Mean Stack: It’s the next big thing!

Why am I saying this?

Before I move to explain my very first statement, let me tell you what is Mean Stack?

Here is the full-form of Mean Stack from an article that talks about achieving business growth leveraging Mean Stack:


Well, I would also like to add that Mean Stack has extraordinary capabilities of developing awesome mobile applications.

As per the definition, Mean Stack is a collection of all the JavaScript-based technologies- MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Node.js that is used to develop web and even mobile apps.

Uses of Mean Stack Technologies:

MongoDB: a document-oriented database designed to boost the scalability and developer agility
ExpressJS: a module framework for Node that is used to develop server-side apps
AngularJS: a structural framework specifically used to develop dynamic web & mobile apps
Node.JS: a run-time environment for non-blocking and event-driven servers used to develop real-time apps with push-based architecture

And, the world’s top brands use these Mean Stack technologies in their apps.

For example, AngularJS is used by leading brands in their web or mobile applications. We featured them while discussing why AngularJS is best:

  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Forbes
  • LinkedIn Corporations
  • PayPal
  • And, the list is not over

So, why do you think these highly successful brands are using one or the other part of Mean Stack? Because of the following powerful reasons:

Why Choose Mean Stack?

1. It’s Open Source

Each and every technology within Mean Stack uses JavaScript which is an open-source language. Hence, this platform becomes open-source.

During an IT training session, I heard, Vatsal Shah saying, “Open-source” itself means “FREE” in an IT terminology.

And, it clearly means that using the technologies of Mean Stack costs you nothing for downloading and using it. So, the Mean Stack development companies don’t charge any license costs for the same.

So, when you are planning your next application development, Mean Stack becomes your first choice.

2. It Uses Single Language

By now, you know Mean Stack uses JavaScript. That means each and every technology within the same is based on JavaScript.

For most of the web or mobile applications development, the developers have to usually go for different database, front-end, and server languages and configurations. That includes PHP,, MySQL, Oracle, etc.

But, here in Mean Stack app development, everything from configuring databases, handling front-end to server-side handling is managed using JavaScript.

Developing your application becomes easier for the development company as they don’t have to look for other developers with specialized language or server skills. So, there are no delays in finding the right developer for your next mobile app development.

3. It’s Flexible & Efficient

I mentioned above in the point #2, that Mean Stack is completely based on JavaScript. And, it brings all the capabilities that JavaScript holds for a web or mobile application development.

Whether you’ve to build any innovative app functionalities, single page applications (SPAs) or any complex apps such as the popular ones, JavaScript is efficient enough to get your desired app.

And, when it comes to flexibility, JavaScript can be used to develop applications for any size, any business, and any industry.

That’s so much enough for you to mark this as one of the top-rated benefits of using Mean Stack.

4. It’s Scalable

Like I said in the above point, that JavaScript-based Mean Stack has the capabilities to develop applications of any size.

But, you need to know that Mean Stack develops scalable web and mobile apps. That means if in future you want to add features or functionalities in your app, you can easily do that with Mean Stack.

Your applications are scalable enough to fit any upcoming business requirements and hence, you will always cherish how using Mean Stack was the right decision for your business.

5. It’s Easy to Implement

When you reach out to any of the companies for your app development, your app complexity is defined based on the app functionalities that their developers are unable to implement easily.

But, Mean Stack being an all-things-JavaScript platform, the app development complexity is lower because almost every developer knows JavaScript.

In fact, every developer needs to learn and master JavaScript to sustain in this competitive edge. That’s what this guide on how to become a successful Android developer teaches.


JavaScript is the most versatile programming language and every developer can easily learn and implement it.

Developing your next app using Mean Stack would become easier for the app development company to take up and even develop it amazingly.

6. It’s User-friendly

AngularJS of Mean Stack is known for providing an extraordinary user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) in any web or mobile application.

That’s the reason why AngularJS is considered the best front-end technology compared to any other and is used by such popular brands.

So, if you are looking to develop your application, Mean Stack sounds more advantageous.

7. It’s Isomorphic

There are times when the developers want to shift their already written code of one framework to another. This becomes easy and quick with Mean Stack.

The codes that are written once in any framework can be re-used within any other framework that the developers want. These codes are known as Isomorphic codes.

And, on the top of that, the codes work equally smooth as if they are natively written.

This is considered as one of the greatest benefits of using Mean Stack for app development.

Developing a web or mobile app for your next business idea, choose Mean Stack because you are not charged for re-writing the same codes for the different frameworks and even get the amazing results.

8. It’s Developer-friendly

Mean Stack is proved beneficial for developers. We proved this while discussing the ease of learning and implementing JavaScript for the developers.

But, there is one more advantage of selecting Mean Stack- having JSON.

JSON comes with the following benefits for Mean Stack-

  • Data transfer between the layers becomes quite easy and smooth when the developers choose either AngularJS or MongoDB. Here, a huge amount of time is saved due to importing isomorphic codes.
  • While tweaking the existing Mean Stack formats, JSON helps in saving even more time.
  • JSON supports external APIs. So, the developers can easily implement various functionalities that improve the customer experience.
  • Using Mean Stack, JSON allows developers to access PHP

So, developers love coding using Mean Stack and hence, your app is developed with a happy mind and heart.

And, you know the result when there is mind and heart both are involved, you are sure-shot to get more than the expected output.

9. It’s Backed by Powerful Community

Each and every technology is open source in Mean Stack, we know this from the very beginning.

And, when there is an open source technology involved, there are developers and well-known companies across the globe who form a community to make the products or technology much better.

There is one of the most popular communities of developers that support Mean Stack in various forums such as StackOverflow.

So, Mean Stack is going to evolve until and unless it has the powerful community supporting it. That means your app development Mean Stack has a huge opportunity to get support from such a huge community.

10. It is Developed Faster

There are so many benefits of using Mean Stack for web and mobile app development that directly influence the faster app development such as-

  • Isomorphic coding
  • Easy to implement
  • Developer-friendly

These advantages of Mean Stack make your app developers to develop the codes easily, happily, and quickly.

So, Mean Stack helps you with faster time-to-market. This marks as another extremely important reason to choose Mean Stack.

11. It’s Best for Real-time Apps

Node.js is one of the Mean Stack technologies and is known for its performance. We discussed why Node.js is best for real-time apps and how it has helped popular brands-


Why these popular brands have moved to Node.js?

  • The apps developed using Node.js runs 20x faster
  • Node.js performs I/O operations efficiently
  • Node.js allows multiple process threads to work concurrently while processing I/O operations

That’s the reason why Node.js is best suited for real-time apps as it has the highest performance and hence, Mean Stack is.

12. It’s Budget-friendly

Looking at all the benefits Mean Stack offers, let’s check out the areas where you save a lot of costs-

  • No need to re-write the code as data transfer is easy and smooth
  • Open source platform means you don’t have to pay any license fees
  • There are no specialized developers required
  • No extra hours for learning different languages and for project complexities

So, this makes Mean Stack an affordable option for your web and mobile app development.

Leverage Mean Stack for Your Business Growth

Mean Stack is used by most brands for enterprise app development and even real-time app development. And, all thanks to the benefits of Mean Stack for the developers, development companies, and most importantly, business owners like you.

Do you feel you are looking to become successful similar to these highly popular companies? Let’s discuss how to succeed using Mean Stack.