Why AngularJS is the best front-end technology for Creative Web App Development?

AngularJS is one such framework which is considered as the versatile front-end framework.

And, the only reason behind it is the languages used in AngularJS- JavaScript, and HTML.

Do you know that more than 80% of developers use JavaScript? This makes JavaScript the 2nd best language to be used among the developers across the world. (Source)

And, HTML ranks on the #3 by the same source because of being the easiest language to adopt and it is the base for various other languages to learn and use.

Well, AngularJS is now popularly used to develop the IoT devices as well.

So, AngularJS is the most useful invention for the web applications and their developers. Also, due to its usage, benefits, and features, AngularJS becomes the best front-end technology for the web app development.

But, before concluding it to be the best framework, you need to know what is AngularJS, why it is used, when it is used, what are its benefits, what are its features, and which companies have successfully used it.

Let’s understand everything about AngularJS in detail.

What is AngularJS?

Let’s begin to understand what is meant by AngularJS-

AngularJS is an open-source front-end web application framework to develop single page applications. It is solely based on the all-rounder programming language- JavaScript. That is the reason it has the name that includes JS and it is also written as Angular.js.

AngularJS is developed by Google. Being an open-source framework, AngularJS is maintained by Google as well as the community of various developers, testers, and organizations whose focus is to ease and accelerate the development of single-page web apps.

What is the AngularJS application?

The AngularJS application is a browser-based application which has the web pages that are dynamically rewritten to offer the seamless user experience.

In short, an AngularJS app is a dynamic web application that uses extended HTML and JavaScript to develop the application.

Why is AngularJS used?

The sole purpose of inventing AngularJS was to ease the development of the web applications for the developers. But, what are the reasons to use AngularJS for web application development? Let’s have a look at them:

1. Extending the HTML attributes

AngularJS is used to extend the existing HTML attributes using directives. These directives make it possible to bring our own HTML elements.

These directives help the developers write their own code using HTML. This means directives allow the custom HTML elements, unlike HTML on its own. And, that makes the developers use AngularJS in the first place.

2. HTML data binding

Data binding seems old-school term now. In the age of smartphones, we understand automatically syncing of the data.

And, data binding in AngularJS is exactly the same of automatically syncing the data between the model and view components.

Earlier it was difficult for the developers and AngularJS makes two-way binding easy and quick. So, it is obvious for the developers to jump on to AngularJS.

3. Easy to learn

Like we always say that JavaScript is the easiest language to learn. And, once you learn that, any language supported by JavaScript becomes easy to learn and grasp.

The same is the situation here. AngularJS is a combination of HTML and JavaScript. HTML being the base, developers know it for years and even JavaScript is the most versatile and useful language. Hence, AngularJS becomes easy to learn.

4. Writing less coding

AngularJS developers are not required to-

  • Write their own MVC pipelines
  • Write getters/setters
  • Manually bind the data
  • Defining the view in HTML
  • Less integrating codes
  • And, much more

5. Providing more security

When developing a web application using AngularJS, the developers take extra steps to make the app secure.

There is a complete step by step process to ensure the app data is secured and authenticated. Thus, various enterprises look forward to AngularJS for their web app development.

6. Defining App’s Declarative UI

To define an app’s user interface (UI), AngularJS uses HTML instead of JavaScript.

This makes the UI declarative, intuitive, and less convoluted. So, the web app developed using the AngularJS framework has the highly declarative UI which is the best for the end users.

So, when you need a declarative and dynamic user interface, AngularJS is used.

7. Integrating 3rd party features

There are various 3rd party frameworks available where it is easy to integrate AngularJS. Integrating into those 3rd party frameworks brings many such features that make the web application feature-rich.

Hence, AngularJS becomes the most acceptable and used web app development framework because of its capabilities to easily integrate with other framework and tools.

8. Improvising the unit testing

Being a JavaScript-based framework, AngularJS has to follow a certain set of tests because JavaScript is interpreted and dynamic and not compiled. Hence, it is easy to test the web application developed using AngularJS.

This marks it as another reason why AngularJS is used.

9. Supporting Large Community

AngularJS is maintained by Google and the large community of developers contributing to the development and maintenance of the AngularJS framework. We discussed this above as well.

This community is stronger enough to explore, learn, and bring advancements to the AngularJS framework. And, this makes the development cycles easier and faster. Hence, this is one of those reasons to use AngularJS for your web app development.

10. Being affordable

Being an open-source framework, AngularJS is free. Hence, only the development, testing, and maintenance costs are attached. In fact, if there are certain needs of paid libraries, tools, and other frameworks, then only there is an extra cost attached.

Hence, AngularJS is used because of its being an affordable option for web app development.

When Should One Use AngularJS?

AngularJS is suggested when you require a full-featured framework for developing web applications from scratch as it gives you everything you need to build the client-side of an application. It also makes it easier for the developers to keep their web project organized and avoid repeating code.

The advanced features incorporated in AngularJS allow the developer to create visually stunning and engaging applications which would otherwise take months of development time using the other existing frameworks.

Benefits of AngularJS

  • Revamped Design Architecture
    When an application contains over 60 components, it becomes pretty messy to manage the project when you have new developers joining the team on the project. But, with AngularJS it becomes easy to manage and locate the codes for the developers in an easy manner. This is a functionality which has enhanced the design structure of AngularJS in the market.
  • Assist Code Reusability
    Developers can reuse the codes and the components which they might have written in the previous applications developed before. This makes AngularJS development remarkable and distinctive.
  • Auto-magical Plug and Play
    There is a magical feature incorporated in AngularJS in which the developers can add their existing components in a new application. All they need to do is copy and paste the component into a new one and it will be done. All assets will then be available automagically. Thanks to AngularJS!
  • Rapid application development
    Owing to the functionalities that AngularJS offers, the MVC architecture makes certain that the application development, testing, and the maintenance is performed in no time. the outcome of which enhances the productivity of the developers as a whole.
  • Handling Dependency and Allowing Parallel Development
    AngularJS is famous for handling dependencies and it truly outshines in two areas namely testing and Single Page Application (SPA) design. Coupling the above feature with MVC architecture, it also allows rapid application development as well as parallel application development, scoring a point over the other frameworks.
  • Transfers the controls into the hands of the Developer
    Directives offer developers a free hand to experiment with HTML & attributes by giving them complete independence to make their web development process a responsive and dynamic one. The developers can then test, construct and inject or do just anything which comes to their mind.
  • Helps Manage State and Circumstances
    It lends a helping hand to the developers by helping them manage the properties, permissions, and other major as well as minor concerns across their application.

All these factors enable the developers to create their software efficiently and quickly with less input of efforts.

Core Features of AngularJS

  • Data binding − This feature automatically synchronizes the data between the view components and the model.
  • Scope − These are objects which refer to the model and act as a glue between the controller and the view.
  • Services − There are singleton objects which incorporated as built-in services in AngularJS and are instantiated only once in the app.
  • Filters − Filters select a subset of items from an array and return a new array.
  • Directives − AngularJS has some built-in directives which are markers on DOM elements and can be used to create custom HTML tags that serve as new custom widgets.
  • Templates − Templates are the rendered view with information from the controller and model and they can be in the form of a single file or multiple views in one page using partials.
  • Routing − Routing, in short, is termed as the concept of switching views.
  • Model View Whatever − In general MVC is a design pattern in which the application is divided as a Model, View, and Controller. Rather than the conventional sense, AngularJS implements it as MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) and prefers to humorously call it as Model View Whatever.
  • Deep Linking − Deep linking allows the developer to encode the state of the application in the URL for it to be bookmarked following which the application can be restored from the URL to the same state.

Who Uses AngularJS?

There are various popular websites and web applications that are built using AngularJS and that have highly interactive and engaging user interface as well as user experience. Let’s have a look:

  • YouTube
  • PayPal
  • Netflix
  • LinkedIn Corporation
  • Forbes
  • And, many more


So, now you know what is AngularJS, why it is used, when it is used, its benefits, features, and lastly, who all uses it to offer an exclusive and excellent user interface to their end users.

And, this makes it imperative for you to choose AngularJS for your web app development to improve your UI/UX to outperform your competition now.

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