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Your Local Eating Experience Just Got Better!

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Discover the best restaurants nearby and Experience the Taste of the Food you like. Whether you want to Dine in to the Restaurant or get the home feeling with the Restaurant Food - Go to NowOpen website NOW!

NowOpen provides the complete Food Ordering, Delivery and Pickup solution from the best neighbourhood restaurants to your Doorstep. It also facilitates you to Book the Cab to go to the restaurant.

Colors & Typography

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NowOpen User Flow


Restaurant Flow



We began by examining existing Food Ordering & Delivery Applications. Additionally, there were numerous Food Ordering & Delivery Application accessible in the market and the client didn't had a celar idea. So we concentrated on investigating smart UX/UI patterns and ongoing developments to requires a few helpful bits of knowledge and important plans to draw portrays the proptotype, characterize the structure and components positions lastly influence the venture to layout. After the model portraying was finished, we continued to making wireframes in a device and building the applications guide.

NowOpen User Flow

NowOpen User Flow

NowOpen NowOpen

Landing to NowOpen

NowOpen allows you to discover different restaurants based on the Collections, Popular Locality, Keywords and Type of Features.

Restaurant List

Filter the Restaurants based on the Category, Cuisines, Establishment Type, Rating and Cost. Explore the Restaurant Completely with NowOpen. Checkout the endless information of the restaurant such as Menu, Photos, Reviews, Ratings, Opening Hours, Highlights and much more…

Restaurant Detail
Restaurant Detail

Order Food Online and Customize your Dish

You have the privilege to Order Food even if you are not Registered to NowOpen.

Customize your Dish with Extra Toppings.

Making Payment Easy for you with the Online Payment System.



You can setup your Profile with the amazing features of NowOpen such as Giving reviews and ratings to the restaurants, Bookmarks, Been there, Following your Friends.

Also checkout your friends profile to know which restaurants they visit and to whom do they follow.





Been There



Claim Business

Is somebody using your Business Name to do the Business? Claim your Business by submitting the Business Documents. And get the Business Registered with the same credentials.

Book Cab

Are you thinking of Booking a Cab?

There are very few Business Solutions that allows you to book a cab to visit the Restaurant. NowOpen is one of them. NowOpen has made it easy to book the Cab using LYFT by automatically taking your location and routing it to the Restaurant and booking the cab for you.

Social Touch

Social Touch

Why not expand your network along with the Food Ordering Experience? Meet NowOpen Foodies and Expand your Network through NowOpen Community. Chat One-to-One or in the Group.

NowOpen Restaurant Flow

NowOpen Restaurant Flow

Register Your Restaurant with NowOpen

Get Registered to the NowOpen website by providing your Restaurant Details such as Address, Features, Cuisines, Opening Hours, Description and Start Earning.

Management Detail
Management Detail


Make Your Restaurant Page look more Attractive with the Photos of your Restaurant Ambience, Decorative Dishes and Attractive Menu.

Do you want to improve the Customer Satisfaction Ratio? NowOpen facilitates your customers to provide reviews, which could help you fill out the loopholes.

Select the Start Date. Select the End Date. And know your statistics on one click.

Earning Screen Earn

Increase your Earning by Subscribing

Subscribe to NowOpen and get advantage to access some more wonderful features of the NowOpen Website.

Get the benefit on the Subscription by subscribing it for longer period.


Order Management

Managing the Orders made easy with NowOpen! Get the update of the new order on your Email, Checkout the Order Details and start Preparations.

Don’t forget to update the Order status.

Manage Menu Items and Delivery Areas

Customers should know What your Serve and Where you Server. Now Open allows you to Manage the Menu Items with the Name, Short Description, Price, Category, Photo and Customization Options related to that Dish. Manage the Delivery Areas to help your customers know where you deliver. You can also manage the status of the delivery area by making it Active/Not Active after adding it to your list.

Management Detail Management Detail
Imani Hinton

Imani Hinton

Chief Executive at Now Open App, Inc.

Atlanta, USA

As always, very professional. High quality work for a good price. Good communication and good results. I am happy to recommend this company.