“I want to make an app like HQ Trivia and become successful.”
“How can I make an app like HQ Trivia?”

Well, these questions are trending on Quora, and people search for the same and want to learn how to develop this kind of app, earn money from the same and become successful.

You are also among the one and do you know the reason behind it is?

Because HQ Trivia game app is the #1 game in recent times and less than a year, it becomes so popular that users are addicted to the game.


But, what all things you need to know before starting an app like HQ Trivia?
Here is an ultimate guide on how to develop an app like HQ Trivia and make money from it.

Let’s begin in the order-

1. The Challenges in developing an HQ Trivia-like app
2. Setup requirements
3. Similar apps like HQ Trivia
4. FAQs

What are the challenges to keep in mind while developing a mobile app like an HQ Trivia app?

1. Ultra Low Latency

Like we know that HQ Trivia is trending live gaming show among all the game lovers. But, what keeps it running?

It is the ultra-low latency- one of the most important things for making it a success.

What is low latency?

Informatica explained this very nicely and clearly-


One of the most critical challenges in creating your HQ Trivia app is having the Ultra-low Latency.

Earlier, while developing a live video streaming mobile app, we used to talk about low latency. But, gone are the days of low latency, this is an age of 5G.

You have to be ultra-fast regarding loading your content at the users’ end.

Ultra-low latency gives your users an experience of being “LIVE.”

A live video streaming mobile app like HQ Trivia needs ultra low latency which allows millions of users to interact and engage with the host as well as with the users concurrently.

In fact, ultra-low latency helps the host to come up with the results, chat with the online users, and even respond to the users at lightning speed.

2. Real-time Syncing the App

The feel of real-time is what people need nowadays.

Another challenge for the mobile app like Live Trivia is to bring in the real-time sync of the server with the app.


Can you imagine on what leads to 1 second of delay in bringing a question from the server to the screen of the users?

Also, what happens when the level 1 of the live HQ Trivia game is finished, and the results are delayed for more than 1 second?

I don’t think an app with such real-time sync delays can stand on #1 position among the other games.

So, the sync between the server and the app needs to be in real-time.

Sending the questions to the users, registering the user interaction, showcasing the right results, calculating the number of users played right and the number of users who lost the level- 1 second of delay in any of these, could distract your users and result into leaving your app permanently.

This load balance and server challenge for a similar app like HQ Trivia is all about processing everything in split seconds to make enticing for the gamers.

3. Managing Peak Traffic

HQ Trivia Live Show, when starts, have millions of people waiting to participate in the game.


What if the HQ Trivia app is unable to manage those many people at the same time?

The app traffic drastically increases during the scheduled live events on the HQ Trivia app and similar ones.

Because of the heavy load on the network, the servers need to have the ability to manage all the users at the same time and allow to interact with the app without any glitches.

So, when you schedule any events such as polls or the actual show, your app traffic does not drop and have a better user experience.

These are the challenges while planning and creating an app like HQ Trivia. But, these challenges need to be addressed and resolved to become the #1 live video-streaming app and make money out of it.

Now, let’s understand how to set up the entire environment of the HQ Trivia app.

What are the different components and setup requirements to make a live HQ Trivia app?

1. Adaptive Server

As discussed above, there will be millions of users who will join the HQ Trivia-like show. And, to handle such vast data and network traffic, the server computing power needs to be adaptive and scalable.

And, to build an HQ Trivia clone, the only trustworthy and highly reliable servers are- Amazon Cloud and Google Cloud.

These servers are highly secure, reliable and performance-oriented. And, on the top of that, these cloud servers are evolving around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) which will prove beneficial in the upcoming years.

2. Video Streaming Server

To deliver the video to the millions of users at the same time, you need to have a video streaming server.

Developing an app similar to Live HQ Trivia needs a highly reliable video streaming server that helps your video streaming data to be delivered to millions of users at the same time, with ultra-low latency.

What should you look for before choosing the right video streaming server?

  • Various protocols’ support
  • Codecs
  • Bitrates
  • Operating Systems
  • DRM
  • Switching

3. Recording Studio


Yes, to host a show like HQ Trivia, you need a studio. You need to set up a studio-like environment to make your app a success.

You need to have everything from a soundproof room, high-quality camera to perfect lighting which makes it easy to host an HQ Trivia show.

Well, to help you understand what all the equipment you need to set up a recording studio, here is a complete list-

1. A Computer
2. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
3. Audio Interface
4. Microphones
5. Headphones
6. Studio Monitors
7. Cables
8. Microphone Stands
9. Pop Filters
10. Appropriate Lightings

Whether you’re just a startup or an enterprise, you need at least all of these. Also, on the top of these, you will need-

  • A soundproof room
  • Background lightings
  • A teleprompter

All these will help you set up a studio-like environment which is easy to execute the live show just like it happens in an HQ Trivia show.

4. Production Arrangement

You know what all things you need to set up a recording studio.

Now, you need to understand how would you create a video.


Recently, DaCast published a blog on how to set up the live streaming video on a website. Though you are not looking for a website live streaming, the things and the process is pretty similar to what they have shown.

What all things you need for a production setup?

  • Software encoders such as Wirecast Pro and vMix that needs a computer
  • Hardware encoders don’t need a computer
  • Super-fast internet connection
  • Live streaming software such as OBS Studio and Wirecast Pro

Connect your cameras to the software encoder (or hardware encoder) and connect them with the live video streaming video host and you’re good to go LIVE, just like the HQ Trivia show.

5. A Well-playing Team

Having the studio and production setup is not enough. You need a smart and reliable team that will be responsible for a successful app similar to HQ Trivia.

You need a team of,

1. Creative Writers

Creative writers will help in preparing the list of questions and their answers with all of their creativeness to interact and engage with the audience.

2. Producers

Producers will take care of the comfortable video broadcasting, switching between various scenes to make it look glitch-free.

3. Camera Operator

Camera operator will be responsible for operating the camera. The camera operator will take everything from setting up the right frames to an appropriate color profile care.

4. Lighting Technician

Managing and maintaining the appropriate lighting will be taken care of by the lighting technician. Also, for any lighting technical faults, the technician can help resolve ASAP.

5. Audio Technician

Recording audio, adjusting their levels and monitoring it is essential, and hence, you need an audio technician.

6. Assistants

General assistants would help you with an appropriate execution of everything from writing scripts on the teleprompter, working on showcasing the questions at the right moment, etc.

You might have heard-

There is No SUCCESS without a TEAM.

So, you need to have a team that is smart and strong enough to make your app a success.

6. The Host of the Show

A host of the show is definitely within the team, but as he is the most important person you need in your group, I have highlighted him outside the group.

So, it is essential for you to look for a person who has a great fan following. Just the way, HQ Trivia did. They came up with Scott Rogowsky.

Here, I am not saying to bring a celebrity. But, you can bring anyone who has a fantastic fan following and excellent engagement level on Social Media.

That person should be able to present your entire live show in a way that interacts with your audience more interestingly and should be able to deliver the presentation with the help of a teleprompter without any glitches.

Which are the apps like HQ Trivia?

Before jumping into developing an app similar to HQ Trivia, you need to learn about the HQ Trivia clones available in the market and are successful.

1. HQ Trivia Itself


Yes, how can we forget the one that is the pioneer of all the other successful HQ Trivia clones?

Vine founders developed it- Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll and first it was launched on iOS platform in August 2017 and on Android in December 2017.

Within a year it was launched, it got more than two million daily users who are vying for a cash prize between USD 100,000 and USD 250,000.

HQ Trivia was able to gather USD 15 million venture fund in March 2018 by looking at the popularity and addiction of the game.

2. Live.me Quiz Biz


Live.me is an HQ Trivia clone but it is only for the Android users.

Live.me is a live broadcasting video chat mobile application. It is considered one of the social media networks like Instagram and musica.ly. The idea behind this app is to build the community of influencers across any topic, any industry.

It is available across 85 countries with millions of downloads.

3. Loco


Loco is called an HQ Trivia game of India. It is only available on the Android platform, and it was published by Pocket Aces Pictures Private Limited.

Users can participate in the live quiz games on Loco just the way they do on HQ Trivia app.

The users have to answer the ten questions, and with ten correct answers, the users get a chance to win cash prizes which get deposited in their PayTM account on a weekly basis.

FAQ for developing a mobile app like HQ Trivia app

While developing an HQ Trivia app, you might have a few questions, and that’s why I have listed down the FAQs that would help you to answer almost all of your questions.

1. Who can start a business like HQ Trivia and become successful?
Anyone. There are no pre-required qualifications to start any XYZ business, and this is the same with HQ Trivia-like business. You need to keep all the things in mind discussed in this article, before starting a business like HQ Trivia.

2. How does HQ Trivia app make money?

HQ Trivia app is making money from the advertising deals. It has earned money from brands like Nike and Warner Bros for advertising. In fact, a sponsored game was hosted by Dwayne Johnson to promote his upcoming movie, Rampage.

So, you can advertise products on the show and even by sponsoring the entire show. This is how you can also make money just like the way HQ Trivia is making.

( source )

3. Do I need to have technical knowledge before having an HQ Trivia clone?

Not at all. Accept for business knowledge, you don’t need to work on having any technical expertise, and you can get started with your HQ Trivia-like business by just having your studio, team and HQ Trivia clone app ready.

4. In how much time my new HQ Trivia-like app can go LIVE?

Like any other app development time, your HQ Trivia clone app can be developed and launched within 4-5 months of time.

But, this may variate from app development companies to even changing requirements.

5. How much money is required to start a business like HQ Trivia?

Developing an HQ Trivia clone app is not about improving the same features and functionalities that the app has. Based on customized requirements and improved user experience, the cost differs. You need to contact here to find out your customized price.

6. Who can help me develop an app similar to HQ Trivia?

An app development company with high-skilled experts that shares an in-depth knowledge, hacks, and skills in developing an app similar to HQ Trivia are worth giving the opportunity. Also, the company that has the experience in developing live video streaming apps should be an added advantage.

Work on Your HQ Trivia Idea Now

HQ Trivia app was just an app idea before it was planned, designed, developed, launched, and promoted. So, it takes a lot of guts to let go of a unique app idea.

If you have a mind-blowing HQ Trivia app-like idea, you need to discuss it with us right away to help you get all your answers and go live ASAP. Because, a unique design does matter a lot and, if that’s gone, you shall lose a lot of success.