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Are you looking for AngularJS Development & Consulting Service?

AngularJS, a JavaScript based framework by Google, is used to develop applications that are browser-based. Applications developed using AngularJS boost the scalability, security and the performance of your apps.

TriState Technology, being an industry leader, offers exclusive and extraordinary AngularJS app consultation and development services. At TriState Technology, we develop AngularJS apps that run smoothly on any browser. We don't believe in mind reading, we believe in communicating and hence, we discuss everything that you want in your apps. We value each of our clients. Hence, they value our work, hard work and dedication towards delivering not less than awesome apps.

Our highly experienced and expert AngularJS app developers can bring any app idea to reality. From the initial requirements gathering stage to testing the final product stage, we keep you informed. And, we don't give misleading promises. We keep our communication transparent as we believe that our growth lies in your business growth.

We give you the complete choice to either choose our exclusive AngularJS app development services or hire any of our expert AngularJS developers of your choice. We appreciate your decision and work towards delivering you value.

Benefits of Angular JS Development
  • Dynamic Applications

    Upon preferring AngularJS development services, you are allowing our developers to use the best framework integration to get you a powerful & dynamic web or mobile application that is highly scalable and secure.

  • Custom Development Potential

    Your business might need specialized components and features to achieve your targeted objectives. At TriState Technology, we are a custom Angular JS development company to cater to your specific choices and builds your on-demand applications.

  • Development of Video Streaming Apps

    Our developers will integrate the advanced, extensible and stable functionalities & features of AngularJS to build high-performance video-streaming apps for your end-users.

  • Build Astounding eCommerce Applications

    Suppose you want to take your business online and create an eCommerce marketplace. In that case, there’s no better framework than AngularJS to get you impeccable UI standards in collaboration with attractive architectural design.

  • Faster App Development

    The USP of AngularJS development is its MVC architecture. With it, our developers get the flexibility of speeding up your application's entire development, testing and maintenance aspects.

  • Supports Parallel Development

    AngularJS leads over the other frameworks by handling dependencies and coupling them with the MVC architecture. Thus, it allows developers to seek parallel development of the application.

  • Real-Time Testing Abilities

    With AngularJS development, our team ensures that your application has been tested from end to end. It is because Angular allows real-time testing features to ensure the app is free from bugs, is well-documented, has high-end codes and is easy to maintain.

  • Supports Rapid Prototyping

    When you have a project deadline, we deliver the perfect end product without flaws. And with the rapid prototyping attributes of AngularJS, we successfully reduce the overall design-to-production timeline. The work that needs months takes weeks with AngularJS.

Our AngularJS Development Services

We are the best AngularJS development company that values quality-driven development solutions to meet your business objectives. All our developers are experienced to the core in attending all development projects, irrespective of the complexities.

iPhone app support & maintenance iPhone app support & maintenance

AngularJS Web App Development

Our AngularJS developers use the framework for engineering highly responsive and interactive website pages or applications. We ensure these web apps or pages work seamlessly across browsers of all devices.

iPhone app support & maintenance iPhone app support & maintenance

AngularJS API Development & Integration

By assessing the performance expectations of your enterprise, we can get you outstanding APIs to communicate faster with the backend functionalities. It will eventually increase the responsiveness quotient!

iPhone app support & maintenance iPhone app support & maintenance

AngularJS Mobile App Development

At TriState Technology, we implement success-driven methodologies to implement the AngularJS framework upon delivering you highly interactive mobile applications, ensuring a satisfactory experience for your end-users.

iPhone app support & maintenance iPhone app support & maintenance

AngularJS Website Development

We believe your business idea is based on a vision. And our developers can replicate the same on your website using AngularJS frameworks. It ensures your vision comes to life for your target audience to experience.

iPhone app support & maintenance iPhone app support & maintenance

AngularJS UI/UX Development

We deal with your audience’s need for an engaging UI and UX. Our AngularJS designers will look after creating highly engaging interfaces for your application that would deliver an astounding experience.

iPhone app support & maintenance iPhone app support & maintenance

AngularJS App Modernization

We also extend our assistance to migrate your existing application or website to the AngularJS framework to enhance the user experience and interface.

Why To Choose TriState Technology for AngularJS Development?
iPhone app support & maintenance iPhone app support & maintenance

Broad Industry Experience

TriState Technology has been in this industry for quite a long time and has worked on several development projects of all complexities. We have the profound industry experience to tailor our development practices to meet your business requirements.

iPhone app support & maintenance iPhone app support & maintenance

100% Transparency

We ensure that our team and clients are on the same page, for which we maintain complete transparency on our entire development process with that of the clients.

iPhone app support & maintenance iPhone app support & maintenance

Team of Experienced Developers

We have a strong team of experienced developers who have the potential to handle your unique business needs.

iPhone app support & maintenance iPhone app support & maintenance

Deadline Oriented Delivery

We understand the importance of deadlines and strictly adhere to them without compromising quality standards.

iPhone app support & maintenance iPhone app support & maintenance

Complete Technical Support

If you have any technical queries related to our AngularJS development services, get in touch right away, and our support team will greatly help you.

iPhone app support & maintenance iPhone app support & maintenance

Consistent Scalability Support

Our AngularJS development service company aims to help you with all possible scalability tactics that can help enhance your business productivity.

What can this technology be used for?

AngularJS is extremely flexible, and it can be used for Web Development. At the same time, it can also be used for Mobile application development. We can use this technology to create the following for you:

  • Validate Forms
  • Directives
  • Changes of Scope
  • Understanding of Server Communication
  • Infinite Templates
  • Filters
  • Error Catching
  • Internationalization
How we build software

We constantly refine our software development life cycle to develop more efficient workflows that let us make better software faster.

  • Planning

    We gather and analyse your requirements during the planning phase. We carry out this detailed analyse report to technical expert team for research to define proper technological stack. In this stage of process, we prepare project specifications, wireframes and other project document. Project team and deliverables for each sprint will be defined while planning stage.

  • Design

    Based on defined wireframes, our creative designer team define UI/UX of the application by consulting with you regarding the your suggestion/idea about theme.

  • Development

    After planning and design phase, technical team will start development. As defined sprints, Development will be accomplished by the team. Generally, sprint lasts in 2 weeks which will allow us to gradually demonstrate about the progress of the development.

  • Quality assurance

    We understand the importance of quality assurance and we usually perform iterative testing while development phases and deliver bug free build before actual release of the application to have your end user most pleasant user experience

  • Support

    We also offer post release support after launching your product in the market. Support and maintenance helps you to improvise product based on your customers' feedback.

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Alyssa Franks

Alyssa Franks


I am so glad, and so grateful that we partnered with TriState Technology. TriState has been with us from the beginning, looking at our very basic sketches and bringing all of that into a reality. The things I’ve loved best about working with TriState is that the communication has been consistent, reliable and fast.






I am Sisi from Netherland and we are very happy that we found TriState Technology LLP. They have developed our Android App, Flurry which is now online in Google Play Store. Our contact person Jay was professional, very flexible, he was also very easy to work. The development team did a very good job by completing the app, applying our questions, finding solutions that we have faced with the previous team. Even though there was the time difference, the communication was flexible. We are hoping that Android App would be a super success and will ask TriState to develop the iOS version App too.






We enjoyed working with TriState, they are very professional, respond fast and are flexible to additional querries. We will continue to work together in future projects. Thank you for the good work!"






I've been working with Tristate now for almost two years. It's been a pleasure. They've been fantastic. Their developers are strong. Project management is great, they're reliable. If anything comes up, it gets taken care of right away and I can't recommend them enough.






The team @ TriState Technology are very honest, helpful, and knowledgeable. They were familiar with the latest developer rules from Apple and Google and guided me to setup all the necessary accounts I needed for both the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and website hosting. They are very agreeable and communication was very open during the entire project. Thank you TriState!

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Frequently asked questions
  1. Why Are AngularJS Development Services Being Used Widely Today?

    As AngularJS is suitable for types of web apps, with its excellent production methods and features, it is preferred for making light and heavy web applications.

  2. Can I Consider Hiring A Dedicated AngularJS Developer For Our Project?

    Yes, you can hire a dedicated developer from our team of experts for your AngularJS development needs.

  3. Are You Offering Competitive Market Rates For Your Development Services?

    Our prices are highly competitive to the market and reasonably priced for the quality of service and support offered at TriState Technology.

  4. Will I Get Complete Ownership Of The Project?

    We hand over the source code ownership to the clients and do not intend to keep any part of its ownership.

  5. Do We Get Post-Development Support Assistance?

    Our dedicated testers, developers and project managers can address all your support needs even after the project is deployed.

  6. Is it Possible To Migrate My Current Website To AngularJS?

    Yes, we offer a dedicated service that enables you to upgrade your existing website or application to the AngularJS framework.

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