Artificial intelligence (AI) is making a revolution in the Android app development industry.

Why am I saying this?

Here are a few facts to resonate my first statement:

  • Google announced Google Duplex during their event, Google I/O 2018
    which is an AI-based technology, making calls to the businesses to book appointments
  • Android P has also been announced that brings AI, ML, AR experiences in Pixel devices and its Beta version is also available for developers to build such experiences
  • For 2018, 7.5 billion U.S. dollars were expected to be spent only on artificial intelligence (AI) business operations as per

The era has come when AI becomes the must-have functionality in the Android applications. Businesses have already started spending on AI and more will start upgrading in the upcoming years.

Hence, more and more Android application development companies have started focusing on bringing AI experiences in the applications that they develop.

So, let’s have a look at what AI features bring revolution to the Android applications

AI features making your android app smarter

1. Smart reply

During Google I/O 2018, Google shared how smarter GMAIL has become by utilizing machine learning (ML) in combination with artificial intelligence (AI)

This AI functionality has already won the hearts of the people using GMAIL worldwide and even for the people who are using GMAIL business accounts.

Smart reply when incorporated in an Android application saves a huge amount of time in communication.

So, businesses targeting to upgrade their Android apps or even want to develop new ones must have smarter responses as one of the core AI features in their Android applications.

Types of android applications that can utilize smart reply AI functionality:

  • Social media networking sites
  • Messaging apps
  • Business support forums
  • Many More

2. AI-powered personalization

Why do you love watching Netflix? Because Netflix brings you videos based on your interests.

But, how Netflix is able to do so? With the help of AI-powered predictive analytics, Netflix predicts what kind of videos you would love to watch based on your history of watching videos.

And, you would be surprised to know that around 80% of videos watched on Netflix is through personalized recommendations.

That’s how personalization matters to improve the customer experience to a great extent. Businesses looking to make a revolutionary change in offering customer experience, AI-powered personalization is your next target.

Make sure your next Android application update needs to be an AI-powered personalization.

Which companies have already utilized AI-powered personalization?

  • Facebook
  • Netflix
  • Harley Davidson
  • And, many more

3. Speech recognition

Speech recognition is another artificial intelligence (AI) feature that most businesses have started utilizing.

What is speech recognition?

An artificial intelligence (AI) technology used in decoding human speech into a language that is understood by a computer is known as Speech recognition.

Recently, 3M acquired M*Modal to take advantage of its voice tech in healthcare. Such acquisitions have increased to a great extent in the year 2018 as per the research by Business Insider Intelligence.

So, looking at the speed speech recognition is being utilized, even Facebook launched its own speech recognition approach.

Businesses can leverage speech recognition in order to carry out various functions of their Android applications.

What kind of android app functions need AI speech recognition?

  • Registering an account
  • Filling in the details of a form
  • Various business app operations
  • Giving instructions to devices such as self-driving cars, smart home devices, etc.

4. Chatbots

Chatbots have been a new revolutionary term among the businesses when discussed about artificial intelligence (AI).

Chatbots means the robots used for chat purposes. Chatbots communicate with the real audience and even with the other chatbots just the way a human interaction takes place.

According to Conversational Commerce by Capgemini Report 2018, 52% of consumers said they would prefer communicating with a voice assistant of a website or an app as it allows them to multitask.

Also, as per the Chatbot survey 2017 by Mini browser, following are the industries that will benefit the most by utilizing the chatbots in the upcoming years:

  • Ecommerce (90%)
  • Healthcare (73%)
  • Insurance (75%)

Businesses taking advantage of AI-based chatbots in their Android applications are likely to see an increased amount of business benefits.

5. Facial recognition

Facial recognition or face identification uses artificial intelligence (AI) to build a smarter system to scan the human faces.

Have you noticed uses an AI-powered face detection system that scans your face and showcases how particular eyewear looks on your face. Its solution is even used by

Such face detection functionalities in the Android application helps you imbibe the security aspects of the application the way iOS have been doing it.

So, there are various business opportunities that can be incorporated in the Android applications and can be benefitted from the AI-based face detection.

Which Android applications can have facial recognition functionality?

  • Enterprise business applications for employees
  • Applications such as Snapchat
  • Government applications
  • And, many more

6. Text recognition

Text recognition uses artificial intelligence (AI) in order to understand the text presented in the media files such as images or videos.

There are only a few gaming companies that have utilized this feature in their Android applications. And, identifying the text from the images and videos can also be helpful for the businesses looking to develop apps that create the video transcripts.

7. Image labeling

Another AI feature that is worth noting is an image labeling. Today, even smartphones are launched keeping the camera lovers in mind. More pixels are added in order to attract customers who love to do click, click, click.

Image labeling feature in your Android app adds the label to the images stored by the application. This helps the users to fetch the images based on the labels added to them. Hence, Android applications dealing with Camera or such sort of things can utilize this AI feature to enhance the customer experience.

8. Landmark detection

Landmark detection uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect landmarks in an image. Be it a face or a business logo, this AI feature helps you scan all the landmarks available in the image.

Meitu, Inc launched the Anime Avatar feature that automatically generates the highly personalized cartoon image without compromising on the facial expressions and movements. This feature uses AI-powered landmark detection.

If you are into a business like Meitu or where there are certain researches that takes place around the images, landmark detection needs to be in your next Android application development update

AI in your android application

Technology changes and hence, it changes the customer needs. And, changing customer needs to invoke the urge for the businesses to bring in more technology. This is what we are experiencing in the Android application development industry.

Compared to all the other operating systems, Android is the highest used OS in the smartphones. With such a huge user base, it is unlikely for a business to compromise on utilizing the trendiest technology, artificial intelligence (AI).
Upgrading your Android application with the above-mentioned AI features is going to give a rise in customer service and brand recognition.

Make sure your 2019 business goals have AI features for your Android application.

To find out which AI features are best for your Android application, consult our experts.