MEAN Stack has been a choice for most of the web app developers because of its benefits.

But, What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN stands for-

M – MongoDB
E – ExpressJS
A – AngularJS
N – Node.js

The MEAN stack is a collection of JavaScript-based technologies that help to develop the web applications.

MEAN stack is said to be “Everything JavaScript”.

Now, let us discuss how you can leverage MEAN stack to grow your business efficiently:

1. Open Source Platform

MEAN stack is an open source platform, because all the platforms and technologies within MEAN stack are open source. This means that it has an entire community of MEAN stack users or developers that regularly contribute to making MEAN stack more useful and powerful.

So, everything from libraries, tools to repositories, is available for free of cost online that anybody can utilize.

For any development queries, framework issues or configuration complexities, the web app developers can ask the community of MEAN stack developers and solve them ASAP.

So, if you are going to outsource your web app development to a company, freelance developer or hire an in-house developer, your web app development does not affect because MEAN stack is an open-source platform.

2. Learning & Developing is Easy

As MEAN stack is an open-source platform, it becomes very easy to learn the entire environment on how to configure, integrate and develop the web app using MEAN stack.

There are tutorials available, especially for the developers to understand the code and use it for their web app development.

For any confusions or queries, the MEAN stack community is full of experienced and expert web developers that are ready to help the other developers.

So, it becomes extremely easy for the developers to use the code and apply them in their web development.

3. JSON support

Yes, that’s right!

JSON is easily used in MEAN stack. Why?

Because both AngularJS and Node.js uses JSON to store the documents in JSON formats. Also, JSON is highly compact and easily used in JavaScript. Also, MongoDB eases the communication between the various JavaScript notations within the web application.

So, JSON support the web application development to be flawless and easy.

4. Flexible Structure

MEAN Stack allows the web developers to test the entire web application on the cloud.

MongoDB is the one that supports MEAN stack with the cloud infrastructure.

Using MongoDB, the web application development and testing take place on the cloud. There, it becomes easy to add fields to the forms of your web apps when you need to add some data to your forms.

5. Isomorphic Coding

First of all, what is isomorphic coding?

The isomorphic code is a code written in one framework works in various other frameworks.

In MEAN stack, isomorphic coding is possible as the code is majorly written in JavaScript.

So, the businesses looking to develop their first web app, then they must go for MEAN stack as the code can be utilized in other framework as well. And, this makes the makes MEAN stack one of the leading web app development technology.

6. Cost-friendly

Most of the businesses have the limited budget when they are looking to develop web apps. But, it can’t be avoided.

MEAN stack, like we discussed earlier, it is an open-source web development technology. Also, JavaScript is the base language used in it.

So, businesses don’t need to waste their time, energy, money and resources behind searching for MEAN stack developers or development companies.

7. Speedy App Development

The challenge for businesses, while looking to develop web apps, is the time-to-market.

As MEAN stack uses JavaScript as the base language, it becomes easy for the web app developer to write the code, test the code and finally launch it.

And, when the developers find it easy to develop the code of the web apps, the web apps are developed faster.

So, MEAN stack is the right choice for businesses looking to develop web app faster.

8. Best for Real-Time Web Apps

Real-time web applications use technologies that help them to stay updated without depending on the server or other software or tools.

And, most businesses are looking to develop real-time web apps which are single page applications (SPA) to showcase demos to their clients or peers.

As SPAs don’t have any more web pages, then it eliminates the need to update the web pages during each server request.

So, businesses looking for SPAs, then, MEAN proves to be excellent.


Looking at the changing business requirements, businesses need to be accurate while choosing the right technology. MEAN stack helps your business to grow exponentially if you have the right technology partner.

Contact us for your business app idea and let’s discuss what suits your business the best.