Web application development can’t be done without using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Moreover, Javascript is at the core when it comes to front-end development for web apps. To deliver an execptional user experience, you need to select technologies and frameworks carefully. In the articles of React vs Angular vs Vue, we will discuss about which one is the most suitable for your needs.

If you are developer or a business organization trying to figure out the most suitable framework for your next project, this article should help you decide.

A brief history of React vs Angular vs Vue

React JS

React is a JavaScript library used for building user interfaces.Developed by Facebook, React was first released in the year 2013.  It is extensively used by Facebook in it’s offerings including (WhatsApp, Facebook and Instragram). Latest stable version of React is v16.12 relased in November, 2019. You can check version vistory and release notes by clicking here.

Angular JS

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source frameowork for building front-end of  web applications. Angular is developed and maintained by team of developers at Google. It was first relased in the year 2010.

In the year 2016, version 2 of Angular was released and JS term was dropped from the original name AngularJS. From version 2, it is known as Angular. Latest stable version of Angular is v9.0. You can check version vistory and release notes here.

Vue JS

Vue (also known as Vue.js) is an open-source progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. It was developed by a former employee of Google, Evan You and released in the year 2014. Even though it isn’t backed by a large company, it has gone through  a substantial shift in popularity.

Latest stable version of Vue.js is v2.6. However, the upcoming version 3 is planning to move to TypeScript and expected to release in the first quarter of 2020. You can check version vistory and release notes here.

As now we have a brief understanding of all the frameworks, let’s drive into technical details and compare React vs Angular vs Vue on technical paramaters.

Technical benefits of React, Angular and Vue

React JS

Allows reuse of code components: Developers can reuse code components at different levels. Code reuse makes development easier and quicker.

Data BindingReact supports unidirectional data binding. It directs the data flow towards one direction resulting in stable code and faster development.

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Supports Virtual DOM It helps developers to easily render any changes in the application without having an impact on other parts of the UI.

Use of Redux: Redux makes it simple to store and manage the state of components in a large-scale application.

Vue JS

Small Size: As the size of VueJs framework is just 80kb, it becomes much faster for developers and users to download and use it.

Detailed documentation As Vue offers a detailed documentation, developers can follow the documentation and create small and large-scale templates much faster.

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Better architecture: In VueJS, it is easy to handle HTML code blocks because of MVVM (Model–view–viewmodel) architecture as it separates GUI development from the development of the business logic or back-end.

Easy to integrate: Flexible intregration allows web developers to intregrate Vue with the existing application built using JavaScript.

Angular JS

Intractive UI: Agular comes witm material design components built-in. It helps developers to build an application with interactive and easily navigable UI.

Easier update of components Command-line interface of Angular makes it easy to update components from third-party making it faster to create and deploy apps.

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Bidirectional data bindingAngular offers bidirectional data binding. It ensures that any data change in the the model gets relected in the view immediately and viceversa.

Finally, what should you choose for your next project?

Vue is ideal for small-scale project. If you are developing a large-scale application, or planning for future expansion, you should choose React or Angular. ReactJS provides simplicity and flexibility.

Where as, AngularJS is a comprehensive framework that comes with a lot of features that develoepers find useful. In terms of the performance, ReactJS gives better performance compared to Angular as it uses virtual DOM.

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