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Web development is on a rapid evolution pace. Irrespective of the business idea you implement, you need to take it online to get widened exposure. In 2023, more than 71% of businesses will have a website.

They are winning over their audience by offering exceptional functionalities and user experience. The web development frameworks used for the dedicated projects are way more proficient than HTML and CSS. Full-stack development has been in continual demand for a long and will continue to thrive in the forthcoming years.

The need for excellent user experiences over web apps is of utmost priority. Therefore, JS frameworks were introduced to add more functionality to the web apps while reducing the overall development time.

Among all of the JS frameworks, the MEAN stack is the most popular among the entire community. It enables the developers to implement astounding performance and features onto the software.

In this article, you will get exposure to how MEAN stack development services can help you attain high-end performance and optimal user experience with your web apps.

What is MEAN Stack Development?

Before getting into the facts on how MEAN stack development is a winning strategy for your high-end web app project and, eventually, your business.

MEAN stack development compiling and synergizing of the various technologies. It is most preferable for customizing various web applications. Various web app development firms offer services through MEAN stack programming.

It is written over JavaScript technologies and has various testing frameworks, including KarmaJS and MochaJS. It helps developers write exceptional test suits for the MEAN stack apps.

Moreover, the MEAN stack also consists of AngularJS, Node.js and ExpressJS for creating high-end web apps. Thus, the developers can implement advanced approaches toward building next-generation web apps.

Working on the MEAN Stack Development

Like any usual framework architecture, MEAN stack follows proper layering with its working architecture. The architecture is specified as follows:

  • The architecture starts at the client side, with the Angular JS application being deployed and utilized by the users and making necessary requests to perform the functions.
  • The request will then be entering the JS run-time environment. Node.js is embedded as the server-side program for parsing the client’s request.
  • Express.js is connected to Node.js as a server layer. Hence, it is ideal for scanning the query and raising a database request for fetching the output.
  • When MongoDB gets the query, it will search through the database quickly to retrieve data and send it back to the Express.js server.
  • Now, the entire flow of this architecture will be reversed. The data received by Express.js will now be sent back to the Node.js and then to Angular.js client-side app. It will then be showcased to the user as the end outcome.

Components of MEAN Stack which Makes it Outstanding for Web Development

MEAN stack web development

The prime components of the MEAN stack, which makes it one of the effective development solutions for interactive web applications, are: 

1. MongoDB

MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL database responsible for storing data within JSON documents. It is ideally known for delivering high scalability and performance for the users. Thus, it is a pioneer in bringing in data assortment and documentation. Thus, as a reliable DB, it allows the developers to transfer data between the client and server. You get better accessibility, through the essential data sets, in JSON format.

2. AngularJS

AngularJS is a Google-supported technology used for front-end development. It is a majorly useful development of the SPAs (single-page applications). It is one of the most robust tools, ideal for supporting web development, enabling the developer to extend the vocabulary for your apps. 

As it is a client-side framework, you get to facilitate the process of user requests. All developers will have the feasibility of getting rid of the surplus code by using Angular.js. Thus, it also helps implement advanced functionalities onto your MEAN stack web app development project.

3. Express.js

It is a lightweight MEAN stack framework with an easy-to-use UI connecting MongoDB and Node.js. The developers make use of it in MEAN stack development for rapid execution of the web apps and for safeguarding them. It also offers functionalities with multi-page and single-page web apps.

Developers can sync it with the Sinatra and Ruby frameworks. The developers will be flexible in using the JS on the server side to develop web and mobile applications with the MEAN stack.

4. Node.js

Node.js is more like the spine of your MEAN stack development project. It is entirely based on the V8 engine of Google Chrome and is one of the highest resourceful frameworks. It is light in weight and has a plethora of open-source libraries, collectively called the Node Package Manager (NPM).

Perks of MEAN Stack Development for Next-Gen Web Development

If you plan on initiating a new business and taking it online through a web app, you must rely on the best framework. MEAN stack is leading the way, and here are a few advantages of MEAN stack which make it the best pick for your next project:

Perks of MEAN stack development

1. MEAN Stack is Cost-Effective

One of the most integral reasons for switching to the MEAN stack is its cost-effectiveness. Both clients as well as developers love utilizing it for its affordability. Clients will be getting the benefits associated with full-stack development by opting for this framework.

Considering the developers, they have the feasibility to share the codes with other developers for utilizing the potential of reusability in the stack.

The components, Angular JS & Node.js, are responsible for offering code reusability. Noide.js is the non-blocking I/O type component, which helps reduce the processing overload alongside the rendering requests. Combining all the functionalities allows you to reuse the code and implement the app functionalities and features at full speed with utmost precision.

You can maintain the open-source status, which the developers can use for free. Moreover, compared to most other stacks, MEAN Stack web application development services need fewer professionals to work on a project.

It is because, unlike other frameworks, MEAN stack developers do not need an ideology of various technologies such as MySQL or PHP. Thus, the overall expenditure on getting a new web app will be lowered immensely. The developers have the flexibility to meet the various project requirements by adding or removing the technologies.

2. Quite Adaptable, Flexible and Effective

Using the MEAN stack simplifies the technical parameters that developers need to develop, test and deploy applications. The effectiveness of these end processes is also enhanced. With the MEAN stack development services, the team of developers will speed up the turnaround time. Your project will enter the cloud testing phase after completing the development process.

Hence, your estimated deployment date won’t be missed at all. Moreover, all MEAN developers are skilled and versatile in moving between client-side and server apps. Therefore, with the accessibility to the server and client-side JS code, all of the hurdles associated with MEAN stack web app development get neutralized.

Data sharing is simple; as developed just have to add a dedicated field and follow a specified process. And with an experienced team of developers and testers, the overall development process becomes more adaptable and easier.

3. MEAN Stack is the Completed JavaScript

One evident point contributing to MEAN stack development’s popularity is its full JS framework. This attribute of the framework is beneficial for both server as well as client-side applications.

With the use of MEAN stack development, you can expect seamless deployment of the applications over the server. There won’t be necessaryto deploy the app to any standalone server at the start. It supports both Linux and Windows, which adds more convenience to development projects.

With it, your applications will get an optimal user experience and assist in appropriately managing the data. It also plays a critical role in helping you with data recovery, as MEAN helps speed it up. Thus, it is one of the most robust and reliable frameworks which helps developers build outstanding applications.

4. Outstanding Scalability for the Businesses

When you look closer at the MEAN stack’s components and functionalities, you see that they are open-source, free and highly scalable. Moreover, it also consists of an additional set of libraries and allows you to reuse the modules. All of these factors help you speed up the overall development pace and save yourself a lot of time.

The Mongo DB framework within the MEAN stack is ideally known for the scalability it brings to the table in terms of both storage and performance. It supports the full-proof management of bulk data. Moreover, you can add fields within the database without reloading the complete table.

Next, Node.js is also implementing scalability, enabling the developers to use the MEAN stack to support over a million simultaneous connections.

5. Isomorphic Coding is Possible with MEAN Stack

MEAN stack is one of the most popular frameworks because it allows developers to easily transfer the code they write in one framework to another. All of the applications developed with MEAN are isomorphic. The work of developers is cut to half, and they spend less time building the overall project.

6. Usability of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

JSON is everywhere within the MEAN stack, and both Node and AngularJS offer it. MongoDB, the database framework, also allows the developers to store all web app data in JSON format. JSON is also used within Express.js. Thus, you can conclude that JSON facilitates the smooth flow of data without reformatting or rewriting approaches to different layers.

JSON is one of the biggest assets you can have on board with MEAN stack development. Data transfer between layers is streamlined, and it also saves you from the efforts of repetitive coding. All of the developers can gain access to the PHP network through it. The data can be processed or imported from the MySQL server through the JSON code.

You get the leading advantage of using a similar format at all times. And, even if you seek reformatting, a lot of time will be saved with JSON in use.

Moreover, it also extends the supportability of the app to external APIs, which can be used to enhance the overall functionality of the web application.

7. High-End Security and Optimal Performance

MEAN stack is undoubtedly powerful, and the JS framework allows you to build secure and scalable apps with high-end functionalities or features. Compared with the other MEAN stack components, Node.js is considered the backbone. It offers a single-threaded model for scaling the overall solutions, which enables simultaneous data accessibility by several used for positive effects.

Moreover, the MEAN stack also enables you to develop your website or web apps through native containers. Hence, it promotes the capability of the app to deliver enhanced performance and platform-based experiences.

8. Powerful Open-Source Community

The MEAN stack components are considered open-source, for which a vast community devotes their skills and expertise towards improving this stack. The entire community dedicates their work to offering important codes and plugins for developers to create functional and appealing app UI.

Thus, a group of developers will be open to access the community and implement skills from various experts worldwide. Hence, this allows your MEAN stack developers to implement more advances to your project, even beyond their specific skillset.

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This is a clear understanding of how MEAN stack gives you a plethora of high-end frameworks to develop high-end functionalities of your web apps. If you plan on starting a new business and getting a web app ready to cater to the audience’s needs, MEAN stack is one of the best picks for you to consider. Find the best development firm, and get your project in pursuit.