How Top Brands Like Starbucks and Walmart Leverage Mobile Apps to Increase Their Sales

Optimising a business’s sales structure is tedious if the functionalities are not safeguarded properly. So, many mid-level or existing bigger brands have been sourcing up valuable strategies to unwind their dominance over the market.

Out of all the leveraged trending aspects, the development of mobile applications has been certified to be extremely satiating for boosting business sales.

So, if you wonder if mobile apps will make you groove within the profitable criteria, then the answer is a big YES. Even well-established firms like Walmart, Starbucks, Airbnb etc., have been investing majorly in mobile application development.

They are also valuing the trends and accordingly updating their features to grasp the attention of potential customers. So, you can see their remarkable and acing performance in the market by rapidly conquering a good growth.

Every entrepreneurial mind wants its initial ideas and concepts glorified, so they become exceptionally ambitious. They desire their start-up to convert into a brand through which they can infuse customer loyalty.

So, developing a mobile application can be extremely fetching for them as they can get many global customers, amplify their customer engagement, incorporate skilful marketing strategies and more.

Factual business development comes in many curvy ways, so you must be firm about your principles. Let us discuss the staggering motive of mobile application development for broadening brand values.

Why Should Your Business Adopt The Benevolent Measures Of Mobile Application Development?

If your brand invests in maintaining its customisable mobile application, the trending market will welcome it with certified opportunities. You can set up your viable service pattern for the audience through personalised approaches.

Your mobile app should be feature-rich to strengthen the engagement between your service and the targeted customers. Apart from this, some of the major elements of acquiring a great mobile application as listed below:

  • As a brand, you can value the purchasing patterns of your customers and can grasp a strong understanding of their interests.
  • Through this, the conversion and sales rate will be at the peak unwinding great opportunities for loyal consumers.
  • The existing customers can be a part of the loyalty programme initiated by the brand.
  • Well-functioning companies can hire a professional mobile application development company to integrate innovative measures into the app, like payment gateways, notifications, international currency support, etc.
  • Your brand’s perspective will be clarified with the help of an app making it more accessible and visible to the audiences.
  • Most importantly, brands can minimise their tedious workloads by accepting the winsome features of the mobile application.

Supreme Brands Valuing the Nurturing Potential of Mobile Application Development

The convenient appeals of mobile applications have vastly transformed the extensive reach of bigger brands. Their authentic infusions have made them garner potential sales and a major customer base.

Let us enlighten you about some proficient strategies and functionalities the bigger brands use to make their applications channelise the topmost sales.


You must have heard the befitting craze of Walmart, as it is a dominant retail corporation in America. It has garnered global recognition by broadening its presence to other geographical regions.

Moreover, its omnichannel validation has made customers trust the brand’s services. Recently, it has been operating around 10,500 stores in 24 countries. Its employment rate has also engrossed around 2.3 million workers.

  • In the initial period, Walmart started its M-Commerce application to handle shopping transactions. But, with the competitive stretch of this app, Walmart has been taking trending initiatives to be more authentic about its digital presence.
  • Walmart has always tried to enrich their customer base with convenient support through web and mobile applications. They have done in-depth research to value the potential demands of the customers and abided by the suitable shopping formulas for them.
  • Through mobile applications, they have channelised the authenticity of add to cart where the customers can easily pick out their needed items.
  • The application also gave customers detailed information about the store, like locations, opening hours, sales and more.
  • Generating a shopping list through the app is extremely easy and convenient.
  • The application has been infused with proper strategies to save customers’ efforts, time and expenses.
  • The competitive demand for the Walmart application has made it highly accessible over IOS and Android devices.
  • In the recent era, the following application has approximately 6.5 million users, 21%-Gen-X, 45.3%-Millennial, 13.4%-older millennials and 20.2%-baby boomers.
  • The sales rate was hiked to $523.964B in 2020 with an extensive revenue rate of $559.151B.


Coffee lovers must have known the fame of Starbucks. It is darted as the branded coffeehouse chain in America. As of now, it has around 35,711 stores around the globe.

  • Starbucks has levelled its popularity by analysing the customers’ demand and implemented a valuable mobile application in 2009.
  • The following application helped coffee lovers to navigate the nearby stores and, along with the ingredients and nutrition details of the coffee, has been categorised in the app.
  • This major initiative has increased brand awareness and rapidly grasped the attention of loyal customers.
  • After some years, in 2011, Starbucks incorporated a payment facility through an app that regarded quick transactions.
  • Then in 2014, Starbucks gave rise to a mobile ordering feature where customers can pick up their desired coffee beverages. This implementation has risen the customer experience.
  • The Starbucks mobile application’s prominent deliveries surpassed Apple Pay in 2021 with 31.2 million customers.
  • Later in 2017, Starbucks sanctioned the authority of customisation in its app through Machine Learning.
  • The loyalty programmes and campaigns through the application boosted the sales rate as customers love to unwind, earning points.
  • Calculating the users’ rate, the Starbucks app has around 40%-millennials, 14%-baby boomers and 24%-Gen-X.

Apart from these two major brands, more famed organisations have incorporated the serenity of a mobile application development company in UK. Here is the list:


The mobile application generated by Target has become a multi-functional boon for customers. It has fuelled the sales rate by developing the shopping experience of consumers.

Some of the innovative mediums of the app are curb-side pickup, in-store shopping, online orders, seamless transactions and more. The trending features get updated every time the customers want something more.


The acing performance of the Sephora mobile application has been showcasing tremendous growth in the market. Consumers have been channelising great shopping experiences and driving up sales.

Some of the comprehensive features of the trendiest application involve personalised recommendations of the products, virtual try-on facilities, multiple payment options and more.



Ikea is known to be the biggest hub of home décor pieces. Majorly it incorporates home appliances, furniture and more. The brand has been elaborating on its demand for around 80 years now. It has incorporated a mobile app with AR features to nourish its brand perspectives.

The following app has been strengthening the brand base as the consumers get a detailed estimation of the products that will suit their home’s creative approach.

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What Are The Exclusive Features Of A Mobile Commerce Application?

In the above section, we enlightened you about the surging importance of e-commerce applications. However, if the following application is not infused with righteous and advantageous features, nobody will be interested in downloading the app further.

They incorporate the best strategies and elements after valuable research of the customers’ demand. Moreover, they thoroughly analyse the market trends and go for dynamic approaches to make the brand reliable for every type of customer.

Here we are enlisting some multi-functioning features you must abide by when developing your e-commerce application:

What Are The Exclusive Features Of A Mobile Commerce Application?

1. Product Info

An e-commerce application should be highly authentic with its products. So, every product page should have clarified information to make the audience understand your brand’s reliability.

You can incorporate images, descriptions, videos and more. Accordingly, the customers will decide whether to buy the products or not.

2. Search Bars

Any mobile commerce application should prioritise search bars to get detailed information about a particular product type or to browse anything. The navigation system of the application should be up to the mark to make it accessible.

3. Tracking Facilities

Customers should get the valuable optimisation of order tracking through which they will be guided about their product arrivals. Moreover, your application should show the accurate status of the shipping products.

4. Shopping Carts

The incredible inclusion of shopping carts allows customers to list their favourite products and add them significantly to their wish list.

5. Support System

You should not hang your customers with queries and doubts. Your application should value the seamless authenticity of a 24/7 support system, which will guide the customers with great solutions.

6. Functional Payment Options

The checkout process of the audiences has to be curated with positive points. So, you need to abide by multiple payment channels through which the customers can enjoy a seamless transaction process.

What Are The Productive Motives Of Mobile Applications For Brand Values?

We learned that global brands have been acquiring the prominence of a mobile application development company broadly. However, their personalise approaches and innovative skills have made them unique in the market.

Regarding marketing channels, mobile applications have profiled great conversion rates for leading organisations.

Here is a list of effective benefits from mobile application development.

What Are The Productive Motives Of Mobile Applications For Brand Values?

1. Gather Accurate Customer Data

Any business supports the superior value of gathering customer data. With the help of an enriched mobile application, a business can easily gather comprehensive and quality data about a customer’s interests and demands.

Consumers’ behaviour can be tracked through the usage of the application, and accordingly, you can evolve the updates and features.

2. The Shopping Experience Will Be Increased

People want a flexible platform to nurture some best experiences. Mobile applications can unwind great opportunities to the audience where they can shop for their reliable products through online channels.

3. Your Loyalty Programmes Will Be Encouraged

You can leverage your loyalty programmes and branding campaigns in a digital format through which the customers can conveniently get their rewards at their homes.

4. Influence Competitive Strategies

When the customers utilise your application, the marketing analysers will go through the pattern, giving rise to competitive strategies. You can update your features and elements of the application through potential marketing deals to elevate the customer experience.

Moreover, an app is more capable than traditional advertising methods, and this approach will manage your expenses in a better manner. You can target any specific group of people or diversify your marketing concepts with better ideologies.

5. Proliferate Brand Awareness

Through mobile application development, you can engross great brand awareness, and your service will nurture a great base in the market. But, you must go through critical thinking before initiating any planning over the digital platforms as it is your global portrayal.


In the recent age, the compelling attributes of mobile application development have led the way. Countless applications have been getting enriched with unique concepts. So, to understand the app design perspective that will suit your service, you must approach the help of mobile app development services. The professional companies will curate the best strategies to leverage your proficient identity into the trends.