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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobile solutions have become an integral part of any-sized business today. Enterprises, however, are more pressed by the need of having sound mobile strategy for customer interactions & operations management. Hence, many enterprises have adopted feature-rich mobile app strategies in order to address the needs of customers, employees, and stakeholders without any restrictions of boundaries.

At TriState Technology, we have the experience & the acumen that it takes to deliver well-planned, high user-interface mobile enterprise applications within the specified timeline & budget. The objective is to help you plan, design, create, deploy, and maintain custom tailored apps that meet your specific requirement.

Why Enterprise Mobile Solution?
  • Mobile solutions lead to more engaged customers, which in turn leads to higher loyalty.
  • Feature-rich solutions can help make employees more productive. They can deliver results without being confined to their office desks.
  • Newer technologies, especially the cloud storage system, lead to more efficient operations.
  • Enterprise mobility solutions lead to cost management, better management of mundane tasks, centralized access to import data, and much more.
Enterprise Mobility Trends

Trends in the mobile industry suggest that the significance of enterprise mobile solutions is going to raise manifolds.
Here’s a wrap up of some of the important trends:

  • It is being envisaged that almost about 50% of the mobile apps will be used for business purposes.
  • An increasing number of enterprises are expected to adopt mobility solutions in order to improve customer engagement, employee productivity, and business operations.
  • Human Resources might be one of the most prospective departments for the adoption of enterprise mobility solutions. Mobile apps can be used to solve various HR functions.
  • mCommerce Web Apps.
  • BYOD behavior is expected to be on an uptrend in the coming times.
Affordability Affordability


Our offerings are so planned that we offer better than market rates to our patrons. We involve ourselves in strategic cost rationalization to achieve that goal.

Timeliness Timeliness


Time is of essence when it comes to developing enterprise mobility solutions. Hence, we have set processes that are followed for mobile enterprise application development. This helps us ensure that projects are always delivered on time.

Reliability Reliability


Our track record speaks volumes about our acumen with enterprise mobility solutions. We have, in the past, delivered complex apps across multiple platforms. Hence, we have the goods needed to help you garner mobile success.

Process Followed
Client Requirement Client Requirement

Client Requirement

In the first stage, our Project Manager meets the client to understand the requirement clearly. We also use this platform to give the clients an idea of the kind of applications we have built in the past.

Milestone Development Milestone Development

Milestone Development

The next step is to build milestones. This is to ensure that the project team and the client are on the same page with regards to the completion of various stages of development.

Concept Development Concept Development

Concept Development

Our planning team then creates the concept, also known as the wireframe. This is a rough draft that becomes the defining point for all development. It contains information about app navigation, screen views, etc.

User Experience User Experience

User Experience

Building on the wireframe, we make sure that the client is continuously kept in the loop for any alterations that s/he might need. Our objective at all times is to develop such user experience that combines visual appeal and app functionality.

Architecture Architecture


By the virtue of our experience, we have the confidence to create seamless app architecture for mobile apps. We make use of tested approaches in order to design APIs.

App Building App Building

App Building

Finally, this is the time when the idea starts converting into real product.

Testing Testing


This is one of the most important stages of the development cycle. At this moment, we test the application to make sure that all the proposed functionalities work as per expectations.

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