Say bye bye to Legacy!! Welcome latest MEAN based technology for your e-Commerce or mCommerce app.

Let’s create E-Commerce or m-commerce with latest MEAN based technology stacks

Generally, when we hear ecommerce or m-commerce, everyone is think about Magento, Woocommece or Shopify. All mentioned Open sources has merits or demerits either security concern, performance, heavy licensing fees or customization limitations bla..bla. So now, it’s time to say bye bye to such legacy and welcome MEAN or MERNany of these solves all the pain areas.

How MEAN (Mongo Express Angular Node) solves the problems:

1. Performance

All these well known ecommerce platforms or pluginse.gMagento, Shopify and Woocommerce, all are built with PHP. Whereas, Node.js supportsJavascript with even based Non blocking I/O (Input and Output) application which enables capability to serve multiple events. These features makeNodeJS great fit for asynchronous, heavy I/O bound workflow and data driven applications. Hence, NodeJs offers the excellent performance with all the above features, crucial for any e-commerce or m-commerce application.

2. Scalability

Scalability is one of non-compromising aspect of any e-commerce application. Non-blocking I/O with V8 engine helps NodeJS to maximize CPU utilization. Server can be horizontally scalable by use of the cluster. Also, MongoDB is NoSQL database highly designed for Cloud and Scalability with full support of cluster. Once we plug in MongoDB, it spreads across cluster of the servers to provide failover support and automatic database replication. It adds a lot flexibility at database layer.

3. Efficient Frontend (Fully Customizable)

PHP for frontend adds many drawbacks like:

  • Heavy HTML Content
  • Server-side scripting
  • Static User Experience
  • High dependency on back-end code

Whereas, with MEAN or MERN stack, we can use either Angular or ReactJS as a front-end language which has many advantages:

  • Front-end is managed at client-side which makes application faster
  • Continuous improvements by Google and Facebook
  • Powerful, reliable and capable to handle complex coding
  • Easy to manage complex and lengthy code base
  • Easier to manage as backend and front-end both would be different
  • Better User experience

4. No Licensing (Truly Open Source)

All the e-commerce open source platforms are come with few licensing cost either it is Magento or Woo-commerce. MEAN is completely truly open source JavaScript stack. Hence, no license and easier access of all public repositories and libraries.

5. PWA (Progressive Web App) Ready

Through Progressive Web Application, users can get mobile app kind of experience. PWA is similar to Native Application which can be accessible through website without accessing App Stores.AngularJSprovides good support with PWA and good option any e-commerce website to have.

6. Real Time Response

NodeJS is pretty handy with and with help of reactive frameworks like AngularJS and ReactJS, we can get the benefit of instant updates like product quantity, price etc…

7. Better User Experience

User experience is most important factor for any ecommerce app. As MEAN has separate reactive framework for front-end, we have option to serve better user experience with instant update without reloading page.

8 Proven Latest Technology

MEAN is widely used technology and adapted by small startups to enterprises like ebay, paypal, facebook, Google etc… So this technology stack is ready to handle any challenge that comes down the road.

9. Universal Programming Language

It’s all Javascript.

It is modern technology stacks which has many advantages like open source, far better performance, scalability, no license fees and N number of possibilities for customization to better serve to your customers.