Tips for Building a Fitness App like Planet Fitness In 2023

These days’ people are more conscious about their health, and the arrival of Covid-19 is one of the major reasons people prioritize health in many ways. Research shows that many worldwide users have exploded in the fitness app market due to the pandemic.

The fitness apps market will generate $120.37 billion worldwide by 2030.

As the fan base is growing for fitness apps, it will be an excellent idea to start investing in developing a fitness app. However, it will be a difficult process to predict the cost of Fitness App Development. Any wrong decision without understanding the cost structure of fitness app development can make you go over budget.

If you are looking for the best Cross Platform App Development Services for fitness app development, then it’s easy now to capitalize on the growing e-health market.

In this post, the major focus has been the development of a fitness app that performs better in the rising competition.

A Brief Understanding of a Fitness App

A fitness app is a specialized software application to help individuals to improve, monitor, and track their overall health and well-being, as well as help maintain their physical fitness.

Typically, these apps are installed on wearable devices, tablets, or smartphones. It provides a wide range of functionalities and features to assist individuals in reaching their personal fitness goals.

The fitness apps offer an accessible and convenient way for individuals to manage their nutrition, workouts, and overall wellness. It often involves features like step counting, sleep tracking, exercise tracking, heart rate monitoring, calorie counting, and goal setting. Individuals can set targets, input data, and receive personalized recommendations depending on their fitness objectives and level.

The Fitness App Development has many benefits, like offering real-time feedback and tracking progress. It can also generate statistics and reports analyzing the performance of an individual and allows them to make informed decisions about their fitness routines.

Some fitness apps offer social features like allowing users to participate in challenges or connect with friends, fostering accountability and motivation.

These apps can cater to different workouts, like yoga, cardio, strength training, etc. It also offers access to virtual trainers, workout plans or instructional videos.

In addition, some fitness app integrates with different wellness and health devices, like smart scales or fitness trackers, to offer a comprehensive overview of an individual’s health by gathering additional data.

A Brief Understating of the Planet Fitness App

The Planet Fitness App is a specially designed mobile application that helps enhance users’ fitness experience. It offers a wide range of tools and features with a digital companion to help users to achieve their fitness goals efficiently and conveniently.

Many key functionalities are associated with the Planet Fitness App, including tracking users’ membership status and checking their account details. In addition, it offers a gym locator feature to allow the users to access directions and find nearby locations for planet fitness.

The Planet Fitness App also can track their workout, where users can record their progress, log their workouts, and set personal goals. It offers a library of instructional videos and exercise routines that help users to learn proper techniques and explore different workouts. This feature also helps the users to stay motivated and design effective workout plans.

Moreover, this fitness app also involves a digital community, which helps the users to participate in challenges, connect with other members, and share their fitness goals and achievements on different social media platforms. The features of social engagement foster motivating and supportive surroundings for users.

Further, this app also provides educational resources, like fitness tips and articles, health-related content, and nutritional guidance. Here, an individual can access these resources to make informed decisions for their lifestyle by improving their understanding of fitness.

How to Develop a Successful Fitness App?

Developing a fitness app needs careful attention, planning and development in detail. This post will guide you in developing a successful fitness app.

How to Develop a Successful Fitness App?

1. Define Your Target Audience

When looking for Fitness App Development, it is crucial to determine the specific group or demographic to target with your app.

It can help to understand your target population’s preferences, needs and goals. Accordingly, you can tailor your fitness app to meet their specific fitness goals.

2. Conduct Market Research

Market research is essential when planning to develop a fitness app. Here, you need to identify the opportunities or gaps by analyzing the existing fitness apps in the global market.

Moreover, you need to understand the competition, their strengths, weaknesses and features, which can help offer users unique value and differentiate your app.

3. Set Clear Objectives

You must find out the core objectives of your app. Whether focusing on social interaction, workout tracking, nutrition guidance, or a combination of all features, you mustclearly understand that to provide the best guidance on the app development process.

4. Design the UI and UX

You must create an intuitive and visually appealing user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design that better suits your target audience and brand.

However, you must integrate a clear organization of features, ease of navigation, and an intuitive user flow. While following this step, it is important to consider engaging a reputed and professional UI/UX designer.

5. Plan The App Features

You need to create a feature list for your fitness app depending on your fitness app objectives and target audiences. Here, you can consider features like exercise libraries, progress tracking, nutrition tracking, workout tracking, goal setting, social sharing, and integration with wearable devices.

Overall, the main focus should be on the availability of resources and users’ needs for app development.

6. Implement the Frontend

You use the right frameworks and programming languages, like Java/Kotlin for Android or Swift for iOS, to develop the app’s functionality and user interface.

Thus, you must pay attention to developing a fast, responsive, and user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates with the backend.

7. Build The App Backend

Creating the necessary server databases and infrastructure to support your fitness app is essential. This app backend will handle authentication, store user data, and facilitate communication between the external APIs and the app.

8. Integrate Third-Party Services and APIs

Improve the third-party services and external APIs to enhance your fitness app’s functionality. It may include integrating with nutrition databases, fitness tracking devices, payment gateways, or social media platforms.

9. Launch And Monitor User Feedback

After testing the app, you can publish it on some apps like the Apple or Google app stores. You must collect user reviews or feedback to determine specific improvement areas to address issues.

The app’s regular maintenance and updating can help address user concerns and enhance its features.

10. Test Rigorously

You must conduct thorough testing to ensure your fitness app is stable and bug-free, offering a seamless user experience. Test different operating systems, screen sizes, and scenarios to ensurereliability and compatibility.

11. Market Your Fitness App

You must promote your fitness app by creating a marketing strategy. You can utilize social media, influencer collaborations, content marketing, and targeted advertising to meet the specific needs of your target audience.

Moreover, you can also engage with blogs, communities and forums related to fitness to develop a user base and create awareness.

12. Continuously Update and Show Improvement

It is crucial to stay updated with user preferences and industry trends. Based on emerging technologies and user feedback, you must continuously add new features, refine the app, and optimize its performance.

Moreover, regularly release updates to keep your fitness app engaging and competitive. You can also connect with the professional Fitness App Development Company to ensure continuous updates and improvement in your app.

What Are The Key Features You Must Integrate Into Your Fitness App?

When you want to Develop App like Planet Fitness,there are many features you need to figure out so that you can be able to create a successful fitness app. You may consider the below-mentioned key features.

What Are The Key Features You Must Integrate Into Your Fitness App?

1. Differentiated User Profiles

Your fitness app may have different forms of users, like fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts. Here, you must differentiate user profiles to ensure reaching a broader target market and increase the appeal of your app to larger demographics.

2. Easy and Simple On boarding and Registration

During onboarding, a user must feel interested in exploring your fitness app. If the information collection process is difficult, they may lose interest in between. Thus, you must create a user-friendly app by keeping it simple.

3. Personalization Features

Giving a personal touch to your fitness app can be the right digital fitness experience for your users. For instance, you can customize your app depending on the user’s weight, height, age and fitness goals.

4. Offered Specialized Service

You must identify what you want to provide your end users based on solutions and services. Here, you need to ensure that your app provides the services to meet your target market, which can also benefit your end users.

5. The Integration Of Third-Party Device

You can ask your Fitness App Development Company to allow users to integrate third-party devices with your app.

This can be easier for your users and help them to maintain a connection to their smart devices. Moreover, it can also facilitate data synchronization between different third-party devices.

6. Track Goal Setting

You must integrate the goal-setting tracker into your app by consulting with professional Cross Platform App Development Services. Users who cannot measure and track their fitness goals might not be interested in the exercise program.

7. Community Forums

Whether it’s friends, family or other fitness enthusiasts, they like to share their progress with like-minded people. This way, it can generate a sense of purpose and helps to improve their commitment and accountability to maintain their fitness goals.

8. Monitoring Capabilities

Your fitness app must have some important features and tools that help users focus on their activities while doing physical exercise.

9. Feedback Mechanisms

It is crucial to listen to users’ feedback and continue to meet their specific needs to improve your app. This way, staying relevant and updated with your app will be easy.

10. Feature of Stopwatch

You must integrate a stopwatch feature in your fitness app so that your users will not find it difficult to switch between apps to use one while doing exercise.

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What Will Be The Cost To Develop Fitness App Like Planet Fitness?

If you want to know Planet Fitness like App Development Cost, you must understand that the project’s price depends on different factors. It may include design requirements, the app’s concept, deployment platforms (Android, iOS, or both), several features, the number of screens or pages, and the intended user base in the fitness app.

Further, the final Fitness App Development Cost is also associated with integration requirements and advanced features like integration with third-party devices, barcode scanner features, or payment gateways for using the app.

In general, the cost of software development projects costs can range from £70,000 or more for huge software projects, between £10,000 to £35,000 for medium software projects, and £10,000 to £35,000 for small software projects. Well, it is a rough estimation. You need to focus on these factors to determine the exact cost of your fitness app development project based on end-users needs.


The Planet Fitness App is a comprehensive fitness companion that helps users access workout-tracking features, membership information, a supportive community, and educational resources. Thus, investing in Planet Fitness App Development can greatly empower users to lead healthier lives. ToDevelop App like Planet Fitness,you must adopt a multidisciplinary approach, including frontend programming, UI/UX design, continuous improvement, and backend development. Hiring a professional team or collaborating with a skilled development team can help to ensure the most engaging and successful fitness app.