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Why is NodeJS the ideal framework for enterprise app development?

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In today’s digital world, a business needs a user-focused web application which is an absolute necessity. For building an incredible web application, it is fundamental to utilize a powerful, quick, and flexible innovation. NodeJS has risen as the main innovation that most undertakings lean toward for web and mobile application development.

There are people all around talking about Node controlling the programming world and its benefits. Let’s understand more about Node JS. Before we proceed, we must know the definition and basics of Node JS.

What is Node JS?

NodeJS is a JavaScript system and is an open-source, cross-platform structure that permits executing JavaScript code outside of the browser while building a web application. This comes as an extraordinary framework that enables server-to side scripting and sending the dynamic website page to the program. This makes it a strong language for both server and customer side scripting. This is the reason it is so mainstream with every one of those dynamic enterprise applications wanting to indulge ongoing interactions.

Why is Node JS right for building web enterprise applications?

There is this one thing which lets you choose Node JS – it can develop apps from scale. With current tools and technologies it can develop even more complex applications in the coming future. This makes Node.js stand out from other programming languages and technologies.

How Node JS architecture works?

Node.js is an event-driven architecture. To build large enterprise applications, games and web apps requires huge volume of i/o operations. It has two features 1) it is asynchronous and 2) non-blocking in all the i/o operations which makes Node JS work with critical applications giving performance, throughput and scalability.

Let’s have a look at Node JS architecture

Node JS Architecture

Node JS Architecture (Source)

Importance and popularity of Node JS

Node JS has risen and shown its popularity in recent years. Developers understood the importance of the technology and everyone diverted to it focusing on its benefits. Node JS has its own set of advantages which is positive for global big business and also for startups. Let’s welcome Node JS, as it will be in huge demand in coming days.

As per the BOSS Index, Node ranks 4th as the most important open-source project.

BOSS index

BOSS index: Node ranks (Source)


If we consider the statistics,

  • With strong backend power, Node JS drives big online markets like eBay, AliExpress.
  • Node JS is very popular in the US around 28000 websites use it as per the research.
  • Node JS runs the highest traffic websites like Groupon, PayPal and Netflix as per the research.
  • It can reduce development costs upto 58%. And lastly it is the first choice of startups.

We must know the benefits of this gem. So let’s check out Node JS benefits

Advantages of Node JS

Versatile performance

Node.js structure being created utilizing C++ language and Google Chrome’s V8 runtime is equipped for supporting an assortment of working frameworks while conveying super-quick execution. Since both Node and V8 are refreshed much of the time, the security weaknesses and execution issues are dealt with sometimes. Interestingly, JavaScript utilizes JSON as the data interchange design, which is known for its quicker exhibition.

Node.js permits it to deal with various synchronous connections productively. The vast majority of the famous web stages make an extra string for each new thread, spending RAM for the entire time it takes to process it. Node JS, utilizing the event loops and callbacks for I/O activities, assigning tasks, for example, database tasks as quickly as time permits.

Complete package with NPM tools

Node.js offers a broad NPM (Node Package Manager) including 200k modules. This tremendous volume of modules being open through GitHub causes designers to make important commitments to any extent.

The broad NPM library with modules for every use case is currently accessible with an enterprise version for tending to the protection and security issues for big projects. This enterprise prepared NPM version can be controlled by the developers and designers under the scanner of the security firewall.

Asynchronous and nonblocking programming

NodeJS as a structure makes things simpler for big enterprise application developers as a result of asynchronous programming capacity. For an enterprise developer, this comes as a doubly valuable viewpoint since asynchronicity helps in limiting I.O activities cost while keeping up ideal execution for them.Thanks to this capability, asynchronous programming can quickly be executed independently of the principal program flow while making it easier to process requests continuously.

Microservices-based structure

Node JS supports microservices patterns which scale up big business to a huge extent without any waste of resources.

Considering the use of RAM, usage of registering power, and guaranteeing upgraded execution, the NodeJS support for microservice architecture conveys incredible yield.This really helps in boosting efficiency for big business application development ventures. Because of this device, it turns out to be great use for agreeable to oversee distinctive cross-platform development teams to different locations.

Learning curve

Lower learning curve is written in JavaScript, the structure helps simpler learning and versatility. Along these lines, NodeJS designers can basically utilize the equivalent JavaScript language for the whole development process. In addition, simpler code reusability, video-sharing, and access to a broad scope of devices and modules make NodeJS a perfect system for a wide range of requesting web development projects.

Maintenance and updation of codebase

Constant updates and maintenance are fundamental to ideal execution and predictable user experience of any enterprise level application with different highlights. NodeJS is an incredible framework to permit frequent cycle and maintenance support with constant rendering capacity. Aside from keeping up an elite standard, NodeJS additionally helps in releasing quicker updates to keep the application tuned to the most recent performance request.


Node JS technology is like a back bone for creating enterprise-ready applications. With rising demands of Node JS most of the companies demand enterprise applications to get it built, which in turn ask for more professional developers and designers to develop for them.

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