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Across the globe, cross-platform app development frameworks are becoming popular amongst the developer’s community. Whether it is about their reactive performance or the ease of using the same code on different platforms, there is so much more that makes businesses opt for these frameworks.

One mobile app development framework that is quite popular these days is Flutter. Launched by Google in 2017 as an open-source framework, it can be used to build native interfaces for Android and iOS.

Here are the reasons why most mobile app development companies adopt Flutter:

  • It facilitates wrapping a web view in a native app.
  • It allows the developers to preview code changes in the emulator without the need to recompile the app first.
  • It ensures easy debugging of the app’s code.
  • It offers several widgets to build UI blocks.

Now, these reasons invoke the following benefits for which most businesses adopt Flutter-

  • Native performance for both the apps- Android and iOS
  • Faster app development
  • Time-to-market becomes faster
  • Cost-saving becomes possible as, in one code, two apps are developed

Because of a wide variety of advantages, diverse small and big businesses have utilized Flutter app development to scale up their businesses.

We usually receive this question, “which apps use Flutter?” after we explain the benefits of Flutter to our customers.

So, we will now talk about the ten Flutter app examples that have been built using the most evolving, Flutter framework:

1. Alibaba

Alibaba App

Almost everyone in China knows what Alibaba is, and now the world knows it too. It is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world. This app is known to make users buy products of diverse kinds from suppliers spread all over the world.

Alibaba’s global marketplace app uses the Flutter framework to facilitate transactions across diverse regions of the world. This shows the capability of this framework to keep up with big-scale transactions in the eCommerce business world.

For eCommerce businesses that have been digitized in the form of an app, the next level approach is to ensure global trade, and this framework is perfectly capable of supporting their needs.

2. Birch Finance


People love to use credit cards to purchase things or pay for different operations. Birch Finance is an app that rewards users for every purchase they make using their credit cards.

Some of its prime features include helping the users to manage and optimize their credit cards, finding the best card as per their spending pattern, tracking the expenses on all accounts while also offering reward points on purchases.

One can see the app development complications that must have arisen while planning and executing such a multi-level fintech app. Still, the Flutter framework handles it all with finesse, and the app is only growing in its user base with time for all that it offers to its end users.

3. Hookle social app


The social media fad is prevalent across the world. People love to share posts about everything that is happening in their lives across various social media channels. However, they need to do it individually on each of these channels. To save their time and efforts, there is Hookle social app.

Hookle is an interactive social media app created using the Flutter framework to allow users to share posts across different channels instantly. Not just that, users can manage their accounts, keep track of the activities that happen in their various social media accounts using a single dashboard in this app. They can even customize their posts through this app.

The growing popularity of this app across several app stores clears one thing – that Flutter framework is ready to support even those business ideas that involve frequent interactions of the users to its interface.

4. Reflectly


We, humans, want the technology to help us become thoughtful about our personal lives. More people are indeed living and coping with stress than ever before. The best
part – there is technology in the form of a Reflectly app to help you out.

Reflectly is more like a personal journal in the form of an app backed by AI and is developed using Flutter. What makes it unique is that it uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help users deal with stress in life. For instance, a user can write down how he is feeling at any point in time, think about what he can change, and work on his mental well-being.

He can even get advanced statistical information about how his days are going in this app. Plus, he can ask for help from self-help professionals to deal with mental health problems.

Its growing user base confirms two things – its usability and the easy incorporation of Flutter framework with AI and ML technologies.

5. Hamilton musical

Hamilton musical

Just imagine how exciting it is for musical fans to get to know about the latest news related to their taste. When a popular musical makes this happen for its fans with the technology, there is no looking back.

Hamilton musical app belongs to the popular Broadway musical; Hamilton developed using Flutter. Through this app, the show organizers can easily upload daily news and videos, inform the fans about tour locations, and even make Hamilton merchandise available for sale to the interested buyers.

Dealing with a large community of fans is not an easy thing. However, Flutter framework is empowering the Broadway musical to stay connected to their fans. As reviewed by the users, the experience of using this app has been amazing for all.

6. My leaf

My leaf

This one is an open-source application and a simple alternative to the official NissanConnect EV app. This app is exclusively designed the Nissan Leaf car and Nissan e-NV200 as for now. It has been developed using the Flutter framework with which the users can check the battery status, the current climate control state, and the last known location of their vehicle. They can even initiate remote charging through the charging control widgets.

Flutter framework backing My leaf app confirms its capability to support open-source applications as well.

7. Kalium


The world now knows about cryptocurrencies, and even app development technologies have started to make a difference in their world. Kalium is the official wallet app for BANANO cryptocurrency empowered by the Flutter framework, and its crypto coins are real. It works well for the community of more than ten thousand users.

This app is designed with features like biometric authentication, real-time notifications to users, an intuitive address for contact management, and support for over thirty currency conversions. It also has a sleek design interface for the users.

Users can create a new BANANO wallet or import an existing one, authenticate their wallet with biometric or pin, send BANANO across countries anywhere in the world, and much else.

The app developers must have chosen Flutter for this app, knowing that this framework is ready to work cryptocurrencies as well.

8. Google ads

Google ads

Google utilized its Flutter framework to develop the Google ads app, which is a completely revamped version of its old ad’s platform. Unlike the past app, the new app offers better insights and information and alerts to the users managing ad campaigns. Furthermore, users can even view and improve their campaign settings on the go, thus ensuring work flexibility.

It has been beautifully designed to match the needs of ad campaigners, and they can even call on a Google expert through the app itself.

Google using Flutter for this app, symbolizes that they are confident about the advanced capabilities of this framework to support diverse business-specific requirements.

9. Coach yourself meditation app

Coach yourself meditation app

Humans mostly realize our bad, non-useful habits when someone else points them out. Fortunately, there is an advanced technology to help us know that, and we do not need other humans to become better in our lives.

Based on this line of thought, Coach Yourself is an intuitive health and fitness app using which the users can work upon giving up the habits that are not good for their health. It has several interactive features that keep users engaged and helps in personal development.

The use of the Flutter framework in this app signifies that it can be used to develop apps for a wide variety of industry segments.

10. Watermaniac


Water simply means life on earth. While people across the globe tend to consume enough water, others fall ill because of the lack of hydration in their bodies.

How about an app that can tell users how much water they should intake every day and keeps track of it? Watermaniac does exactly. Developed using Flutter, it makes the user’s phone a water intake tracker to let them know how much water they consume daily. If it is less than an ideal consumption level, the users can set a goal and follow it too.
They even get reminders to drink water during the day.

Final thoughts

All these mobile apps detailed above confirm the power of the Flutter framework in creating a Next-Gen mobile application irrespective of the industry or objective. If you are in the middle of choosing a cross-platform app development framework to develop an app to support your business, look no further than Flutter.

Are you looking to develop Android and iOS apps faster? Let’s discuss how Flutter can serve your customers better in a cost-efficient way.