Let’s start an introduction to the MEAN Stack development.

What is MEAN Stack?
MEAN is an open source javascript based software stack Mean stack development is use to create a dynamic website and web application development.

MEAN stand for:

MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database which is flexible, highly scalable and efficient.

Express is Node.js web application framework which provides robust set of features of building single or multiple page website or web application.

AngularJS is let us extend HTML vocabulary for a web application, so the code would be very expressive, readable and quick to develop. Know more about AngularJS Development

Nodejs is javascript runtime built on chrome’s V8 Javascript Engine. Node.js provided event driven and nonblocking UI to make it lightweight and efficient. Know more about Node.js Development

What are the advantages of MEAN Stack?

1) Javascript as a Programming Language : Javascript is the most popular programming language on the earth as per statistics.

2) One language everywhere : For LAMP stack, application code is in PHP whereas database holds in MySQL data using SQL and javascript for front end client side. whereas MEAN stack having javascript everywhere backend database, server side, and client side.

3) Performance : As it uses NodeJS, it is nonblocking, event driven, real time and very efficient.

4) MongoDB as backend database which adds many advantages as listed below:

a) It is easy to make a transition from SQL database to MongoDB. There are many other NoSQL database like couchDB, Cassandra etc. but MongoDB is much easier to handle with JSON queries and building indices.
b) MongoDB allows us to define database schema in the code itself. Whereas with RDBMS database are stored in a format where it is unusable by front end code. Also, it took much time to handle data issue or need database administrator.
c) Database migration : Very famous headache for database management is a migrating database with SQL Database but in MongoDB adding or removing data items from schema doesn’t require to change anything from server database side.
d) MongooseJS : Mongoose is the wrapper for MongoDb which allows us to write code as Lazy as we want. i.e. we can define database schema, find, save, update records in very simple JSON syntax.

5) Highly Scalable

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