iOS 12 Features

Whether it is iOS or Android, the app developers have a lot to learn, explore, and experience new and refreshing things.

While discussing the iOS app development trends, we didn’t consider iOS 12. But, yes, it is here now.

The year 2018 seems to be the year of announcements. We recently saw the new updates from Google I/O 2018 and here, we have the announcements from Apple WWDC 2018.

Apple announced iOS 12 and with that, there are a lot of new features, apps, and integrations that are curated to improve the performance of the Apple devices and the experiences of the iOS and Mac users.

Let’s discuss the major announcements or major features of iOS 12:

1. Performance – Doubling Down on Performance

Apple is working to upgrade the performance of their older iPhones and iPads. For this, Apple made iOS 12 which is much faster compared to the older version.


As per the Craig Ferderighi, iOS 12 is way faster-

  • iOS 12 launches the app 40% faster
  • The keyboard is shown 50% faster
  • Camera is opened almost 70% faster

Apple focuses on improving the overall performance and speed of the devices when they’re heavily loaded. iPhones and iPads of all ranges that support iOS 12 will also have a long battery life.

2. Screen Time


iOS 12 comes up with a new feature called, “Screen Time”. This feature will help you know how often you use their devices in the day and at the night and also, for how long.

Screen Time will also measure how much time is spent on maps, how many apps are being used based on categories, how many notifications from each app, how many per hours, and much more.

So, now the iPhone and iPad users like you will get a weekly notification on their usage habits and allow them to lower it to make the most of their lives from the gadgets, just like Google.

3. Do Not Disturb

iOS_Do Not Disturb

Like we discussed the need to take out some time of your life from the gadgets, Apple iOS 12 also come up with a new feature “Do Not Disturb” during bedtime.

So, you will just have to set the mode on and it won’t allow the chatty notifications to show up on the notification bar. This will avoid distractions during their bedtime.

Apple is trying to make users’ life balanced between their work, social chats and even healthier life.

4.Limiting the Apps

App limits was first introduced in Android P. And, iOS 12 has this new feature of limiting the usage of apps.

Now, for any particular application, you can now set the time limit to use. So, once you are reaching the app limit, iOS will prompt you for the same. And, when the time limit will get over, you will get a message- “Time’s Up”.

This will allow you to use the app for a certain amount of time and focus more on things other than the phones.

Don’t worry, if you want to use the application for more time, you can request more time limit. Then, iOS will allow you to use the app for that particular amount of time.

So, Apple has taken care of each tiny thing to make iOS 12 a better one for the users.

5.Grouped notification

iOS12_Grouped notification

Have you been equally stressed up of this notification bar in your iPhone or iPad?

Finally, Apple has heard to many such complaints and fixed the messy notification in iOS 12.

iOS 12 has grouped notifications which makes the Notification Center a complete user-friendly feature. So, this allows you to-

  • Interact with multiple notifications
  • Dismiss multiple notifications
  • Shows the no. of apps need attention
  • Work on the settings on which apps should send you the notifications
  • “Quiet” in the Notification Center will shut down the sounds that the app notifications make
  • And, much more

6. Tongue Detection in New Animoji


If you’ve been a fan of Animoji, there is a brand new feature of detecting when you’re taking out your tongue and Animoji will actually mimic it.

Animoji was first introduced in iPhone X, there are new Animoji in iOS 12 like for ghost, tiger, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and koala.

7. Memoji: Create Animoji of You


Apple iOS 12 is coming up with a new bigger feature that allows you to create customized and personalized Animoji for you which is called, “Memoji”

With this feature, you can create your own personalized Avatar by giving them your appearance, skin color, hairstyle, dressing, and even accessories like a scarf, earrings, spectacles, etc.

We saw this in Samsung’s S9, but Apple makes sure you love this and enjoy as well.

8. Group FaceTime


Apple’s FaceTime is the most loved feature among the iPhone and iPad users.

Now, with iOS 12, Apple is going to make FaceTime bigger and advanced by allowing multiple iOS users, almost 32 people, to connect with each other for video sessions.

All the iOS and MacOS users will be able to take benefit of this new Group FaceTime.

What’s new in this Group FaceTime?

  • When a user is talking, the video window gets larger
  • When a user is not talking, the video window becomes shorter
  • Whenever a user wants, Animoji or Memoji can be used

This makes Group FaceTime much more exciting, interesting, and fun.

9. Voice Memos App

With iOS 12, Apple announced the redesigning the entire Voice Memos App.

Voice Memos App is going to be seen with iOS 12 in iPad and Mac devices.

The most amazing part of this redesigned apps is that you can easily share your own recordings across different Apple devices using the iCloud syncing.

So, it’s easy to save your recordings for years now.

10. Better AR experiences


Apple introduced new file open format, USDZ, in collaboration with Pixar.

With the launch of iOS 12, Apple came up with USDZ that will help the AR developers to utilize the AR development environment and even the consumer to experience it.

USDZ will soon be experienced in the app iOS app environments like Mail, Messages, Safari, and other file browsers.

USDZ has been already considered by Adobe, Autodesk, and Sketchfab to develop the apps around USDZ. Even, with iOS 12, Apple is going to use Adobe Creative Cloud suite of apps to build the AR experiences.

11. ARKit 2

iOS_ARKit 2

Apple announced ARKit 2.

Apple has been working for years to bring the world’s largest AR experiences. And, here is ARKit 2 that will help the developers to develop AR apps by integrating shared experiences.

Shared experiences with ARKit 2 is the most innovative feature as it allows multiple iPhone and iPad users to experience AR at the same time like playing games together and doing a home renovation.

12. Photos App with Search Functionality

iOS12_Photos App with Search Functionality

iOS 12 comes up with the Photos App that offers the search functionality.

In this, there will be a new tab, “For You”, that offers the filters and effects that you might want to apply to images you’ve captured.

Photos app also offers sharing suggestions among the multiple users. Being at the same event or location, friends can share their own photos with each other using this app.

13. Apple news

Well, there’s nothing major here.

Apple updates the Apple News App with the feature “Browse” tab.

14. Siri trigger shortcuts


Most of you are being Siri fans, you would be excited to know that Apple claims it to be the most powerful digital assistant in the world.

With iOS 12, Siri offers more integration for the developers. So, now the developers can build the apps that allow creating shortcuts. These shortcuts will make Siri carry out some popular quick tasks.

Apple while announcing this, showed an example like, “Hey Siri, I lost my keys”. This triggered the shortcut for the Tile tracking device.

15. Measure App

iOS12_Measure App

With iOS 12, Apple launched the new app, Measure.

The Measure app is considered to be the biggest augmented reality supported software. This app allows you to measure the objects or walls around you.

In this app, you have to place the object or wall within the camera frame, tap and pull out a line around the object or wall. And, the Measure app will measure it for you.

Obviously, this app has been developed using ARKit. So, Apple is bringing its own existence in AR world.

16. Shortcuts app

Like we discussed above Siri triggering shortcuts, Apple introduces a new Shortcuts App that allows users to attach multiple actions together that can be triggered by a Siri request.

We have been experiencing it in Google and Amazon assistants. But, Apple brings up the specialized app for this functionality with iOS 12. So, soon you will experience this on your iPhone or iPad.

17. CarPlay supports Google Maps & Waze

ios12_CarPlay-supports-Google Maps&Waze

CarPlay is an Apple standard that makes the car radio to a display or a controller of your iPhone.

Now, Apple announced that CarPlay will now take the support of Google Maps & Waze to make the navigation smoother and efficient.

This will be seen effective once iOS 12 is launched.

18. Stocks App

Stocks app is a built-in app within the iPhones. And, now with the announcement of iOs 12, you are going to see it in iPad.

The updated Stocks app will show you the updated stock prices even after the stock-hours and will bring up the latest news from the New App that might be useful for your investments and even for your future market references.

Frankly, Apple never thought of updating it for years and now, it seems we are going to see much more updates in the existing built-in apps.

19. iBooks is now called Apple Books


With the announcement of iOS 12, Apple changes the name of iBooks to Apple Books.

With this new name, the complete design is refreshed which is made to make easy to find the new books.

Apple also brought a new tab within the Apple Books, “Book Store”. This tab will help you find the top charts, special offers, and even the curated collection of books that might interest you.
So, while looking at the new features and advancements Apple is bringing with iOS 12, it seems that we are going to experience more of technology sort of life. This means our usage and engagement with the Apple devices are going to increase to the great extent.

Do you plan to utilize any of the above features in your iOS app? get-quote’ Let’s discuss it because you cannot compromise on success over time.