Taxi Booking App Development in 2024 - Cost, Features, Benefits

The usability of smartphone applications is rising day by day because of the rising internet & technology access. There is a lot of taxi app development solution available in the Play Store, and there is always space for the better ones! As the demand for online taxi booking services is increasing, huge numbers of taxi companies are eager to make their space in the market.

Nowadays, people are broadly adopting online transportation services that have brought multiple innovations. By 2027, almost 1.45 billion individuals all around the world will utilise online taxi booking services. Technology is progressing day by day and making our lives easier, whether through online ordering food to online grocery ordering.

Every one of us is giving more preference to comfort. So, taxi businesses that want to meet their client expectation should find a way to reach a new dimension of success through taxi booking app development services.

Important Features of the Taxi Booking Application

The online Taxi App Development contains a variety of features. Let’s take a look at some of the most necessary Features of Taxi Booking App.

Important Features of the Taxi Booking Application

1. Payment integration

This is the most important feature of online taxi booking applications. It allows the rider to pay for the ride without any hassle. An ideal taxi booking application takes payment through cash, mobile wallets, mobile banking and regular payment mechanisms.

2. Geolocation

It should have a geolocation feature that both users and drivers can access. Riders can select from where they want to be picked up and reached. Drivers will also be alerted for pickup requests through geolocation, where they have all the control to either accept this or reject this.

3. Onboarding

Both rider and driver should be able to register and sign up for the application, which can be done manually by submitting the information. It also allows users to sign up with their social media accounts.

4. Tracking routes

It should have a route tracking feature so that users can verify their routes when they are being driven. It is necessary for their all-time safety. Users can also cancel & report to the app if they experience any mishappening.

5. Scheduling rides in advance

If you want to try something different from your competitors, then it’s a must-have feature. You can allow your riders to book a ride in advance for a designated slot. Users and drivers both will get a notification before the time.

6. Push notifications

This feature allows the app administrator to send messages about their special schemes, deals and slight changes in the application to improve engagement.

7. Security

Online taxi booking apps should give the highest priority to their rider’s safety. It should provide all the details of the driver and their vehicle when the driver accepts the ride.

8. Multi-lingual support

If you want to grab a wide audience, then design an online taxi app with multilingual support. This feature is best for the tourists.

9. In App-call

When a user is in a hurry, he can’t make regular calls to drive manually. So, it could be best when the application has an in-built app call feature where riders/drivers can make a call to each other by tapping on a single icon.

Benefits of Taxi Booking App Development for Bother Drivers & Riders

1. Benefits of Online Taxi App Development for Drivers

  • The drivers don’t need to waste their fuel by roaming around the street in search of passengers. All they have to do is wait for the booking & leave to pick up their passenger.
  • Online booking taxi applications eliminate the requirement of carrying huge amounts of cash.
  • Online taxi booking apps allow passengers to give review and rating to each driver so that if a driver is behaving badly and mischievously, passengers can avoid them from booking their ride.
  • The application has an in-built GPS feature, so it’s good for the driver to pick up their riders in no time. It avoids wasting time to find the exact routes to passengers.
  • There is no chance to waste time by waiting to search for more passengers until the cab is full.

2. Benefits of Online Taxi App Development for Passengers

  • All the details regarding the cab, like time and location, will be shared with you through the app, so there is no need to wait for the ride by leaving all your important work.
  • You don’t need to step out of the home because now you can book your ride remotely.
  • The payment is convenient because you can pay through cash and online payment via debit card, credit card and digital wallets.
  • There is better transparency because the passengers can also review & rate the cab drivers.
  • You don’t need to wait on the road and ask for a lift from the cabs. This is how you can save your energy and time.

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The Best Examples of Top-Notch Online Taxi Booking App

People love to hire cabs from the location of their own homes with comfort. There are lots of online booking taxi applications that pick you up from your location with just a single click. Here, we have compiled the list of top taxi applications based on their popularity-

The Best Examples of Top-Notch Online Taxi Booking App

1. Uber

This business is based in San Francisco and has revolutionised the definition of online taxi booking apps. Uber facility is available in 65 countries over 700+ locations.

Uber has grown in popularity because of its user-friendly interface, easy payment choice and safe riding measures. It allows for tracking and sharing rides in real-time, splitting the fare feature and synchronising the meetings.

2. Ola

Ola, the taxi app, began its journey in Mumbai in 2010, but now it has grown immensely and spread to various countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

This app is gaining popularity because of valuable promo codes, in-app payments, push notifications, security and real-time sharing features.

3. Lyft

Lyft began in San Francisco in 2012, like Uber, but now it offers services in over 220 cities all around the country, which includes Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Features that make this app popular are security, real-time monitoring, travel details, emergency assistance and keeping personal information hidden!

4. Gett

This application was launched in 2011 in London, but currently, it operates in more than 100 cities across the United Kingdom, United States, Israel and Russia.

It has features like multiple drop locations, luggage services, amazing promo codes, travel with pets and an automated calculator.

5. Grab

Grab, an online taxi booking app, originated in 2011 and is available in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia.

This application offers a safe & efficient transportation mode with the feature of online payment, push notifications, real-time location tracking, push notifications and sign-in using a social media account.

6. Easy Taxi

This is a Brazilian company that operates in more than 30 countries. The company was launched in 2011. Millions of users all across the world are using this app because of a variety of features like multiple currencies, flexible payment options, automated calculators, real-time route tracking, etc.

7. Hailo

This is another top-notch taxi booking application available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Spain. This application is easy to use, so passengers can book a taxi with just a few clicks.

The features that make this app unique are vehicle choices, online payment options, ride receipts, trip history, etc.

Taxi-Booking Mobile Application Business Model

Now you are all aware of thebenefits of taxi booking app development, you can understand its importance in your business.

Here are 2 business models for online taxi booking app development in 2024:

1. Dedicated taxi-booking app

This type of application is for people who have multiple taxis and want to enter into the transportation business or taxi businesses. If you are one of them, you can follow this model and develop a scalable application for your business.

Hire the Best taxi app development company, and they will take care of the development phase of the application to launch the app. Businesses that have existing customers can also find new customers through this app and maintain a better connection with their existing clients. You can customise your application based on the features you want to add.

2. Aggregator taxi booking application

This type of application works as the whole platform where customers can find the drivers and drivers. Multiple taxi businesses use this model and receive huge benefits. The biggest example is Ola and Uber.

Uber likes taxi app development, allowing taxi companies and personal taxis to register. The rider will submit the dropoff and pick-up locations, and it is all up to the driver whether they will accept or reject the ride based on their availability.

Tips to Consider When Developing an App like Uber

Tips to Consider When Developing an App like Uber

1. Keep the layout simple

When developing an online taxi app like uber, keep the business model scalable and simple. If you are a newbie to this field and want to take taxi app development servicesin 2024, prioritise your ease of user access.

Millions of users are choosing the Uber application because of its simple theme, easy access, and user-friendly features. You can also minimise your cost in the initial stage.

2. Cross-platform application

In this era, developing an application for a specific platform is like wasting your money. Developing cross-platform applications is a wise decision.

Being a business owner, you should aim to target a wide audience from multiple platforms. The cross-platform application saves you time and cost.

3. Troubleshooting

You should always focus on fixing and improving the bugs and errors in your app before launching. Hire an expert mobile app development team who offer valuable ideas & suggestions for decreasing overall costs.

4. Consider features & functions

This year and the upcoming year are going to be grand for all the taxi businesses. If you are planning to launch your online cab booking app, concentrate on implementing the features that customers want. Stay away from the unnecessary features that make an application bulky.

Team Structure Which Works behind the Development of Taxi Booking Applications like Uber

To get the best taxi booking application, you should hire a top-notch mobile app development company, and share your requirements with them and the kind of technology you want to use.

You can successfully develop an application when you have the right team for a taxi booking application. Here are some experts who give their best effort behind every online taxi development application.

  • To develop the back-end & front-end of the application, hire expert mobile app developer.
  • The person who plays a huge role in managing and assisting the entire team in every development stage is the project manager. He is responsible for noting down all the requirements of the client and delivering the best.
  • Back-end developers are fully responsible for preparing the fully integrated & robust back-end properties.
  • UI/UX designers are responsible for the designing of the application. They give a unique personal touch to the applications so that more and more users can come and engage.
  • A team of QA experts tests the quality of the app.

Important Factors That Influence the Cost of Taxi Booking Applications

Online taxi booking application is a robust application, so it must be accessible on every device and platform. A business has to be very careful when it comes to deciding the budget for development.

If you don’t want to end up with an incompatible application, then you must take a closer look at the different factors of taxi booking app development cost.

Important Factors That Influence the Cost of Taxi Booking Applications

1. Complexity of application

The complexity of the application should be considered first when deciding the budget. Designing a complex application takes more time to develop and also requires high investment. So, decide the complexity of the application based on your budget.

2. Platform

For which platform you want to develop an app also influences the budget. Applications that are developed for the iOS platform require a higher amount than applications developed for Android. You can also look to develop an app for multiple platforms.

3. Feature

Do you want to include all the features in your app? If yes, then be ready to spend a huge amount. It is always suggested for MVP development before jumping into developing an app.

4. Region of development

Different cities might set different costs to develop an app. It also differs based on the app development team, resource availability, etc. So, be attentive when choosing a company for mobile app development like Uber.

A Well-Documented Guide to Developing a Cab-Booking App

1. Hire the development team

The first step to developing an application is to hire a reputed and trustworthy app development company. This is the most crucial step to measure the success of the application. Do check the website of the development company and explore their previous projects.

2. Establish audience & niche

The team you hire will evaluate the business requirements. Share your company vision with them, and they will prepare a detailed market analysis with their team. Define your targeted audience, service location, and niche. Don’t miss out on the important things.

3. Create an MVP

Developing an MVP is a must because it shows the picture of your application. This is the simplified version with the limited minimum feature of the taxi app.

4. Design & develop

Your next step is to develop and design the application with the experts. When you develop an application, focus on bringing the best user experience for your audience.

Design a scalable, user-friendly and responsive application with a team of skilled developers. Sometimes, challenges begin at some point in the development and testing phase, where some code may not work based on the requirements. In this case, the developer has to recode the task.

5. Test and launch the application

Once your application is developed, it will be sent to the testing team, where QA experts test the functions and remove all the glitches. After all these things, your app is ready to upload on the Play Store or App Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the special access for the driver?

    The application should give drivers special access to accept or reject the rides as per their availability.

  • Why should you choose the best expertise for taxi booking online app development?

    As you know, the competition is increasing in every business, and if you are lacking any single element, then your business might vanish. This is the reason why you should be focused on hiring a mobile app development team that has years of experience and knowledge in this industry.

  • Why should you invest in taxi booking app development?

    traditional taxi service, then you should book a taxi. It improves your client base and also increases your business revenue.