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Why Estate Management App?
  • To improve safety and security of your loved ones in society.
  • To be informed with all events and news regarding society
  • To get easy service from community helpers
  • To be connected with all apartment members and committee members
  • To contribute for major decision regarding society anytime through online poll
  • And many more...

Member App features

Accessible by All Society Members

Estate management


  • Discussion with members and management on specific topic. Remove the use of Whatsapp, google or any other messenger application.
  • Communicate in thread with reach media like Image, Video or hyperlink
  • Set privacy setting of discussion board
  • Ability to moderate conversion post or comments by defined moderator
  • Create multiple groups like same interest in sports or hobbies, committees like cultural committee, security committee etc.
  • Separate discussion board for each group with mail feature
Estate management


  • Sharing photos and album with society members for the events or celebrations
  • Members can like and comment on the photos or album
Estate management

Notice Board

  • All residents get the notice with notification once any message issue by the management committee
  • Author can tag the notice like general notice, buy/sell notice, maintenance notice etc...
  • Attach document with the notice while sending.
  • Set expiry date of the notice r
Estate management

Instant Polls

  • Any member can create quick poll or participate in any
  • Either create poll with select any or select multiple option
  • Set start date and end date for the poll
  • Result will be accessible once poll gets over
  • Anonymous poll is possible if allowed
  • Set voting rights like for all residents, only owners or only committee members.
Estate management

Apartment Details Management

  • Maintain details regarding apartment, owner, tenant, vehicles, pets at one location.
  • Add details about family members, vehicles and expected expected guest
  • View due maintenance, pay online with payment gateway
  • Complete user account with dues and payment history
  • Invoice of all the maintenance
  • Advance maintenance pay facility
Estate management

Help Desk

  • Resident can raise complain or suggestion to management committees or Resident Welfare association, related to their apartment or housing society and track the progress of it till tickets get closes.
  • Get notified by email or SMS on progress on Ticket.
  • Separate helpdesk tracker for admins and facility managers. Ticket automatically escalates if it is not addressed in specific timeframe.
  • Privacy setting either open ticket for personal or for community (can be accessible by all the members)
Estate management

Member List

  • Directory access of all society members
  • Contact details can be masked as per privacy setting by every individual
  • Personal details like hobbies, profession details, person website can be accessed
  • Direct message or email can be sent to particular member right from this list.
  • Ability to search resident and his/her details
Estate management

Vendors Directory

  • All community help list can be access in one click
  • Direct email, call and SMS can be send through this list
  • Quality of service can be rated with starts for each vendor.
Estate management


  • List of activities going on in the society, so all residents can be aware about all the activities.
  • Denote activities either with “Attend”, “Not attend” or “Maybe”
  • Tag residents to the activity to make them more aware about same.
Estate management

Document Management

  • Repository to upload documents, reference documents, rent agreements etc
  • Document can be made public or owner only.
  • Documents can be classified into folders and can be move between the folders.
  • Document can be uploaded by admin and can be shared with public or particular owner


Access by admin or committee members or staff admin

Estate management

Manage Users

  • Resident account can be added, approved, deactivated. Can be imported from csv file
  • User’s role management
  • Search by family information, vehicle information, user, phone number etc.
  • Manage all housing data like sales deed and move in/out
Estate management

Admin Forum

  • Admin forum is accessible to the users whose role is assigned as admin
  • Discuss facility management issues internally
  • All features of resident forum
Estate management

Help Desk Tracker

  • Privacy setting either open ticket for personal or for community (can be accessible by all the members)
  • Get notified by email or SMS on progress on Ticket.
  • All tickets will be viewed and acted by admin
  • Admin can assign the ticket to particular person or community helper
  • Tickets status can be change with current status of the work by admin.
  • Separate helpdesk tracker for admins and facility managers. Ticket automatically escalates if it is not addressed in specific timeframe.
Estate management

Asset Management

  • Information regarding assets can be stored in the system with tag, serial number, purchase date, price and scanned document like invoice or warranty card
  • Service provide can be assigned to each assets
  • Reminders can be set up for AMC contract or renewal of contract etc.
Estate management

Secret Ballot

  • The Online Secret Ballot mimics the physical ballot and has more features.
  • 2 kinds of Elections are allowed - EC Election or MC Election.
  • In EC Election - the Executive Committee like President/Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary etc. can be Elected.
  • In MC Election - the Management Committee is elected, then the Executive Committee is formed among themselves.
  • Only the election officer who sets up the poll can view the results online.
  • Once poll is closed, the scores and attendance reports are readily available and can be printed by the election officer.
Estate management

Parking Manager

  • Track all vehicles, parking slots and RFID at one place
  • Log of every parking slot can be maintained
Estate management

Domestic Staff Management

  • All data regarding domestic staff can be access at one place like cook, driver, cleaner etc.
  • Easy search and filter list of staff from the directory

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