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Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework for Enterprise Web Development?

  • Laravel was initiated in the year 2011 but in the year 2017, it topped the list of best PHP based frameworks by outshining its competitors such as Symphony or CakePHP.
  • As per a survey conducted by Sitepoint, Laravel was the highest voted framework among fifty countries worldwide.
  • Laravel has a list of rewarding features included such a development platform, and simplified usage, a large ecosystem assisted with on the spot hosting. and development platform.
  • Statistics reveal that Laravel powers about 20 million web domains and the figure still advances with each passing day.


Laravel is a groundbreaking, clean and classy PHPframework that has taken the PHP community by storm. It is making the PHP development process even more secure and productive, as it speeds up the development process by providing very secure authentication tools and enabling dynamic use all around.


  • Laravel is a strong and optimal PHP based MVC framework and it makes the best use of HTML to build efficient and outstanding customized websites and applications by eliminating the use of a complex code.
  • Laravel has an expressive and elegant syntax which was developed with the belief that web development must be an enjoyable creative experience which can be achieved by simplifying the web development process and by easing the common tasks such as routing, authentication, sessions, and caching.
  • One can not deny the fact that Laravel has become the first choice of startups and has also established its prominence among small, medium and large enterprises.
  • Let’s have a look at the apparent features that allure the development companies to choose Laravel over others.


Features of Laravel Web Development Framework

  • MVC Architecture Support: Laravel is based on Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern which brings transparency between the logic and the presentation. This architecture helps in enhancing the performance, allows better documentation, and has several built-in features.
  • Authentication process: This feature allows the website owners to add and enable authentication and authorization quickly and make the implementation of authentication very simple. Developers can now provide amazing solutions with their support.
  • Eloquent Object Relational Mapper (ORM): The developer gets an opportunity to work with the database and enquire regarding the data with PHP syntax without writing an SQL code.
  • Routing Systems: In Laravel PHP framework the Laravel developer is offered a choice to select which route to trigger in the application which are defined in the app/http/routes/php file and are automatically uploaded by the Laravel Framework. The route defining method accepts a URL and a closure after which the user just has to insert the name of the route and the corrected URL will be automatically inserted.
  • Object Oriented Libraries: Laravel has got the asset of Object Oriented Libraries along with several other pre-installed libraries such as the Authentication library and features like CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, checking active users, Bcrypt hashing, encryption, and password reset.
  • Unit Testing: Using the artisan command line utility, the developers can easily write their unit tests which has made the code testing easy.
  • Modularity: Laravel is based on more than 20 different libraries which are self-categorized into separate single modules and allow the Laravel developers to build responsive, modular and handy web apps.
  • Composer Feature: Laravel uses composer for its installation and updation which allows a developer to easily manage all 3rd party packages instantly.
  • Dynamic Use: Laravel offers a secure and robust API building structure that can help us in making Hybrid Applications and enables developers to create small to very big applications, making Laravel a great and stable framework for any developer working on any project size.
  • Security: Laravel uses salted and hashed password so that the password is never saved as a plain text in the database by using Bcrypt hashing algorithm for generating an encrypted representation of a password. Laravel makes injection attacks unimaginable by using prepared SQL statements and provides a simple way to escape user input to avoid user injection of the <script> tag.


Advantages of Laravel Development Framework

  • Intuitive syntax settings save a lot of time.
  • Promote advanced and modern web development practices, such as MVC and object-oriented programming tools.
  • Easy setup and customization process.
  • Security offered by its pre-installed tools offer protection from harmful injections.
  • The feature of keeping all the SQL codes in a different model file ease the maintaining and monitoring of coding.
  • Laravel cashier, socialite, eloquent, elixir etc. ease the overall development process.
  • Fast and secure development possibilities.
  • Provide well-organized, reusable and maintainable code.
  • Supporting Products and Packages.
  • Practical Application Structure.

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