• TOP 4 best crash reporting tools for iOS developers

    21 June , 2017 Best crash reporting tools for iOS, mobile app crash reporting, Mobile App crash reports

    We often hear from our customers complaining about crashing of an application. That’s where we began to find those bugs which lead to crashing of an application which extends for days in days out. So, our customers start to feel frustration and losing their hope with the mobile application development company that they have hired. This scenario takes place because of the negligence of using crash reporting tools available. TriState Technology has been using these tools to make sure that our customers receive a crash free mobile application which gives end user smooth and uninterrupted experience.

    We are going to share our experience with TOP 4 best crash reporting tools. Our journey has begun with the same problem that persists with most of the mobile app development companies. And we have started using these crash reporting tools which helped us giving our customers quality outcome.

    we’ve found that there are a several crash reporting tool for each event, and all of these options are covered in this analysis which we have used often now or have in the past. Our purpose changed into highlighting the strengths or weaknesses we see with each device. Based on that we let you determine which crash reporting framework makes sense to put in force for your very own app.

    Notice: in view that many of these crash reporting tools are hybrid and comments are often applicable for Android too. With Apple’s recent improvement in their own crash reporting tool, we desired to first attention on iOS.

    • Crashlytics

    The function we love the most about Crashlytics is how anticipatory it is. Different from other tools, it tells us how often a crash takes place and assign it an “Impact Level”. It also warns you about when a particular crash is more alarming than other. When the specific crash occurred and reported more often, it tracks that information and says – “You have yet not solved this issue and it is getting more and more critical”. It takes out the crashes that have to be dealt with.

    • Instabug

    Most of our team believes that Instabug delivers the most insightful information to counter strike a crash. We are not saying that its crash logs are the best, instead, we mention that it has more metadata that helps support debugging, including particular steps that have been taken by the users which cause a crash. Aside, by shaking the device, Instabug takes a screen shot that has been explained by the user. Those screen shots get submitted along with other diagnostic information, all of which automatically attached to feedback.

    • HockeyApp

    HockeyApp is the clear winner here when it comes to the profundity and accuracy of the crash report. However, it does require more setup weigh up to other alternatives. It needs to have the manual process to upload crash symbols. We completely agree with their assessment of the quality of their own to other crash logs.

    • Xcode for iOS

    We are still in the experimental phase of with this Apple’s brand new crash reporting tool as it was released recently. From our own experience, we can say that this tool has potential to be really good. Its strength comes from its built-in integration and bundles symbolization features. The problem with Apple is that users need to pick up into a data sharing with Apple. As a result, there will be a way to less sampling of crashes happens in your application.


     The sheer variety of alternatives compared to a couple of years in the past is a welcome addition for iOS developers. We will be watching this options to become mature and will revisit again and put up our analysis as there will be significant changes over the period of time.