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Today, millions of apps are available in the app stores. Not every app becomes the editors' top choice or grabs the billion-dollar deals. The only reason is the lack of the right strategy that helps a mobile app to win the market.

Being an app development consulting company, TriState Technology helps you validate your business app idea and create a fail-proof strategy to monetize the same. Our mobile app consulting experts analyze your competition, write user personas, and identify the steps to develop a successful product.

We not only bring experience and expertise, but we also bring data to the table. Our mobile app consultants use our extensive research and analysis to help you optimize operational efficiencies and boosts ROI through your mobile app.

Our App Development Consulting Services

Our strategy consulting services include evaluation and assessment of every technical aspect of
your app development requirements. Our app development strategy consultants analyze whether
your business app idea is worth an investment.

Mobility Readiness Evaluation Mobility Readiness Evaluation

Mobility Readiness Evaluation

We don’t want you to rush for your mobile app development. Our strategy consultants analyze the technical challenges, resources, and risks associated with your app development needs. Whether your existing organizational infrastructure is ready to accept mobility is what we also evaluate.

SOA Assessment SOA Assessment

SOA Assessment

While working on the Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) assessment, we analyze your organization’s readiness to adopt SOA. Our strategy consultants identify the challenges your enterprise might face while implementing SOA. Based on those challenges, we provide you with possible solutions.

Integration Assessment Integration Assessment

Integration Assessment

Your existing APIs need careful evaluation to check whether your new web or mobile app can integrate with them. After assessing your app integration, we provide you with the execution strategy so that the integration does not affect the working and performance of your application.

Application Modernization Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Our technology strategy consultants assess your legacy software or apps to identify how you can move towards modernizing them. After analyzing your existing apps, we prepare a detailed strategy on app modernization to strengthen productivity, engage customers, and streamline business processes.

Cloud Integration & Migration Cloud Integration & Migration

Cloud Integration & Migration

Migrating your data and infrastructure to a completely new cloud system is a crucial matter. Our cloud integration and migration strategy consulting services ensure your data and infrastructure migration takes place faster and securely. Our strategy consultants ensure reduced risks and downtime.

App Security App Security

App Security

Our strategy consultants assess whether your new app development does not have any flaws or vulnerabilities. We analyze coding practices, safety protocols, and suspicious network anomalies right from the beginning of your app development. So, the challenges are resolved faster, quicker, and cost-efficiently.

How Are Our App Development Consulting Services Beneficial?
  • Better Customer Relationship

    With our professional mobile app consulting services, we ensure to build a positive rapport with our customers. Real-time communication helps us understand your expectations and deliver an ideal development approach.

  • Enhanced Business Visibility

    We will help you prepare the roadmap on how your mobile application can help you attain astounding brand visibility. This blueprint will help streamline the development process to cater to the brand impression needs.

  • Get on a Hassle-Free Development Process

    When you hire an app development consultant from TriState Technology, we will be discussing all features and functionalities that your app needs. The development process will become hassle-free without missing out on any important elements.

  • Devising a Proper Mobile Strategy

    One of the prime benefits of hiring app development consulting services is that you will be offered proper assistance in developing a mobile strategy. We will be helping you map those strategies onto your final application.

  • Refining the Discovery Stage

    We will collect data related to your target audience or the associated market trends to determine the success of your application. Market research is the initial discovery stage for a development lifecycle, and we will assist you.

  • Develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

    Our team of consultants and developers will work together to develop the mobile app's MVP version, with all core functionalities and features. It will help us understand how the target audience responds and interacts with the application.

  • Implementation of Go-To Marketing Strategy

    Our team of app development consultants is updated with modern technologies and trends for determining what is perfect for your mobile application. We will use a proper Go-To Marketing strategy to determine how the app will be integrated to achieve the business goal and compete with the existing players.

What Makes TriState Technology an Ideal Pick for App Development Consulting?
Experienced Consultants Experienced Consultants

A Strong Team of Experienced Consultants

We are a strong team of professionals updated with the latest development and branding trends and technologies. We intend to achieve the end goal of ensuring business success for our clients.

Positive Track Record Positive Track Record

Positive Track Record

We have helped many clients with proper app consulting and development services to help their businesses cater to the needs of their end users.

Immense Experience Immense Experience

Immense Experience in the Industry

TriState Technology has been successfully thriving in this industry for quite a long time now and is aware of what needs to be done for a business to thrive in this competitive market. Thus, we are here to implement the knowledge to help your brand attain success.

Trusted by Brands from all Across the Globe Trusted by Brands from all Across the Globe

Trusted by Brands from all Across the Globe

We have worked with business clients of all sizes from around the globe. Irrespective of whether you are a start-up or an established firm, our approach toward proficient consulting remains the same.

ROI-Centric Consulting ROI-Centric Consulting

ROI-Centric Consulting

We believe your business aims to derive higher ROI in the long run. Hence, our team of app development consultants will reciprocate your focus and help you fulfill those objectives as a priority.

24/7 Support 24/7 Support

24/7 Support

At TriState Technology, we offer 24/7 support services to our clients. Whenever you have a query or want to share something about your development project, feel free to get in touch.

Enterprise Mobility Strategy Consulting

Enhancing productivity and cost-saving are the core benefits of enterprise mobility solutions. Our technology strategy consulting services ensure your enterprise gets these benefits with the fail-proof solution.

User Persona Research User Persona Research

User Persona Research

Our enterprise mobility strategy consultants discuss your requirements in detail. After this discussion, we create a graphical representation of your app users, their life, ambitions, challenges, and requirements. This helps us in creating the right enterprise mobility strategy to build engaging apps and achieve organizational growth.

Market Analysis Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Analyzing your market is crucial when it comes to creating mobility solutions. Our in-depth market analysis helps us identify how much is the scope for your business growth, looking at the market conditions and competition. Based on our analysis, we can propose the right direction on your enterprise mobility requirements.

UI/UX Design UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

The success of your web or mobile app depends on the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) of your mobile app. Our consultants prepare an unbeatable UI/UX design strategy that makes your app win more customers, outplay competitors, and become the market leaders.

Information Security Information Security

Information Security

The most important thing in building enterprise mobility solutions is the security of organizational data. Being the top strategy consultants, we define a detailed information security strategy to manage user privacy, protect the information coming in and going out of the organization, setting up encryption, and more.

Mobile Device Management Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

For better user productivity, enterprises allow diverse devices to manage enterprise operations. With our mobile device management consulting, you can maximize IT resources, increase user productivity, secure mobile devices, reduces response times, and ensure the operating system compliance.

Bring Your Own Device Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device

With the increasing demand for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) among the organizations, we understand the risks and challenges it involves for the enterprises. Our BYOD strategy defines the security and compliance policies, access rights for employees, device configuration, and enrolling the devices and users.

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Alyssa Franks

Alyssa Franks


I am so glad, and so grateful that we partnered with TriState Technology. TriState has been with us from the beginning, looking at our very basic sketches and bringing all of that into a reality. The things I’ve loved best about working with TriState is that the communication has been consistent, reliable and fast.






I am Sisi from Netherland and we are very happy that we found TriState Technology LLP. They have developed our Android App, Flurry which is now online in Google Play Store. Our contact person Jay was professional, very flexible, he was also very easy to work. The development team did a very good job by completing the app, applying our questions, finding solutions that we have faced with the previous team. Even though there was the time difference, the communication was flexible. We are hoping that Android App would be a super success and will ask TriState to develop the iOS version App too.






We enjoyed working with TriState, they are very professional, respond fast and are flexible to additional querries. We will continue to work together in future projects. Thank you for the good work!"






I've been working with Tristate now for almost two years. It's been a pleasure. They've been fantastic. Their developers are strong. Project management is great, they're reliable. If anything comes up, it gets taken care of right away and I can't recommend them enough.






The team @ TriState Technology are very honest, helpful, and knowledgeable. They were familiar with the latest developer rules from Apple and Google and guided me to setup all the necessary accounts I needed for both the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and website hosting. They are very agreeable and communication was very open during the entire project. Thank you TriState!

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Frequently asked questions
  1. What Is The Need For Mobile App Consulting Services?

    The consultants will help you with core expert suggestions and help navigate your business approaches to make them goal-centric through efficient mobile application development.

  2. Does TriState Technology Offer Mobile App Development Along With Consulting Services?

    Yes, TriState Technology offers you impeccable mobile app development solutions upon properly consulting you on what your business needs. We use the latest technologies to ensure your application stands out.

  3. What Are The Prerequisites For Seeking Mobile App Development Consultancy Services?

    We will communicate with you about your app idea, funding capacity, passion for executing the idea, and other basic questions to get an idea about your business. Following this, our job is to clarify what your app needs to excel.

  4. Will Your Consultants Help Us With UI/UX Design Research?

    Our mobile app development consulting services will be in the pursuit of giving you suggestions on the best UI/UX design upon core market research. This way, you will know what it takes to make a user-friendly application.

  5. Is Our Sensitive Business Data Secure With TriState Technology?

    We strictly adhere to security practices and have served many clients from all across the globe. TriState Technology ensures complete security for all users and server-related business data.

  6. Can You Run An Audit On My Existing Mobile Application?

    Yes, we can offer you a complete audit of your existing mobile app and will point out the loopholes and gaps in its development. With your consent, we can also take on the project of fixing or revamping your existing application.

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