iOS application development trends keep on changing year on year.

We really had a great and exciting year when we talk about iOS trends. We saw the major update on iOS 11 and this update is making us crazy behind the features that it brought up. Also, with Apple brings such huge updates, iOS trends are likely to upgrade.

Let’s not wait a moment further and check out what is going to happen with our very own iOS app development industry in the year 2018 & beyond:

1. Augmented Reality

In September 2017, iOS 11 launched with a great list of features. The most important and highly hyped update is the Augmented Reality Apps.

You might have heard that Amazon announced Sumerian application platform in support with the Apple’s ARKit. This platform is compatible with Apple’s ARKit framework which will allow the iPad and iPhone application developers to develop augmented reality, virtual reality, and other 3D apps.

Well, big giants have already started investing in developing platforms in support with the Apple’s ARKit framework. So, we believe that 2018 is going to see many more AR/VR apps for iPhone & iPad users.

2. Core Machine Learning

Core Machine Learning
Apple brought a machine learning framework, called the Core ML. Apple already uses this machine learning framework for various products like Camera, Siri & QuickType.

iPhone developers can make use of this Core ML in any of the iOS applications to make it more feature-rich. For this, they just have to add a few lines of code to the apps along with the framework code.

Core ML comes with various libraries with the computer vision techniques to detect faces, natural language processing, and AI game development. All these 3 libraries are going to change the way we used to interact with the devices. Security will be enhanced with the apps that detect faces to operate certain functionalities. The gaming industry is actually going to see some real world gaming powers.

This proves that with Core Machine Learning, iPhone developers are going to develop highly smart and interactive applications in the coming years.

3. Swift4

Swift programming language is seen consistently improving its place here in the image (source: TIOBE Index)
Swift Graw Ratio

We all know Swift – our very own Apple’s general-purpose programming language that is pre-compiled for iOS, macOS, tvOS & Linux. While introducing Swift 4, Apple says, that Swift is the most powerful programming language which is also easy to learn.

Swift 4 has the strengths of Swift 3 and has great potential of creating highly robust & scalable applications. This upgradation will help the iOS developers to build the apps faster without compromising on the security features while developing the apps. In fact, the apps developed using Swift 4 will consume less memory of your devices.

We see 2018 to be completely filled with safer and faster iOS app development with Swift 4.

4. Artificial Intelligence & Contextual Learning for Siri

Siri – one of our favorite intelligent personal assistant from Apple Inc. We have been crazy for it since it’s launched and it has been improving since then. Siri well understands what we speak and what we are actually looking for.

Now, with artificial intelligence and contextual learning, Siri offers a GPS pin while you are messaging. Also, Siri works as a task manager that allows you to access your Citi Mobile App and even a QR code for WeChat.

So, Siri’s AI is going to be trending in the upcoming years.

5. Apple Pay

What is Apple Pay?
apple pay

Apple pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service that allow iOS users to make payment using various iOS platforms – iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac.

Apple Pay is highly trending where people looking to buy products or services online.

Let’s check out a few interesting stats on using Apple Pay during the last few years:

Apple Pay can be used to book your air tickets, event bookings, etc. online. Also, Apple Pay allows users to send and receive money in their messages. And, yes, it’s highly secured.

With the security feature of this service, it increases the chances for the iOS developers to develop applications that integrate with Apple Pay for easy cashless transactions. The developers always face issues while creating a functionality where the debit or credit card numbers can be managed in the apps. But, with Apple Pay, this is completely not an issue as Apple avoids sharing or storing any debit or credit card number.

This proves that in the coming years, Apple Pay is going to increase its way towards more and more eCommerce transactions.

6. Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit-Image
Apple HomeKit – what a wonderful creation of Apple!

HomeKit is a framework of Apple Inc. that is specially designed for home automation. The idea behind this framework is to allow the smart devices of your home to communicate with each other. And, here Siri can be used to command them.

For this purpose, iOS developers can create apps using Apple HomeKit that allows the connected devices to follow their commands triggered by them or using Siri. In fact, a centralized app can be developed in order to streamline the complete home automation process.

The IoT network of connected things like home automation is likely to reach 50 billion by the year 2020. (Source)

So, Apple HomeKit is definitely trending not only for 2018 but, also for the upcoming years.

7. File Management

With the launch of iOS 11, there are many features which are exciting as well as trending. One of which is the file management using an app called, “Files”. With this application, the iOS users are allowed to manage various cloud apps into one single location.

You might be storing your presentations on GDrive, personal images & videos on Dropbox, etc. With the Files app, you can create a single dashboard where you can actually handle things that you store on these cloud apps. So, you don’t have to manage things at different places.

Well, with this trend & feature of iOS 11, the developers can bring up some innovative ideas while developing iPhone and iPad applications. And, this allows users to connect to the Files app and improve their iOS experience.

Wrapping Up

iOS has always been on trend and news and all thanks to Apple and its customer services for that. Apple always has something or the other every year for its high-valued customers. And, that’s what helps our iOS developers to keep running and developing great and trending apps.

Well, according to you, what is going to be trending for iOS app development iPhone Application Development in the year 2018? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.