Future of  iOS Apps- 13 iOS App Development Trends in 2024

2023 was a landmark year for the IT & technology industry, which witnessed remarkable growth. The world is increasingly dependent on digital solutions despite age. The statistics made 2023 an exceptional year for the IT industry. As we have already stepped into the year 2024, we will continue to witness the acceleration in mobile app development trends.

Based on recent statistics, the global market of iOS app market reached $240 billion in 2023 with a CAGR rate of 13.4%.

The opportunities for the iOS app market in 2024 and the upcoming year are vast. Experienced iOS developers should stay ahead to integrate top-notch development practices & latest trends in iOS developmentin their upcoming or ongoing projects.

Keeping your eyes on the latest trends helps you to build your next customized app solutions. Today, we are going to explore the latest iOS app trends that are leading the way to 2024 by the iOS app development company.

Explore the innovative future of iOS application development trends

1. Swift Language Advancement

This is one of the top iOS application development Trends That Shaping iOS Development. Swift is considered the safer yet modern programming language that allows developers to build high-quality, fast applications for Apple platforms.

The common advancements of Swift that are expected to grow in 2024 are SwiftUI, Swift Package Manager, Swift concurrency, & Swift for TensorFlow. The iOS application development through the Swift language ensures benefits like improved performance, fostered productivity, improved security & compatibility with cross-platforms.

2. Integration of AI in iOS Applications

Integration of AI in iOS Applications

AI is the future of the IT industry or emerging iOS trends and we all know it! If you want to make your iOS application run smoothly and function well, then AI can do wonders. You can integrate AI in the form of natural language processing, machine learning, computer vision, etc. Integrating machine learning into your application could make your application accurate.

It is used in iPhone features like analytics prediction, addressing anomalies, etc. Similarly, NLP is used to enhance iOS features like chatbots, voice assistants, content summarization, etc.

Based on the reports of the Hubspot article, it is found that 40% of customers love to interact with organizations through chatbots to get their issues addressed quickly.

3. 5G Connectivity

If you are going to develop an iOS application in 2024, then leverage it with the benefits of 5G connectivity. iPhone app developers have all the freedom to integrate this feature with the 5G as it delivers maximum speed with minimal latency. It maintains a higher bandwidth than previous Gs.

By integrating 5G into your iOS application, you can achieve an immersive and rich experience. It integrates other technologies like cloud gaming and AI. AR/VR makes it easy. Integrating this into an application improves the app’s performance and fosters its security.

4. Integrating Cross-platform Frameworks

Are you planning to develop a cross-platform application in 2024? Cross-platform applications are continuing the trend to 2024, and it’s time to think about this iOS app development trend. Young entrepreneurs continue opting for the affordable solution. The cross-platform app development for iPad & iPhone will be a convenient and cost-saving option for 2024.

Popular cross-platform app development platforms that will continue to rule in the upcoming years are React Native, Flutter, and SwiftUI. Flutter is popular for its restart/hot reloading features, whereas React Native is popular because of its futuristic features. Integrating SwiftUI will simplify the iOS app customization. It fosters the app performance and amazing user interface in iOS application 2024.

Flutter has been approved by professional experts, for example, Google Ads, Times of New York, etc. iOS app developers use SwiftUI for building cross-platform applications for macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, etc. Swift UI will gain better adaptability in 2024 because of its recently released features like ARKit, App Clips, and Widgets.

5. iBeacon Technology

The iOS app developers also considered iBeacon technology as the trending app development trend in 2024. This technology brings innovative ways to the customers & enhances the shopping experience. There are multiple reasons to leverage your upcoming Apple application with iBeacon technology, the Future of iOS Apps, which we have mentioned below-

  • To foster customer loyalty and engagement by getting accurate information.
  • To foster customer satisfaction & retention through safer and more safe payment options.
  • It provides insightful analysis by tracking customer preferences.
  • To tailor the sales & conversion rate.

6. Voice User Interface

Voice User Interface

The VUI is another iOS application development trends in the year of 2024. By integrating VUI into your application, you can allow users to interact with applications by utilizing voice commands accurately and efficiently.

This tool makes the iOS application more convenient and natural. It helps users who have visual disabilities. The popularity of VUI in 2024 iOS app development is high. VUI enhances the user experience and user engagement and enhances the app accessibility.

7. Blockchain Technology

This is the most popular technology of 2023, and it will continue to challenge all the other digital trends in 2024. This technology will grow to become one of the best iOS application development trends of 2024. The developers use this technology for iPhones & iPads to maintain security and safety.

Blockchain offers a proven technique to verify the identity & eliminate fraudulent risks. Blockchain gives complete data control to users to share the selected iOS application. It fosters the safety and privacy of your data. iOS app developers integrate blockchain technology for designing the in-app payment interfaces.

8. Rise of IoT

Rise of IoT

The Internet of Things is the top trend in 2024 since developers are now using this technology in multiple devices, applications, and machines. The Internet of Things is the best trend you can implement in the year 2024. It enables iPhone users to monitor and control when interacting with multiple devices seamlessly.

iPhones can synchronize more accurately with smart home appliances, & industry machines. The future of iOS app development includes Internet of Things technology to improve the control and functioning of smart cities & connected homes. The Internet of Things can completely change the way people live and interact.

The Internet of Things helps organizations to optimize processes & minimize human hours by fostering agility by gathering real-time information from devices and sensors.

9. Security Protocols

There is a rise in mobile phone hacking and cyber-attacks, which can negatively impact the image of the reputed business. Security is the top-most priority of any user. If you are going to build an iOS application for your business in 2024, then you should think about implementing the security protocols. Apple is popular for its USPs. The strict policies & hardcore security layers can prevent security errors.

10. AR & VR


Augmented and virtual reality is becoming famous in the technology & IT industry. It has become the hottest trend in the smartphone industry. These are used to build high-quality gaming applications like Pokemon Go.

Apple has launched an AR kit, which is enough for designing top-notch AR applications. AR has launched the ARKit-6, and Apple has given wings to develop the creative iOS application.

11. Camera Focused Application

This is another innovative iPhone mobile phone application trend of 2024 that is rapidly emerging in the wider space. Leverage your upcoming iOS apps with the advanced camera features. You can use the best native hardware camera features like portrait mode, optical zoom, and ultra-wide lens applications to transform your business. These are widely used in iOS applications to build rich & immersive UX with high-quality animations and graphics. It improves the engagement rate and interaction of users.

12. Wearable applications

Wearable applications

Apple has launched multiple wearable devices. Wearable applications will rise as per the 2024 trends. The adoption of smartwatches and additional wearable devices is growing rapidly.

Based on the market research report, the growth of wearable technology will drive a growth rate of 14.6% CAGR between 2023 and 2030.

The common improvements anticipated in the future are enhanced user engagement and retention. Integrating wearable tools into the application business can enhance user loyalty and satisfaction with consistent & seamless UX across Apple devices. Using wearable tools that have powerful iOS sensors offers accurate and contextual data for accurate insights.

13. Machine learning

Apple has recently released the Core ML-3, which allows developers to build next-level machine learning applications. Core ML-3 offers a personalized ML experience. Apple wants to build sophisticated ML models on devices without the requirement of complex coding.


Do you want to leverage the advanced trends in iOS app development by hiring an iPhone app development company. By considering the above-discussed content, you can keep your business with the current market trends and consumer demands. Integrate the best features in your latest iOS version & Apple products to stay competitive in the market. Find the latest iOS app development companies to integrate these latest technologies & improve your business practices.


  • Does Blockchain technology have any features?

    Yes, Blockchain technology is used to ensure trust and data integrity among all Apple Device users. It has the potential to transform the app functions.

  • Why do Developers integrate IoT in iOS applications?

    iOS app developers implement IoT to predict user behavior, integrate AI with IoT, and maintain the app’s reliability & security.