How to Develop a Pregnancy & Baby Tracking App like Ovia? A Complete Guide

Mobile applications are becoming popular day by day due to the widespread usage of smartphones. In this competitive world, every individual is seeking quick and easy techniques to complete their daily tasks. Now everything is just a few clicks away from you, and all thanks to the mobile app development services.

The healthcare industry is also evolving itself by using top-notch software and technologies. Men and women both are seeking better health applications to track pregnancy & periods. Women deserve more health applications than men, especially during their pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a beautiful 9-month journey for any woman. A pregnancy tracker application is developed by the Healthcare App Development Company. These applications help women to stay focused and informed.

Ovia is a great example of a pregnancy and baby tracking application with more than 10 million users. It works like a virtual companion for every woman who expects a child because it has an intuitive design, comprehensive features, and robust techniques.

Are you also planning a similar app like Ovia that can give it tough competition in the market? This blog is all about how to develop a pregnancy tracker app, its benefits, and other aspects of healthcare app development.

What Does Pregnancy Tracking Application Mean & Its Marketing Statistics?

A pregnancy tracking application is designed to help pregnant women to keep track of their pregnancies. It notifies women regarding their due dates, weight gain, prenatal appointments, and other aspects.

These applications come with a variety of features like weekly pregnancy guides, tracking fetal development & nutrition tips. These applications are loaded with educational resources in the format of articles and videos. It will connect users with other women who delivered recently to share their experiences and advice.

The market of health app development applications is consistently evolving, which makes multiple entrepreneurs launch their solutions.

As per the market statistics report, the application of the global women’s health market has an expected CAGR growth of 19.6% from 2023 to 2030.

Let’s take a brief on how this application works and the must-have features of pregnancy tracking app development.

Who Can Benefit From The Baby & Pregnancy Trekking Application?

  • It is beneficial for expecting parents who want to track pregnancy progress. It allows expecting mothers to keep themselves updated with the helpful tips required in every stage of pregnancy.
  • If you are expecting the first time and excited to track the growth & development of your baby.
  • Healthcare providers may use applications to monitor the patient’s health and offer customised advice.
  • The brands and companies of the maternity industries can use the application as the best marketing companion to engage the target users.
  • The caregivers and family members who want to stay informed about both the baby and the mother.

How Did The Pregnancy Tracking Application Work?

When a user wants to begin her journey with this health tracking app like Ovia, first, they need to install the application on their phone. Go through the registration process by entering the due date and then start your exciting rides. Users have the option to log in daily to track the daily, triennial, weekly, and monthly information.

Based on the due date, users are offered lots of personalised materials like health information and pregnancy news. Users also get the chance to connect with pregnant people to exchange insights. These applications offer assistance so that you can get help on the journey of being a parent.

What Features Should Be Included In A Pregnancy Tracking Application?

The developers intelligently design multiple features to evaluate the success of any application. Here are some baby tracking app features that applications like Ovia must have.

What Features Should Be Included In A Pregnancy Tracking Application?

1. Sign up/Login

The key feature a pregnancy tracker application must have is a user-friendly sign-in & login process. Most of the APIs are known for facilitating email-based sign-up & social media login procedures, which allows users to sign in.

2. Home screen

A baby tracking and pregnancy application home screen must have some key elements, for example, a brief outline of what your baby’s face looks like, nutritional tips, blog posts about the health of the mother and the baby’s development stage, and countdown of when the baby will come.

3. Calendar

This is another key aspect an application must have, which is a Calendar view. When you develop an application like Ovia, it must have options for note making, giving reminders, and giving data about the mood, symptoms and exercise, fetal movements, and medication intake.

4. Community

The pregnancy period may be stressful for any woman, and at this time, all they need is support and love. In this situation, these applications can be the best companion of yours! This app makes you closer to making conversation with the women who have been delivered with a healthy baby or your fellow friends. An application like Ovia has an in-app forum that allows users to communicate with one another.

5. Kick Counter & timer for contraction

The app, similar to Ovia, helps users to keep track of a baby’s kick in real-time. The app must have an alarm with a recording and contractions feature that allows users to press the play button. You can stop the recording with just one tap when it’s over. Through these apps, you can record the contraction intensity.

6. Goals

Ovia application gives an ideal way to develop a system where pregnant mothers can establish their goals. So, when you are developing an application like that, make sure it lets the user set their sleeping goals, exercise routines, weight goals, nutrition intake, and so on! It must allow users to track their improvement. Goals must be linked with reminders that alert users to track their health on a daily basis.

7. Insights

The pregnancy tracking application you are going to develop must have a variety of blog posts & other resources. It must keep users closer to the different stages of pregnancy and the first few weeks after pregnancy.

8. A good profile

Do you want to develop an application similar to Ovia? Ensure you offer a good profile management page for the users where they can edit their information, for example, height, due date, weight, information about partner, etc. It would be great if it synchronises the information from Fitbit devices.

9. Supports from customers

The most important feature that a baby tracking and pregnancy app must have is on-time customer support. You must be available for your users 24 hours a day. In addition, you can include features like Live Chat and options for communicating through phone and email.

By integrating all these features, you can figure out the steps for Ovia-like app development. Now, it’s time to go through the significant benefits of an app like this.

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Advantages of Developing a Pregnancy Tracking Application like Ovia

Advantages of Developing a Pregnancy Tracking Application like Ovia

1. Enhance Communication With Healthcare Providers

The key benefit of utilising a pregnancy tracking application is it enhances your communication with healthcare providers. The app allows women to communicate with doctors & nurses about their symptoms, concerns, and medications.

It allows the patient to call their doctors from their home without any hustle and bustle. It helps healthcare professionals to better understand the parent’s requirements and better-personalised treatment.

2. Improve Your Knowledge Of Pregnancy-Related Topics

The pregnancy tracking application helps women to gain better knowledge of the resources related to the pregnancy. These applications are loaded with multiple educational resources such as podcasts, videos, articles, and other educational materials.

It also gives information regarding postpartum recovery, pregnancy, and childbirth. It makes women more confident, empowered, and informed during pregnancy. It makes you able to make better healthcare decisions.

3. Get Personalised Support

The pregnancy tracking application offers women personalised support during their journey! These applications offer reminders on milestones and daily tips with personalised advice based on the woman’s due dates. Through these apps, women can achieve their healthcare goals.

4. Monitor Your Health By Tracking The Symptoms

Pregnancy tracking applications help monitor symptoms during pregnancy & help them. The application allows women to track symptoms, for example, fatigue, nausea, and contractions like blood pressure, weight, and other extra indicators. Women can identify their health issues a little earlier and take online prescriptions.

5. Access To The Supportive Network

Most of the applications that track pregnancy also give access to the community of supportive mothers. Some women feel isolated & overwhelmed during pregnancy and get benefits from the resource. During this period, they need love and care.

Through this application, they can achieve that support. It encourages women to exchange advice and tips from fellow pregnant women.

6. Get Easy Access To The Healthcare Resources

The application that tracks pregnancy gives access to other healthcare resources like prescription refills & appointment scheduling. It saves women energy and time, that will help them to access healthcare more quickly.

7. Goal Setting & Personalised Tracking

Most of the pregnancy tracking applications offer personalised tracking & goal-setting features. It gives you access to setting goals for gaining weight setting reminders to practise prenatal exercise and healthy eating. It also allows you to track foetal movements and keeps you focused on your health goals. It makes you feel motivated during your pregnancy journey.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Pregnancy-Tracking Application Like Ovia?

The costs of developing an application, Ovia, range from $25,000 to $80,000. The cost of developing a baby tracking or pregnancy monitoring application is compromised with the following elements: App design, features, technology integration, number of platforms where you want to launch your application, integrating technology and structure of the development team, and the geographic area.

Well, the above-discussed cost of app development can fluctuate & increase from $150,000 to $200,000. The cost will fluctuate depending on the toughness and other discussed variables. In addition, it can differ based on the company type developed by the healthcare apps.

For example, when you work with a Mobile App Development Company which is based in India, the hourly rate will be $30 to $50. Well, if you are hiring a company in the US & UK, then it can cross $70 to $100.

The additional element you need to understand for evaluating the cost of developing an application like Ovia is the way you can earn. You can make lots of customisation in the process of developing an application.

  • Develop the freemium model – In this model, you are developing an application that is completely free to use, but some features need to be paid for.
  • Developing subscription model – In this model, the app is based in conjunction with the yearly and monthly subscriptions.
  • Develop the in-app ads – A relevant ads will be displayed, and the app owners can earn with each click.

After considering all the above-discussed aspects of developing an application cost, you must concentrate on the things that make your application better than Ovia.

Best Practices You Must Follow to Develop an Application like Ovia

The competition in the market is constantly evolving, and that’s why it needs extensive research for creating a pregnancy tracker. Here, we share some development practices that will help you build a feature-loaded pregnancy-tracking app like Ovia.

Best Practices You Must Follow to Develop an Application like Ovia

1. Define Your Purpose

To develop a pregnancy tracker application, first, you have to define the purpose and the scope of the application. It involves identifying the functionality and features of the pregnancy application. You should also understand who your target audiences are and what your user goals are.

2. Choose The Ideal Technology

Your next step will be selecting the technology and platform to develop a baby-tracking application. The most basic platforms you can choose to create a baby trekking and pregnancy monitoring application like Ovia Android and iOS. Your decision should depend upon the targeted market and audience.

3. Develop A User-Friendly Interface

This is the most considered factor which you must remember while developing an application. It is crucial to develop an intuitive & user-friendly interface. The design you choose must be consistent with the messaging and branding of the pregnancy application. It is necessary to consider the requirements of the targeted audience and design that is appropriate to their needs.

4. Testing Pregnancy Application

Testing is the prior step of launching an application. The credibility and reputation of your app depend on this step, and that’s why it shouldn’t be skipped. The development phase needs testing & coding the pregnancy and baby trekking application.

Before releasing an application, it ensures that the pregnancy tracker application is bug-free. Make sure your application meets all the desired requirements before it goes live!

5. Launching The Application

This is the last step of any app development process. Launching and marketing the baby trekking & pregnancy monitoring app requires expert help. It involves the development of marketing strategies & promoting the application through different channels, which are app stores, social media, and advertising.

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How to Design an Application More Successful Than Ovia?

Do you want to design an application that gives tough competition in the market, Ovia? For this, first, you have to understand the challenges or the negative points present in the Ovia application.

There are some challenges that people shared about Ovia, such as their cluttered design, the requirement for learnability by using the calendar part of the application, having too much information on one screen, and the lack of key functionalities.

Check the competitor’s application and go through their strong points. Check what your audience wants or what the key features they are complaining about that they didn’t get in an application like Ovia. So, the whole procedure needs lots of time and resources to refresh.

When you are developing an application like Ovia, you can take care of certain elements, like keeping the design minimal. It would be great if you develop an in-app ecommerce health care development app. You can add some storytelling sessions for the expected mothers. Another critical feature that is lacking in most of the applications like Ovia is entering doctor facilities and information to contact them throughout the application. Adding these little features can multiply your revenue and improve the ROI.

Another key practice you must consider is keeping track of your safety and security protection. Make sure your application doesn’t meet with the weak security practices. You can use blockchain technology to encrypt the data your user shares.

Ensuring the Privacy & Data Security in Your Pregnancy Tracker Application

No matter whether you are developing a baby-tracking application or a Pregnancy-monitoring app, ensuring privacy and data security should be your top priority. It’s not only your responsibility, but it’s a legal requirement.

The Health Insurance Accountability and Portability Act secures and protects the sensitive information of patients. The non-compliance data can lead to severe penalties, loss of users’ trust, and reputational damage. When developing any application like Ovia, you must give importance to the security measures & privacy policies.

Multiple growing concerns in the industry of health lead to targeted ads. To address the concerns when developing a pregnancy tracker app, you must develop best practices.

1. Implement Encryption

Utilising end-to-end encryption ensures that the data can’t be read by anyone except the intended recipient.

2. Conducting Day-To-Day Security Edits

Auditing regularly helps to identify the vulnerabilities & rectify them before they can be exploited.

3. Stay Transparent

Ensure that your privacy policy should be accessible and clear. Outline exactly which data is collected, how it is used & who has access to this.

4. Give User Control

It gives users the ability for data management, which includes the option to delete the account and other associated data.

In 2019, it was found that the pregnancy tracking application Ovia had some privacy issues that caused lots of data leak problems. So, you must consider these safety and concern issues when developing an application like this. It is necessary to ensure that your application has robust data security measures. Ensure that your application should be transparent to its users.

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Some Practices and Challenges to Consider When Developing Pregnancy Tracking Application

Application related to Pregnancy tracking development requires determining and covering multiple challenges by adhering to the best practices.

1. IoT Integrations

When you are developing an application, consider integrating IoT technologies. By integrating this technique, you can ensure that the app is providing real-time data.

The seamless integration of IoT technology ensures reliability and accuracy, which cause significant challenges.

2. Available To The Multiple Platforms

For any application, make sure it should work on different platforms. It must significantly broaden the user base. Not every user will access the app on their smartphones.

When you ensure its accessibility to the iPad and Smartwatch, it enhances your convenience and user experience. Maintaining the functionalities and giving the best user experience across every platform is the biggest challenge for any application.

3. Engagement Of Users

The app you are going to develop should keep the users engaged. It should support the feedback of users, which is key to making any app successful. Learning about the development of babies can be exciting.

You can also utilise the community forums and integrate your app with multiple social media platforms. Creating engaging and informative resources is another way to develop the audience’s interest.

Hope you cleared all your doubts by considering the above pregnancy app development guide. If you want to develop the same kind of application as Ovia, then you can hire the top application development companies. With them, you can develop an application that works on every platform.


  1. Can I Include A Medical Consultation Feature In My Application?

    Yes, why not? When you hire a development company to develop your application, you should share your goals with them. Tell them what features you want to include, and if it is possible, they definitely do it for you.

  2. How Can I Ensure That The Application I Receive From The Development Company Is Working On Every Platform?

    When you develop any application from an expert development company, they give accessibility a priority. Expert developers build any website by keeping 3 important considerations in mind that includes safety, accessibility, and user-friendliness.

  3. Is It Safe To Use?

    Yes, the baby tracking and pregnancy monitoring application is completely safe. There are apps that have multiple security vulnerabilities, but when you have the right team of development and testing, you can develop a safe and error-free application.