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React Native: An ultimate choice for startups, SMEs, and large enterprises

React Native is a Javascript framework to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android. We create mobile applications identical to an application built using Swift for iOS or Java for Android. Our React Native developers build cross-platform apps that are functionally powerful and excellent user experience.

At TriState Technology, we build React Native apps with which the time-to-market becomes faster without compromising on the app performance. Being an open-source framework, React Native provides us the flexibility and capabilities to build high-quality and super-efficient apps for other platforms like tvOS as well.

Our team of React Native app developers is our biggest asset when it comes to shipping successful, sleek, and easy-to-use cross-platform apps.

A Glimpse at the Efficacies of React Native App Development!
  • Acquire Native Feel & Look

    The combination of native UI with JavaScript delivers an application with an identical feel and look across Android and iOS devices. Our developers make sure to use identical building blocks to achieve this result.

  • UI-Focused Development Approach

    With React Native, we ensure that the application interfaces are responsive and fast. It is because of the capabilities associated with React JS Library. Our developers will integrate it to deliver high-end graphics and aesthetic UI designs.

  • Cost-Efficient Development

    At TriState Technology, we ensure you will save around 40% on the overall development costs when you decide on React Native application development services. Moreover, React Native also speeds up the development process by allowing developers to use pre-built components.

  • Third-Party Plug-ins Support

    React Native app development enables our developers to integrate third-party plug-ins, to enhance the performance and functionality of the app.

  • Live Reload Functions

    To speed up the React Native software development process even further, the live reload feature of React Native will enable you to make and view the changes in real-time. Hence, it will save compiling time, and you will get a perfectly-coded application.

  • Reusability of Code

    If you want your app to run on both iOS and Android platforms, React Native can do it with less cost and effort. React Native permits the developers to reuse 90% of a code to transit an app between two platforms. Thus, our react native app development team can work faster and with more efficiency.

  • Leaves the App Moveable

    Suppose, in the future, you intend to move your application to a different framework. In that case, our developers won’t be starting over with fresh coding. Instead, on your request, we will be exporting the app from React Native and moving it to the other desirable framework.

Our Cutting-Edge React Native App Development Services

TriState Technology is the best React Native app development company that ensures business acceleration and growth for you. We intend to improve user engagement aspects for your business with the help of astounding React Native applications with cross-platform compatibility.

React Native is a powerful framework that enables developers to integrate seamlessly UI for creating experiences across web, desktop and mobile devices. Transform your vision into reality with our premier React Native app development services!

React Native consulting React Native consulting

React Native consulting

Most billion-dollar app ideas remain only ideas because they lack the right guidance on selecting the right development framework and strategy. We’ve got both. Our React Native consulting services helps you launch a perfect React Native app with the right list of features.

React Native app development React Native app development

React Native app development

With our React Native app development services, we ensure everything from UI/UX design, development, testing to validating the app for the utmost quality. Our React Native developers guarantee the highest app performance in your industry.

Support & maintenance Support & maintenance

Support & maintenance

Even after deploying your React Native apps, we keep a constant check on your apps for performance, security, and downtime. Our experts ensure your customers to have a flawless experience with your Android as well as iOS apps.

React Native migration React Native migration

React Native migration

When your legacy apps need an overhaul, we help you choose the right app development framework, React Native. With our migration services, we migrate your app to React Native to provide an unmatched user experience.

React Native migration React Native migration

React Native UI/UX Development

Our developers have the tools and expertise to use React Native to develop elegant and smooth UI/UX designs. We work towards the purpose of developing easy-to-use and intuitive mobile applications through React Native framework and by leveraging all of its exceptional UI libraries and components.

React Native migration React Native migration

Cross-Platform App Development

We can take an approach for cross-platform app development, which will enable cost and time savings for your app to be used on both Android and iOS platforms. If your business intends to grow on a wider scale by making the app available on both Play Store and App Store, we are here to ensure the user engagement factor remains intact for your React Native apps.

Why Choose TriState Technology as Your Trusted React Native App Development Partner?

Right from designing an intuitive UI, developing cross-platform mobile apps for Android, iOS, and other platforms to customizing the mobile application, our leading React Native mobile app development company covers the entire spectrum of app development. Following are the perks of working with us:

Exceptional team Exceptional team

Exceptional team

To build powerful and successful React Native apps, we’ve got app development strategists, highly creative UI/UX designers, experts React Native app development team brilliant testers, and QAs

UX-focused development UX-focused development

UX-focused development

We believe the success of an app is its user experience, and hence, we develop beautiful, efficient, and user-friendly apps for a wide range of customers across multiple platforms.

Follow the latest trends Follow the latest trends

Follow the latest trends

Our React Native experts keep a close eye on what your app needs as per the industry and technology trends. We want you to stay at the top of your industry, winning over your competition.

Technical Expertise Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

Our React Native app development team is well-versed with all the latest tools, technologies, and methods. It has killer experience in React Native, Redux, Clojurescript, Reframe, and Reagent.

Technical Expertise Technical Expertise

Big Family of Clients

With our team of core React Native developers, we have managed to retain most of our clients worldwide. The family of TriState Technology is quite big, and we gain outstanding upskilling experience with every opportunity.

Technical Expertise Technical Expertise

Strict upon Deadline

Irrespective of the tight deadlines, our team is energetic and motivated to take up your development project. The deadlines will be met strictly without compromising the quality of the product.

Top Mobile Apps Built With React Native:
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Technical Skills of our React Native Developers.

We utilize most recent apparatuses and advancements to provide an adaptable solution for your mobile app development. Our React Native developers are equipped with all the modern tools, technologies & updates.


Development Skills

  • React Native
  • Redux
  • Clojurescript
  • Reframe
  • Reagent
Our Process of React Native App Development

Our team follows strategic methodologies to execute your React Native app development project in a result-oriented way.

  • Planning

    All we need in the beginning is a great plan to start with. We research your industry and analyze how your competitors reside in your industry. Based on the research and analysis, we create an in-depth point-based app development plan considering target users, platforms and devices, appropriate approach in accordance with the app, and more.

  • Design

    We discuss the brand colors you want it to reflect in your business apps. Based on your expectations and our combined conclusions, our React Native app designers start working on defining wireframes, build UI/UX, and design your app that resembles your brand identity.

  • Development

    After designing, we start with React Native app development. We create different app features and workflows for both your apps- Android and iOS. Our developers ensure your mobile app becomes a groundbreaking milestone to help you business grow faster.

  • Quality assurance

    Our team of QA engineers tests and analyze the app in an attempt to find and eliminate bugs and provide a glitch-free app. We never compromise with the quality of the apps we deliver.

  • Support

    Our app maintenance and support team is quick in responding and resolves the issue efficiently, without causing any trouble. Any server, database, or functionality exceptions, our team is on toes to maintain the efficiency, scalability, and performance of your React Native apps.

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Frequently asked questions
  1. Is it Cost Effective to Develop a Mobile App with React Native?

    Yes, React Native is a cost effective solution for your mobile app as there is a single code base so single developer can work to develop mobile app which support both iOS and Android platforms.

  2. What is Your React Native Team Size?

    We have 10 expert developers in React Native.

  3. What Makes React Native Better than Ionic / Cordova / PhoneGap?

    Ionic, Cordova and PhoneGap apps are hybrid web apps embedded in mobile apps so user experience is like a website whereas React Native is natively compiled hence it serves better user experience and performance similar to Native Application.

  4. Can We Migrate Existing Native Mobile App into a React Native Mobile App?

    Yes, it is possible. It requires a deep understanding of Native and React Native Framework knowledge so you can consult the Best React Native App development Company.

  5. How Much Does it Cost to Develop React Native App?

    The cost of react native app development depends on multiple factors like complexity of the requirement, UI/UX, Size of the app etc. We can share ballpark estimation only after thoroughly analyzing your app requirement.

  6. Can The Existing React Web Codebase Be Used For Building React Native Mobile App?

    Not all, but some parts of the React web codebase can be used for mobile app development with React Native.

  7. Is React Native Ideal For The Development Of Game Applications?

    Yes, React Native framework can be used for making game applications of specific types. There are many popular active games made out of React Native.

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