Top UI/UX Design Trends to Watch Out in 2024

The first impression created by an app plays a crucial role in determining the scope for user retention. Even the most useful websites or mobile apps could fail to attract an audience due to shortcomings in design.

The combination of an effective user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) tailored to perfection can help in improving mobile app design services to the preferences of your target audience.

The world has almost 1.13 million websites and almost 6 billion mobile apps. However, around 82% of the websites are inactive, and almost 4 out of 5 mobile apps are no longer preferred by users.

Imagine creating a service page where users could not find information about your products or services. Therefore, businesses have to stay ahead of the curve and also capture the attention of the target audience by leveraging the latest trends in UI and UX design.

Multiple ecommerce players have utilised the latest UI/UX design trends to their advantage with strategic approaches. Interestingly, UI/UX design has helped ecommerce brands achieve prolific growth in user engagement and conversion rates.

One of the notable examples of ecommerce brands that have leveraged the latest trends in UI and UX design is Amazon.

It continuously improves its user interface and experience for drawing users to the platform. As the digital landscape evolves, businesses should embrace new UI/UX design trends to stay ahead of their competitors.

Let us learn about the top trends that would define the state of UI and UX design in 2024 and beyond.

Discover the Most Prominent Trends in UI and UX Design

UI/UX design focuses on creation of digital products that are visually appealing and also offer easier usability. UI designers emphasise the look and feel of a website or app. On the other hand, UX designers have to focus on the user’s journey with the website or app and the ways in which users interact with the solution.

Every mobile app design company has to prioritise UI/UX design as it is an integral component required for success of digital solutions such as web or mobile apps. Furthermore, the introduction of new technological advancements such as AI, voice user interfaces, virtual reality and augmented reality have also changed the scope of UI and UX design. Therefore, it is important to learn about the top trends in UI and UX design that would dominate web and mobile app development.

Here are some of the leading trends for user interface and user experience design.

1. Minimalist Designs are the New Benchmark

Minimalist Designs are the New Benchmark

Minimalism is the most prominent addition among UI UX design trends for 2024 and beyond. It revolves around the concept of ‘less is more’ and has the potential to become a must-have requirement in every app or web design project. One of the interesting aspects of minimalist design is the fact that it is not a new trend.

The primary logic behind the minimalism trend in UI/UX design focuses on catering to the low attention span of human users. No one wants to spend time reading every bit of detail on your web or mobile app to access products and services. On the contrary, users are more likely to scan through the interface to find something useful.

A simple interface could not only offer information to users but also help them with seamless navigation. Minimalism is one of the user interface design trends that will rule the future. It emphasises the principle of emphasising the fundamentals of UI and UX elements rather than overuse of design elements.

One of the main objectives of minimalist design in web and app design revolves around reducing the cognitive load to a minimum. At the same time, minimalism also ensures smooth and easy interactions between users and the app. With the continuously growing volume of information on digital platforms, minimalist design could serve a vital role in ensuring user engagement.

2. Personalised Experiences

Every user wants to feel valued by businesses. If customers get products and services from a business according to their needs and preferences, then they are more likely to remain loyal to the business. The most promising UI/UX design trend to watch out for in 2024 is the facility of personalised experiences.

Personalised user experiences serve as a direct investment of users in customer satisfaction and retention. Businesses that can tailor their content, themes and interfaces according to user behaviour and preferences can build direct connections with their customers.

The value of personalised experiences in UI/UX design extends beyond ensuring user loyalty and retention. It is one of the future trends in UI/UX that would determine the chances of success of a web or mobile app. The strategic approach with personalised experiences helps in designing targeted marketing efforts, which would lead to better conversion rates.

Most important of all, personalised experiences could also serve as a major differentiator for businesses in the crowded digital landscape. Businesses can use personalization as a valuable tool for maintaining long-term customer relationships.

3. Micro-interactions


The next important trend in UI/UX design that will dominate web and mobile app development in future is micro-interactions.

Interestingly, micro-interactions take personalised experiences to the next level. If you hire the best UI/UX designer, then you should check whether they can design micro-interactions.

The impact of micro-interactions can help in introducing subtle enhancements in user experience without imposing visual overload. Most important of all, micro-interactions would play an important role in optimization of UI/UX designs for driving user engagement in future.

What are micro-interactions? Have you noticed the small icons or features on a mobile app? The small icons ensure easy interactions, such as ‘liking’ a post through a button on a social media platform. The UI/UX design trends for the future would focus on developing meaningful micro-interactions that could offer instant feedback.

On top of it, micro-interactions could help guide users through different tasks while making the user journey more delightful. Small animations and icons, such as small animated figures indicating a background process, could introduce major improvements in user satisfaction levels.

4. Default Dark Mode

Default Dark Mode

Another notable aspect for determining the effectiveness of mobile app design services is the ability to design apps with a default dark mode. The dark mode was officially launched by Google and Apple and has become an official theme in Android and iOS platforms.

In addition, many apps also choose the default dark mode. It is not a surprise that using the dark mode by default in app design has become one of the essential trends in UI design. The dark mode will gain more popularity in 2024 with the dual advantages of lower strain on eyes and a sophisticated aesthetic.

The dark mode has become one of the most in-demand UI/UX design trends for the service page of web and mobile apps for saving battery life. In addition, the dark mode also offers many other advantages to users beyond improving the look and feel of the app.

For example, the dark mode can help users in reading the text on an app easily. On top of it, the design elements of the app also appear more prominent on a dark background. However, you would need professional UI/UX designers to select a colour palette wisely to make the most of the dark mode.

5. Voice User Interfaces

Voice User Interfaces

Voice User Interfaces are one of the most popular trends in the domain of mobile app development. You can hire the best mobile app UI UX designer to create VUIs that can help you capitalise on the growing demand for voice search and voice interactions.

Why are VUIs becoming popular? The answer points to the ability of VUIs to offer easier access to content on an app. The examples of YouTube and Google Search show how voice search and voice-enabled tasks are major highlights of digital platforms.

Voice User Interfaces help users interact with different platforms by using voice commands that could improve the overall user experience. Businesses can use VUIs as an effective tool for improving user retention and attracting more users.

Users have familiarised themselves with VUIs through voice-enabled chatbots, smart speaker systems and smart mobile assistants. Smart assistants and intelligent chatbots have become an integral addition to most of the digital interfaces you see today. Therefore, it would be reasonable to expect growing dominance of VUIs in the future.

6. UX Writing

Businesses would also have to focus on UX writing as one of the prominent trends in UI/UX design. However, future trends in UI/UX design would emphasise the use of meaningful and precise words and expressions that explain the design elements.

UX writing would have a crucial role in determining the first impression of web and mobile apps on users. In addition, UX writing would also serve as an important component in ensuring user engagement. As time passes by, most businesses would find UX writing as a valuable resource for improving their design schemes.

Designers can use UX writing to make their app stand out from the crowd with unique highlights. For example, designers must focus on writing crisp and precise descriptions with a specific purpose and avoid generalisation.

The content on mobile apps would be more tailored to the goals of users to help them address their pain points in an effective manner. Furthermore, UX writing trends would also draw the limelight on the necessity of variations in font size and typography to complement the design goals.

7. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Integration

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Integration

The list of top UI/UX design trends that you should watch out for in 2024 also includes AR and VR integration. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the latest UI/UX design trends with the maximum impact on user experiences. AR has been a driver of crucial changes in different industries.

The implementation of AR features in the user interface and user experience design could open new opportunities for creating interactive brand experiences. AR can offer personalised and immersive interactions that can help in boosting customer trust, user engagement and conversion rates.

The importance of VR as a pivotal UI/UX design trend in 2024 cannot be undermined. Virtual Reality can serve promising improvements, including immersive storytelling on content platforms or virtual product trials in ecommerce.

The advantages of personalised, interactive and immersive experiences with AR/VR integration could create a new wave of brand experiences. As a result, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality would be the essential trends in UI/UX design for boosting the competitive advantage of business apps.

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8. Sustainable Designs

Sustainable design practices would also gain traction in UI/UX design in the future. A closer look at the popular UI UX design trends for 2024 shows that sustainable design practices could ensure alignment of brands with socially conscious values.

Businesses would emphasise sustainability as something more than just an ethical responsibility. On the contrary, sustainability would serve as a unique selling point for a business, differentiating it from others in the market.

Optimization of mobile app design for ensuring energy efficiency and reduction of digital waste could enhance the brand image. At the same time, sustainable design could also ensure promising cost savings in the long run. Businesses can leverage environment-friendly visual elements to communicate their commitment to environmental protection. Sustainable design in UI/UX development could help in attracting the new generation of consumers who focus on social responsibility and consciousness for environment protection.

9. Neomorphism


The collection of popular user interface design trends would be incomplete without referring to neomorphism. It helps in blending modern design aesthetics with realism to offer a bridge between physical and virtual experiences.

Businesses can leverage neomorphism to create interfaces with a tactile feel, which enables users to physically experience the design elements. As a result, neomorphism can help in establishing new standards for creating sophisticated and visually aesthetic user experiences.

Neomorphism can set new benchmarks in UI/UX design trends by combining elements from flat design and skeuomorphism to develop a distinct visual style. For example, it involves the creation of clean and simple interfaces that offer user-friendly and visually pleasing experiences. Another important trait of neomorphism points to the use of subtle colour gradients for enhancing the visual appeal of apps.

How Will UI/UX Design Trends Help Businesses?

The knowledge of latest trends in UI/UX design could help businesses by offering new avenues for transforming the usability and look of web or mobile apps. Businesses should prioritise every UI/UX design trend to watch out in 2024to make the most of numerous benefits. First of all, businesses can embrace new UI/UX design trends as a solution for redefining innovation in their apps.

On top of it, you can also notice how the new UI/UX design trends focus on developing user-centric experiences. Furthermore, awareness of new UI/UX design trends also helps businesses improve their adaptability. Just like industry leaders, including Facebook, Instagram and Google, businesses can improve their digital presence by leveraging UI/UX design trends to adapt to new user behaviours and preferences.

Final Words

The review of top emerging trends in UI/UX design showcases the necessity of designing web and mobile apps according to user expectations. With millions of apps failing to make a mark in the crowded marketplaces, it is important to hire a best UI/UX design agency that follows the latest trends.

The latest trends not only help businesses prepare their user interfaces and user experiences according to specific user requirements but also stand out as market leaders with innovation. Designing a service page with an emphasis on UI/UX design trends can offer promising benefits of adapting to emerging behaviours and preferences of users. Learn more about the value of UI/UX design in determining the success of web or mobile app development projects right now.


  • What is UX Design?

    UX design or user experience design is the collection of processes involved in creating products or services that offer intuitive and valuable experiences to users.

  • What is the average cost of a UX design project?

    The average cost of a UX design project would depend on multiple factors such as scope and scale of the project, technology and platforms used for the project and nature of the project.

  • How much time is required to complete a UX design project?

    The average time required for completing small UX design projects ranges between two and three months. On the other hand, bigger projects might require 6 months to 1 year for completion.