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Top 5 Mobile Technology Trends of 2017


Top 5 Mobile Technology Trends of 2017

Ever since the advent of technology, change has been the only constant in this domain. We have all realized that technology refuses to stay constant. Hence, it makes it extremely important to stay abreast with changes in the field. Without knowing what is happening in the industry, your endeavors risk being lost in the oblivion. This is even truer for the digital world.
Here are the top 5 mobile technology trends that you can expect to rule the industry in 2017. Most of these trends relate to many businesses, and should hence be of interest to you; regardless of the kind of business you are in.


1. Virtual Reality


1.	Growth of Augmented & Virtual Reality:

Who does not know about Pokemon? The game was launched in the year 2016, and it stirred the entire gaming marketplace. What was so special about Pokemon was that it was powered by advanced augmented reality. Following the success of Pokemon, many new games and apps have been launched in the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality space. These apps & games happen to be more entertaining and immersive than their counterparts. Look out for unprecedented growth in this sector in 2017.


2. Internet of Things


Internet of Things The concept of Internet of Things (IOT) has continuously risen since it got into the limelight. IOT combines various physical objects with electronic technology, like your smartphone. As an example, when someone rings your bell; you can see a live video stream from your doorstep on your smartphone. This way, you can decide whether it is safe for you to open the door or not. Fitness bands are also a good example of this concept. The physical band captures your physical activity and transmits that to an app on your smartphone. The trend is only expected to grow further in 2017.


3. Apple Hardware Ecosystem


apple hardware ecosystem

Apple is expected to completely overhaul its hardware ecosystem. There are some interesting changes that are coming about, and the USB-C is expected to get a changeover too. This will also mark the launch of the next generation of MacBooks.


4. Big Data


Big Data

We have all talked about Big Data at some time or the other. Businesses are now dealing with large data sets. Mobile phones have, in fact, increased the amount of data that businesses can generate. New apps will be launched in 2017 that will strive to use this mobile generated data for behavior and predictive analysis.


5. Search within Apps


Search within Apps

Google Search is extremely popular. Have you ever heard someone ask you to “google” something? In other words, Google is now being used interchangeably for searching online. This has been possible because of the many new and innovative concepts that Google has presented to its users. One new concept that is expected to come out in 2017 is this search engine’s “In App” section. This section will be presented with the regular search bar. This will allow its users to search from within the multiple apps installed on that device. The search will not happen on the cloud, and hence you can use the feature even when you are offline. When you search for a keyword, relevant information will be extracted from multiple apps on your phone. If you have an app, it is worthwhile to consider performing keyword research and using those keywords within your app.

The world around us is changing fast, and our businesses need to catch up with these technological changes in order to thrive.

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