Here at TriState technology, it’s a part of our process to test a prototype with end users before beginning with the design and development of the mobile/web applications.

Why is it important?

It is way too expensive, time-consuming and frustrating for the developers and designers to make iteration again and again throughout the project. Let’s assume the scenario of pure perfection, the developer would spend 100% of their time building new features and functionality. But in reality, approximately 50% of the development time is spent on doing rework and iteration which could have been avoided.

Prototyping helps you avoid expensive work

If we get early feedback from stakeholders, let’s say during the process of prototyping, it can help avoid costly errors and save hundreds of development hours and dollars.

The best practice is to mock up an initial design in prototyping tool of your choice and then validate it with the end user to figure out if or not we are heading in the right direction.

TOP 5 Prototyping Tools One Can Utilize

In Invision it is easy to create interactive prototypes. The user will just have to upload static screenshots and create a clickable prototype which your client can understand. It helps all major mobile, computer, and wearable screen sizes, and you could easily proportion your designs with crew participants, stakeholders, and customers. They could provide you with contextual comments through leaving feedback directly on your prototype.

They provide some specific plans at diverse fee factors, beginning with a free account that lets you make 1 prototype, all of the way as much as a $99 per month plan for limitless prototypes for five group individuals.

Justinmind is an interactive wire-frame writer that enables you to create practical, interactive prototypes without any coding. It supports all foremost mobile and desktop display screen sizes, and it additionally supports Google Glass. Much like Invision and Surprise, Justin mind makes it clean to share prototypes and get contextual remarks on them.

You could either purchase a subscription plan for $19 according to a person in step with month, or you may pay a one-time rate of $495 according to the user to get lifetime get admission to Justin mind.

Balsamiq helps you to quickly design mock-ups and easily share them with your teams and clients. It’s easy to use and has a great widget library, and the fact that it’s cloud-based makes team collaboration easy.
It also supports all major mobile, and desktop screen sizes and dialogue box mock-ups.Their desktop product costs a one-time fee of $89. The web app version of the product ranges from $12 per month for three projects to $249 per month for one hundred projects.

Marvel wonder quickly turns your sketches, snapshots, and mock-ups into prototypes that look and sense just like the finished product. You may create prototypes of all predominant cellular, computing device, and wearable display screen sizes, and effortlessly proportion them with others. Group contributors, stakeholders, and customers can comment immediately on each display screen or drop annotations.

Marvel offers 3 plans starting from a unfastened account with limitless initiatives (however a few simple restrictions) to a $55 in line with month account for 5 individuals. You could upload more group participants for your account for $11 in step with the consumer in step with the month.

Flinto lets you speedily prototype your iOS and Android apps with the aid of using monitors or sketches you’ve already designed, allowing you to update as you iterate. It makes a specialty of mobile prototypes for iOS and Android devices and

makes it smooth to proportion your mobile prototypes. You can absolutely text a hyperlink in your team members, stakeholders, and customers with a view to allow them to download your cell prototype to their domestic display screen and use it like another app.

And it costs $20 in line with the month according to the user.

So, these are some of the best prototyping tools which can be used before the designing and development of the web/mobile applications. This blog will provide you an overview and idea about the best tools and thereby help you choosing what suits you best.

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