor.

  4. What Are The Pricing Factors For Your MEAN Stack Web App Development Company?

    When you hire a MEAN stack developer from us, we price the services based on various factors, which include:

    • The complexity of the project
    • Number of features to be integrated
    • Required resources
    • Number of testers needed
    • Number of required design elements
  5. Can You Make Single-Page Applications With The Use Of The MEAN Stack?

    Our developers will use AngularJS and MEAN stack development to make a single-page web app.

  6. How Is The Quality Of The Web App Assured?

    At TriState Technology, we implement the strictest quality SOPs and adequate processes to ensure control over quality during the development process.

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