• Why Node.JS is the best for Enterprise App Development ?

    14 October , 2017 NodeJS


    Though Node.JS is no silver bullet, it hits right on target for non-blocking, event driven I/O.


    With a broad diversity of applications for digital transformation, Node.js is emerging as a universal development framework at present.

    • According to a survey, there are about 8 million Node.js instances online at the moment.
    •  Three in every four Node users say that they will increase their usage over the next 12 months.
    • In the year 2016, the Node.js Foundation announced that they have 3.5 million users. Basic math would put Node.js users at around 16 million next year.
    • When Node.JS was spawned, the developers turned their heads with its speed as JavaScript was faster on the server than anybody had expected. As the web pages have gone more dynamic, the steady diet of small, quick and endless requests of Node.JS for data have made it more common.

      You will find many people claiming that Node.JS is faster and still a crowd of people claiming the exact opposite. Well, for a matter of fact, when it comes to IO related tasks, there is no contest.

        Performance Factors

        In order to understand how Node beats the other programming languages, you need to consider three factors which contribute to the overall speed and throughput of an application: IO and Concurrency.

      • IO
        Understanding the Input/Output (I/O) model of your application means to understand the difference between the load that the application is subjected to and the real-world use cases that it crumples upon.
        If your application is small and does not serve high loads, it may not matter much but as the traffic load in your application increases, working with the wrong I/O model may get you in a world of hurt.
        JavaScript is non-blocking. The program thread is free to perform other tasks while IO operations are being performed. Node.JS can increase performance considerably by performing IO operations efficiently and issuing many IO operations at once.
        Node.JS has taken a different approach to concurrency which is reflected in its process model. In Node, a process consists of one main thread and a multitude of background threads which typically perform I/O works. The main thread and the background threads coordinate using a queue. The main thread pulls tasks from the queue and executes them.
        Because Node is non-blocking, it has ample amount of time for all the requests to do all computations and transformations while waiting for any IO operations.

        Enterprise Web Applications are IO Heavy

        Enterprise Web Applications do a lot of IO. For every request which is received from the browser, there is an IO that is being performed. Enterprise web applications spend most of their time doing IO rather than computation.
        Every time more IO is performed, Node.JS wins a little bit more as it is incredibly well suited for web applications.


        Enterprise Web Applications Require High Concurrency

        Not many web applications are accessed by only one person at a time. The other programming languages have to dedicate a thread for the life of each request which in turn demands a lot of threads to achieve concurrency. This scenario wouldn’t affect a lot if the load on the server is small, but it becomes costly and inefficient as the load starts to increase as the OS will be left with no CPU time to do any actual work.
        This is not the case with Node.JS as the efficiency of Node becomes apparent when it is running at max load. Even when the CPU is occupied and very busy, all of the CPU time will be spent on servicing requests and doing exactly what is needed.

        Summing it up

        When it comes to typical enterprise web applications and the real world scenarios, Node.JS is faster and more scalable than any other programming languages. For enterprise web application development, the performance of Node.JS can’t be beaten. Node.JS stands out to be the clear winner when web applications need to spend most of their time doing IO and require high concurrency.


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