• Mistakes You Might Be Doing With Your Restaurant Business

    18 August , 2017 mistakes-online-food-order

    Running a restaurant business with success has always been a great challenge. A recent survey published that, over 60% of the restaurants closed down within the first three years of their operations. And this number goes up to 75% over the time of 5 years. This gives you a very clear view of how tough it is to survive in the chaotic competition that exists in today’s market.

    Let’s say, you are running a restaurant business, and facing some real challenges about growth and success, then this is the very important blog for you to read through. Our industry experts have put up their analysis about what mistakes are taking place and how to over come them to be a success in this business.

    Not having a USP

    Having USP is the core essence of making an impact of your business, having unique benefits to the customer will give your business upper hand. There are many restaurants are a presence in the market. Is there anything makes you stand out different from them? Why should all the potential customer to choose your restaurant’s services? If you do not have a clear answer to this questions, you have your first mistake caught up. You must offer something unique to your customer which gives them feel to visit your restaurant more often or place an order from your restaurant more often. Give your custom menu that they have never tried before, or services which they have not experienced before will make them choose your services over others.

    Not having the right menu

    Wait a minute, Are you having a menu which is fresh with unique dishes? Or sometimes your customer has never tried before. This is not about pleasing everyone because it is nearly impossible. Try to figure out what audience do you want as your customer, and give them what they want. You should have very specific items on your menu, not so much and not so less. Too many items make your customer confused over placing orders and also hassle for kitchen staff as well as required more man power. Too fewer items mean your customer will have a lesser option, and after few visits, they will be walking off and go to other places. So make sure you have the right menu which gives your customers what they want.

    Poor marketing

    Marketing is one of the ingredients for greater success and achievements. Without advertising it is difficult to spread awareness about your business. We highly recommend that whether you are a new or old keep your marketing plan ready and allocate budget to it. So that your new offerings, rewards or discount offers lured your customers to regularly visit your business. These days restaurant owners become more impatience and stop promoting their business due to no result. But the fact is that getting a good result in this competitive world is difficult and will take some time. You should have patience. We want you to speak with our Digital Marketing consultant, they will give you a complete insight of how it supposed to be done and what is the approximate budget you have to pour in to get a result. Remember good marketing gives you a good ROI (Return on Investment)

    Not having a mobile app

    Not having mobile application is the biggest drawback in this time, as the world has grown too far with mobile technologies. Nowadays, most of the people are having smart phones and particularly for restaurant industry customers are placing more orders online than either calling in or walk in. In this vibrant consumer market, it is very much required to have a mobile presence. Almost 70% customers are now a tendency to place orders online, therefore, it is very many essentials to have your mobile application by your side to make your presence count.

    These are the core reason why your business is yet to perform up to the mark. Get rid of these mistakes, speak with our market experts and they will consult you with each and every information and insight of how you can get rid of all these mistakes. Kindly drop your email to [email protected] and one of our consultants will contact you.