• Sparkpost user guide For Sending bulk Email

    24 September , 2016 sparkpost, sparkpost api, sparkpost email marketing,sparkpost email template, sparkpost email, Bulk email services, bulk email sender, bulk email, email marketing tool, email marketing solution, email marketing

    To help everyone, TriState Technology develop a tool which helps user to directly send sparkpost email template in only easy three steps.

    • Setup your sparkpost account also map it with your domain (Just follow the steps provide by SparkPost)
    • Create a list with CSV file of recipient and upload in sparkpost.
    • Create a template in sparkpost.
    • Open below-mentioned link (TriState Technology‘s bulk email sender).


    Step 1: Enter List ID : (You can get the list Id from login -> lists -> Recipient (Select the id of which list you want to send) of SparkPost) Step 2 : Enter Template ID : (You can get the template Id from login -> Templates (Select the id of which template you want to send)of SparkPost) Step 3 : Authorization Key  :  (You can get the Auth Key from login -> Account -> API Keys of SparkPost) Then simply submit.. Whooo.. Your emails have been sent.  Hope this would help and save your time..