Forthcoming forecast of Healthcare and Fitness Industry

49% of patients wear or would be willing to wear technology that measures and tracks both fitness/lifestyle and vital signs. Stating further, 66% of US health systems assure to offer digital self-scheduling by the end of 2019.


Personalized Healthcare Application

We bring to you the era of personalized healthcare by defining meaningful and convenient individual health experiences.

We provide the users with a holistic and real-time view of their health and fitness data.

Our Goal is to empower users to meet their health goals and make the world healthier.


Healthcare and Fitness Application

As a starting point, we offer simplified, customer-centric communication solutions for the healthcare and fitness industry.

We believe in building trust by offering transparency in the data and analytics and we strive to provide a warm and personal service when we bring healthcare and fitness to you.


Universal Healthcare and Fitness

Technology in terms of healthcare and fitness is turning out to be influencers of tomorrow for the changing space of the healthcare and fitness industry with a sense of humor, humility, and relatability.

By changing the fundamental business model of the healthcare and fitness industry with the help of technology, we can rebuild the system to be at the same time better and far cheaper.

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Digital wellness coach powered by Artificial Intelligence

Zoique is a digital wellness coach powered by Artificial Intelligence. It monitors your wellness habits over time and proactively gives insights, predictions, and recommendations.

  • It makes SMARTER DECISIONS based on the goals and the feedback from your tracked wellness data.

  • Using HOLISTIC WELLNESS, it combines your health and fitness monitoring, fitness activity discovery and healthy dieting.

  • It TRACK YOUR PROGRESS, activities and your food to view your caloric deficit, as its integrates with Apple Health app and Fitbit and syncs your steps count for accurate calorie recording.

  • Using its intelligent algorithm, once can have INSIGHTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS into their wellness.

  • Using the Invite functionality one can stay connected with friends, family, Studio instructors, and Personal Trainers in order to get challenged and motivated.

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Workout Tracker

BuddiesOut provides a hand-picked shortlist of workout buddies nearby, with a curated list of fitness classes in town to explore with your buddies.

  • Find best Fitness Studio

  • Find a Fitness Partner based on certain interest criteria

  • Chat with the Fitness Partner

  • Daily Suggestion for finding the best Partner

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Health Data Display

Detailed Analysis of your Health using Apple's Health Kit

Health Data Display provides beautiful graphs to track your health and fitness.

  • Fitness Statistics

  • Body Measurements

  • Health Vitals

  • Medical Results

  • Nutrition Information

  • Sleep Analysis

  • Set targets to reach a goal and easily track your progress

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Workout Tracker

GymForge is your FREE Mobile Coach and Gym Buddy! It comes with a bunch of proven workouts and exercises.

  • Record, compare and improve the Workouts

  • Create a new workout or utilize predefined customized workouts

  • Share the results on Facebook


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