How to Develop Doctor Appointments Booking App like Zocdoc and Doctor On-demand

The cooperative measures of healthcare practices have been stretching their prominence due to high demand. Now everyone is becoming health conscious and relying upon a genuine healthcare practitioner to unwind the detailed perspective of their concerns.

However, patients always crave convenience when it comes to scheduling doctor appointments. In most cases, you must have been hindered by a long queue at the hospital, or the doctor may be neglecting the crowd. So, to eradicate these issues, many comprehensive operations have been initiated.

Out of them, the compelling approach of booking applications has darted the right solution for consumers. Some prolific applications like Doctor-on-demand and Zocdoc have been acing up the healthcare sector with their befitting functionalities.

So, many developers prioritise these apps to be their unique samples for making diversifying apps. Moreover, these appointment scheduling applications have gained a major share in the healthcare market.

A well-curated healthcare application or an appointment scheduling app will leverage the marketability standards and broaden your prominence in the healthcare industry.

As per the recent research results, around 102 million iOS and Android users have installed these healthcare appointment applications, and more people are willing to download these significantly.

A professional healthcare app development companycan be profitable by developing ingenious healthcare applications. Here we will talk about the uplifting measures of healthcare apps and the approximate budget for developing one.

A Keen Detail of Generating a Healthcare Appointment Scheduling Application Just Like Zocdoc or Doctor-On-Demand

In the recent era, the healthcare economy’s magnanimous elevation is capturing the audiences’ great attention. Looking at this great scenario, many healthcare app development services and stakeholders have been becoming eccentric for this category. Even many leading organisations have been investing in this criterion to acquire a reliable margin in the market.

This influencing motivation has made Zocdoc, Practo, MFine and other applications grasp the winsome prominence. However, these applications have been tailored with remarkable notions you should understand.

Here we are enlisting some effective steps to generate world-class and detail-oriented scheduling applications.

1. Streamline Your Database Properly

A doctor appointment scheduling app can be generated with many unique approaches, but it is a complicated task. You need to abide by thorough market research, ideas and efforts to make your app engrossing for the users.

You need to always prioritise the marketplace and the viewpoints of your targeted audiences. Producing a list of doctors over the app is not enough.

You should rely upon their genuineness, trustworthiness, and influence over the customers. You should have a clear database about the healthcare professionals and the clinics they are processing with. Before initiating the doctor appointment booking app, you must follow up with the database effectively.

2. Firstly Get Convinced with your Prototype

Everything needs a dummy or sample to verify its potential in the market and how they are stabilising its effects on the consumers. So, when developing a healthcare application, generate its prototype after assembling the database.

You need to be subtle with the features and screens of your app. Then the integrated functionalities must be used by a few users or medical practitioners.

Through this, you will have a rough estimation of the app’s productivity and can design your project accordingly.

3. The Scheduling Tools Have To Be Up To The Mark

Your main motive for designing a doctor appointment scheduling application is to provide customers with a world-class experience without being hindered by long queues. So, the scheduling tools are to be prominently working.

You can integrate API rather than using a scheduling engine. Off-the-shell API will prioritise your customisation values when you are willing to develop an online doctor booking app.

4. User Interface and User Experience Must Be Satiating

The app developers should always grasp the detailed requirements of the primary audiences. The interfaces of the apps should be regarded as per their values and demands. Through this, it will be easy for them to use your application instead of getting confused with the layouts and screens.

The doctor’s and admin panel design should be structured properly to eliminate all complications. As we have noticed in Zocdoc, the interface is highly user-friendly and tailored with informative resources. This will increase the download rate of your application significantly.

5. Include the Prominence of HIPPA

While curating appointment scheduling apps for the healthcare sector, you need to maintain a secure and compelling architecture per the regulations of HIPPA. The unique approach of HIPPA safeguards the valuable information of the enrolled patients and saves your app from inauthentic breaches.

Every healthcare application must integrate the guidelines of HIPPA. Otherwise, they need to follow up with a huge fine. Your healthcare app development companyshould have proper knowledge about the detailed structure of healthcare and how the app will be secured with sensitive authorities.

6. Testing is a Must Protocol

The proliferating influence of apps like Zocdoc and Doctor-on-demand processed with a high-maintained testing phase. This eccentric phase has made them captivating and well-fetched in the market.

So, you should be assured of the testing period before launching your healthcare application. The authentic healthcare app development serviceswill handle the QA testing through coding.

Moreover, other security verifications like breaches, bugs and glitches have to be properly maintained.

7. VOILA! It’s The Release Date

Here is the final step, you will launch your application by releasing it over Play stores. Through this, potential customers will download your app.

However, after launching your app, you must prioritise post-launch security. The developer should timely update the features and elements per the market’s dynamic standards and requirements. Even the app has to be diversified as per the several versions of mobile devices.

Every operating system should portray your application to be enriched and well-processing.

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Profitable Measures for Developing a Healthcare Application like Zocdoc, Doctor-On-Demand and Others

In a few years, the modern approaches of the healthcare sector have been grooming up with many technologies. Moreover, users understand the profitable benevolent measures of an on-demand doctor booking app.

Day by day, the potential advantages of doctor scheduling applications have been becoming a fruitful option for customers. Let’s discuss some of its profitable measures in a detailed manner.

Profitable Measures for Developing a Healthcare Application like Zocdoc, Doctor-On-Demand and Others

1. Scheduling Got Easier

Being in an unhealthy condition, nobody wants to go outside and stand in line to meet the doctors. So, these doctor booking applications can help customers schedule their meetings through online procedures. Just be at your comfortable place and make the appointment.

2. Get Delivery Options

There are many bountiful healthcare applications that regard medicine delivery options. You just need to opt for reliable medications, and the appointed doctor will verify them, and then the delivery partners will be at your doorstep.

The following patient can upload their prescription over the app and can consult any professional doctor to abide by the right treatments

3. Rely on the Professional List of Doctors

Healthcare apps will help you choose the doctor who will satiate your requirements and meet your needs. You can review the list of doctors and check their profiles and experience.

Moreover, you can verify the clinics they have been associated with. A detailed background check about the doctors will make you confident about the treatment.

4. You can Curate a Lab-Test

A patient can easily schedule a lab test through these appointment scheduling applications.

After you order a test, the clinic professional will arrive and collect the samples by visiting you at your home. Through this, you don’t need to hover over different clinics unnecessarily.

5. Profiling for Doctors can be Easy

Healthcare practitioners can easily make their online accounts more competitive through these scheduling apps. This will help them dragging the attention of the customers.

The doctor can maintain genuine information about their experience, background, qualifications and more, through which the following patient can verify them. You can build a loyal customer relationship by being authentic about your practices.

 So, a doctor appointment booking app can also be a bonafide approach for practitioners.

The Cost Analysis of Making a Doctor Appointment Scheduling Application

After understanding the engulfing standards of healthcare app development services, you might be willing to grasp the budget analysis of developing one such application.

Here we are enlisting some approximate range of healthcare app development. However, the price range may vary per the detailed category of app developers and their proficiency in the field.

  • If you want your appointment scheduling application to be minimal and efficient, it can cost you around $20,000-$30,000. The development period may vary from 4 to 6 months.
  • Next, if you want your healthcare appointment application to be of the medium level, where the interface and functionalities will be groomed up, it will cost you around $30,000 to $45,000. The time period for developing this app may take up to 6 to 9 months.
  • Lastly, the features and elements will be highly prominent if you are willing to develop a complex application. Accordingly, the price range will be above $45,000. The development work may take around 9 to 12 months to complete effectively.

The list mentioned above gives a rough estimation of the development cost. However, there are some other factors that fluctuate the standards of the price range. Let us discuss them in a detailed way.

Factors Influencing the Price Range of Doctor Appointment Applications

Here we are enlisting some effective factors that change the wholesome influence of doctor appointment scheduling applications:

1. Integrating Features

Some owners have become authentic about implementing different types of doctor appointment app features. Some examples are doctor profiles, user registration, real-time notifications, consultation service, health records, push notifications and more.

Integrating these wondrous features into your application can put your budget at its peak. However, your app will be garnering a potential demand over the market.

2. Customisation of UX and UI

If you are willing to develop your healthcare app with proper and streamlined UX and UI design, then the price range may be between $4,000 to $12,000. The designing cost varies as per the complexity and layouts of the app. Moreover, the influencing nature of the geographical area and the designing team also diversify the price range.

3. Platforms

The app reflects its authenticity, whichever platform you prefer. Whether it is Android, IOS or Cross-platform, you should be firm about your choice. For Android, developers usually prefer Java and Kotlin. For IOS developers, go for Objective-C and Swift. Finally, for the cross-platform developing services, opts for Flutter and React Native.

So, from the above sections, you must be clarified about the cost estimations required for developing a doctor appointment booking app. However, by being precise about your choices and tech preference, the developing services can give you a detailed budget for the process.

Features You Need To Integrate Into Your Doctor Appointment Scheduling Application

To make your application victorious, you need to abide by the right features and strategies, just like Zocdoc.

Here, we are enlisting some best doctor appointment app featuresyou should incorporate into the development process.

Features You Need To Integrate Into Your Doctor Appointment Scheduling Application

1. Authentic Registration Process

Many people face difficulties in the login and registration process due to the complicated structure of the apps. So, to make your app succeed, you should streamline the process effectively. Just incorporate logging credentials through mail id and password.

2. Safeguard Patient Information

You should abide by the feature in which proper maintenance of patient information will be regarded.

After the registration process, the patients should execute the further steps where they need to fill up the additional details. Some specific information should be an individual’s name, age, gender, height, blood type and more. This will enlighten the health perspective of a person.

3. Structured Search Bars

A well-enriched doctor appointment application has an advanced built-in search bar which creates productive influence over the users. The search bars can help you skim out the doctors based on their locations, specialities, reviews, experience and ratings.

Moreover, you can compare the price range and availabilities of the clinics through well-curated search bars.

4. Proper Payment Facilities

To integrate a seamless experience, the healthcare application should abide by various ranges of payment facilities. The user should be able to conduct the transaction through debit, credit cards or electronic wallets.

5. Chat Assistance

Healthcare app development services should conduct in-app chat assistance in developing healthcare applications to get rid of any misinterpretations. Through this, the patient and the reliable doctor can communicate about any health issues and concerns anytime without any obstacles.

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As we are responsible for shaping our future, the vision and standards should always uplift. The healthcare appointment scheduling application has been acquiring a tremendous reach over global platforms.

In this blog, you must have been clear about the cost aspects and the integral factors related to application development. So, go through an in-depth analysis before executing the app.


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    The operating system of the doctor appointment scheduling apps has been engrossed with multi-functional behaviour. So, the scheduling can be done through your laptop, mobile, computers and others.

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    Some effective applications include Sminq, MFine, HotDoc, HealthTap, Cerebral, Maple and more.