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A wine n dine Company

Never wait to pay, Leave when you are ready, Make losing your credit card a thing of the past.

EasyTab EasyTab EasyTab EasyTab


The client based on USA came up with the idea to digitise menu and payment for the BAR and Restaurants. TriState work with the client closely and created successful product under brand name, EasyTab. EasyTab was started with MVP and then we kept adding more and more features like Menu Syncing, Order Syncing with several POS sytems, Bartendar App etc. There were three products under the roof of Easytab brand:



DrinkEasy allows you to pay your bar tab and restaurant bill on your phone.

discover discover

Discover Bars Near You

User can search for the nearest bar to their location with List view and Map view and can see the details of bars like Name, Distance and Open/Close time.

Invester / Firm
Service Provider / Contractor

Easy Order & Easy Pay

User will order to the Bar Tender which will sync with server and there is no long queue of waiting to check In and drink once you told them that You are using DrinkEasy.

User can pay with Apple pay and Credit card which they have added at the time of registration.

We have integrated Spreedly payment Gateway so that users have benefits to use any payment services they want.

invoice Wallet coin human-drink
Property List Post a Property

Hard Drink, Soft Process


Open Tab

Open a Tab and see an instant view of all the items you've ordered.


Give Tips to your waiter, with a simple tap, you can set your tip percentage at anytime.



Check your bill and payment methodology and know exactly what you have ordered.

Close Tab

Close the Tab when you are ready to leave and your payment will be deducted from your selected payment methodology.

If the server did not receive any order within 1 hour from the User. The tab will be automatically closed with checkout money.


EasyTab Contactless Payment and Delivery


EasyTab Mobile App

We are more than happy that EasyTab is now acquired by WineNDine. Our Team is now working with WinenDine team to add more and more feature and making it more scalable.

EasyTab Mobile App

Contactless Payment & Delivery

Ordering App

Human Table

EasyTab Contactless Payment

EasyTab Contactless Payment
EasyTab Contactless Payment
EasyTab Contactless Payment
Border Border

Easytab contactless payment is the simplest way to pay your check by providing a table number or ticket id to view the items with their total and make the payment using stripe.

Table Number

Table Number or Ticket ID

Provide your ticket id or table number to view and pay your check by viewing all items.


View your check with your provided table#, ticket id#, items listing, items -sub total, adjustments, taxes, tips.

Making payment by selecting payment options - GPay, Apple Pay or Credit Card using stripe.


POS Integration

Omnivore API is a universal Point of Sale (POS) connection for Bar app development that provides easy, singular access to the fragmented POS market with a complete set of features to fit uers's needs.

By integrating Omnivore API Bars and App connect once to the POS, saving money and resources now and in the future.

Once User order drinks to the Bartender and say they are using DrinkEasy, It will sync the order on the Mobile App. Once they are ready to go they just press "Close Tab" to pay and that's it.


Technology Stack

Angular Front-end Framework

Swift Mobile App Programming Language

Stripe, Spreedly,
Braintree Payment & HyperWallet Payment Gateway

Node.Js, MongoDB Back-end Framework

Omnivore POS, Toast POS ⚬ Squirrel Systems ⚬ Square ⚬ POSiTouch ⚬ Morcos ⚬ Dinerware

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