Enterprise mobile apps are growing ever since the demand and usage of the mobile apps have increased.

Like we recently discussed the on-demand apps, there is a thirst of bringing some innovation using the technology and the dire demand is what the enterprises are looking for.

As per the market study and research, here are some facts and stats that help you understand the importance of enterprise mobility and why it is necessary for your organization to build your enterprise mobile app.

Enterprise Mobile Apps are Growing

  • Enterprise mobility management market is expected to generate revenues of 2.9 billion U.S. dollars which are more than 150% of increase from the year 2014.
  • Revenue in the Mobility Services segment is expected to reach US$503,050 million in 2018
  • 3m+ businesses are paying for G Suite to collaborate smartly and securely in the cloud
  • 67% of companies agree that the enterprise mobility is a growing priority
  • 66% of companies plan to invest in enterprise mobile apps in the coming 3 years

How Employees are Using Enterprise Mobile Apps?

  • 59% of employed Americans are working beyond 9-to-5 using the enterprise mobile apps
  • 40% of employees in the U.S. use their personal devices for work
  • Employees access an average of 5.2 mobile business apps daily
  • 240 hours of work companies gain per year from the employees using enterprise mobile apps
  • 71% of employees spend more than 2 hours a week accessing company information on mobile devices
  • 82% of employees log into work or their work email after business hours during the week

What Enterprise Feel About the Need of Enterprise Mobile Apps?

  • 87% of companies are dependent on their employee’s ability to access enterprise apps on their personal smartphone
  • 77% of mobile app development companies expect to see an increase in enterprise mobile apps in the coming 6 to 12 months
  • 67% of CIOs & IT professionals believe mobility will impact their businesses
  • 34% of work productivity is improved when companies allow employees to use enterprise mobile apps
  • 67% of small businesses in the U.S. will have their own mobile app

Why Companies are Using Enterprise Mobile Apps?

  • 35% ROI is reported when companies invest in enterprise mobility apps
  • 47% of internal communication is improved when used enterprise mobility apps
  • 23% increase in employee satisfaction using enterprise mobile apps
  • 21% increase in employee loyalty when empowered with enterprise mobility apps