On-Demand Apps - Everything You Need To Know About For Your Business

On-demand apps are gaining super-duper attraction these days and are shaping the world around us.
Being in the mobile application development industry, we have seen a lot of different trends-

All the above trends change year-on-year.

But, the trend of on-demand service apps doesn’t seem to be changing year-on-year except for its demand.

Okay, let’s literally jump into some crispy stats that literally see a huge craze of on-demand applications.

  • It is expected for the on-demand economy to reach $57 billion by the end of 2018 as per the research by BIA/Kelsey.
  • Almost 86.5 million Americans use on-demand services.
  • In fact, in 2017, users literally spent 98% more on on-demand apps for entertainment compared to the year 2016.

So, imagine the demand for on-demand service apps whether that’s for entertainment or for any.

Now, you would be wondering-

  • What is an on-demand app?
  • Why people use it?
  • What are the examples of the on-demand app?
  • Is it right to develop one now?
  • Why should you develop one?
  • How to achieve success in offering on-demand service app?



So, let’s begin-

What is an On-Demand App?


Any idea that eases the customer’s day-to-day needs packaged in a fully-functional mobile application by a service provider is known as an on-demand (service) app.

Why People Use It?

“Oh-no! I am running late for office. I shall book the cab right away.”

“Hell yeah! Too much traffic- let’s order food from the nearby restaurant.”

“Why don’t you order your veggies online? That saves a lot of your time.”

“My room looks so ugly and I can’t clean this mess now. Let me call the cleaners.”


In short, on-demand service apps are used for various purposes by the people like us.

Now, let’s discuss-

What are the Real-World Examples of On-Demand Apps?

Well, if we talk about the categories of the on-demand apps, then, here are they-

The topmost is the online marketplace followed by transportation, food/grocery delivery, other services and all other categories.



As per the research by Harvard Business Review, the U.S. consumers are spending $35.5 billion in the on-demand economy.

So, it becomes vital to know what applications are considered as “on-demand apps”?

1. Netflix

Netflix is the leader in entertainment on-demand application. It offers on-demand streaming media to the subscribers.

With Netflix, you can watch any video- at any time, at any place on your smartphone/tablet without any restriction in the amount of time being watched.



Every user has its own personal choice to watch videos, series or movies. Netflix removed the barrier of TV sets and brought television on your palms.

2. Uber

Uber is another leader of on-demand apps, but, for transportation.

Uber on-demand service app was developed to make you reach somewhere easily, quickly and safely.

For most of the time, cabs were expensive, yet was difficult to find.

But now-



Uber became so successful that now onwards, everything is attached to Uber, like-

  • Uber for beauty salon
  • Uber for food delivery
  • Uber for grocery
  • And, many more..

So much of Uber, Uber!

3. Airbnb

Airbnb is the leading on-demand service application in the online marketplace. It offers you hospitality service for people to book a room or rent a room that resolves their lodging requirements from hostels to hotels.



As per the source, the number of adults using Airbnb in the U.S. is expected to reach 86.5 million by the year 2021 which was 44.8 million in 2016.

Is It Right To Develop an On-Demand App Now?

We all believe that on-demand service apps have received a great welcome and has achieved great success- looking at Uber and Airbnb.

But, we need to be one step more clear when we wish to develop an on-demand service app.




Check out the above image from CBInsights very clearly. The amount of funding decreased after the 1st Quarter of the year 2015.

But, the venture capitals are now looking for startups to take this opportunity of developing on-demand service apps.

Let’s see how is the financing trends for non-Ubers and non-Airbnbs by CBInsights-


So, if you are a startup or an entrepreneur looking to capture the market, you can definitely go for an on-demand service app.

Why Should You Develop an On-Demand App?

Looking at the stats (discussed above) and increasing demand for on-demand apps, you should think of a unique service app idea that can ease the customers’ needs.

Also, did you know?

  • 51% of on-demand service app provider said their financial situation has improved compared to the last year (survey by Burson-Marsteller)
  • 64% of on-demand service app provider expect their financial situation to improve in the next year (from the same survey)

These reasons made many startups and entrepreneurs to look for offering on-demand services with a mobile application.

How to Achieve Success in Offering On-Demand Service App?

Like we discussed, there are various on-demand service apps are available in the market in each industry. For example-

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Delivery
  • Salon
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Travel
  • And, many more

So, to become successful now is a question.

But, the most necessary things required to become successful in offering on-demand service app are-

  • Out-of-the-box service idea
  • Appropriate knowledge of the industry
  • Right guidance
  • Smart mobile application
  • A perfect marketing strategy

And, for all the above things, you need a partner for growth who does not ask for a profit at the end of every year.

But, the partner that helps you in each of these steps, guide you in the right direction and help you build a super-smart mobile application that is going to help you generate great business.

So, you’ve got a brilliant on-demand service app idea? Let’s discuss and help you become successful in this highly competitive on-demand service mobile apps.