It is not an unknown fact that mobile applications have become increasingly popular in the recent times. A large number of people are looking for apps that can help them be entertained or simplify their life. That presents a great opportunity of growth for businesses. They can now launch creative apps that capture the attention of their audience. However, this also makes it more complicated for the developers. There is more competition in the market and that means that the developers and/or designers need to use unprecedented tricks and skills. Here are some of the Top Mobile App Design Trends in 2017 that can help your app gain in popularity.

Gesture Based Controls: Using apps on the phone can be a pleasure or a pain. It all depends on how the UX of the app has been planned. Most smartphones are touchscreen, and using that technology can be the perfect way to improve functionality. A growing number of expert developers/designers are now using various touch gestures to perform tasks on the app. An example of that could be the use of swipe to communicate with the app instead of tapping on a menu item.

Hidden Navigation: This is not a new tool; however, its popularity has picked up only recently. In 2017, there are chances that more developers will want to use hidden navigation to improve the design and functionality of their mobile app. So, what exactly is hidden navigation? It is a when your app’s navigation is hidden, for example, in a navigation drawer. So, the menu is available to the users only when they ask for it. At all other times, the menu remains invisible, giving more open space to improve user experience.

Personalized Fonts: Most apps use standard font. They are the same across different types of applications and pages on the same app. However, designers are now willing to be more creative in their approach. They are using fonts, pictures, and writing style that is unique to their brand. Not only does this work like a mnemonic but also represent your brand well.

Swart-watch Intuitive: If you think that smart-watch has become popular, there is more still to go. There is great potential that is waiting to be explored. This would mean that your apps should be equipped to be connected and compatible with a smart-watch. Moreover, the design should also focus on ensuring that the user experience is maintained.

Simplicity: Creativity is not complex. We generally make the mistake of making our projects very complex in order to be creative. However, when it comes to mobile apps, creativity is about being simple. You can group your information in outlined boxes that allows for one tap entry point for the users. It also facilitates higher information exchange with organization that is efficient and attractive.

Material Design: Material Design was launched by Google in 2014, but it is here to stay. There are many apps as well as mobile websites that are using this technology. These are leading to simplified as well as quick loading effects. This is one tool that you should look forward to in 2017.

All in all, these tools will make mobile app stand out uniquely . You can hire our expert mobile app designer to make your app UI/UX intuitive to the users.