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Project Description

Various studies have shown that mindfulness and meditation practice results in improved concentration/focus and emotional regulation. It’s also scientifically proven to improve anxiety levels, reduce blood pressure, lower the risk of depression, and increase body satisfaction.

In this application, the user can meditate based on their routine. The user can add audition time line, checklist and meditate through this application. The user can purchase the subscription plan also. 



The actor can meditate based on the Program and time. The user can meditate for 2 min, 5 min, 10 min, 10+min. The user can select the meditate program for pre audition and post audition.

profile-image Daily practice
profile-image Pre-Audition
profile-image Post-Audition
profile-image Performance Ready
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The actor can add, edit and delete the check list. Based on the checklist the user can schedule the meditation on particular date and time.

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Audition Journal

The user can add, edit and delete the Audition journal. The audition journal is helped to integrate user audition schedule.

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The user can purchase subscription plan through in-app purchased. There is monthly and yearly subscription plan.

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Progress and Template:

The user can see the monthly progress based on their activity, checklist and audition journal. The user can also add template to check the progress.

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The actor can play and pause the audio during the meditate. The user can forward and backward 15 min of audio track.

iOs App

Meditation for actor

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