Node.js cannot go unnoticed with a plethora of effective solutions that it has for website development.

  • Node.js has been enjoying the developer’s attention since the time it has been launched. It is leaping to increase any framework’s speed by making the running of the coding much faster.
  • Node.js has become widely popular around the globe and it now plays a critical role in the technology stack of many high-profile companies like, PayPal, LinkedIn, Uber, eBay, Mozilla, Yahoo, and many others, who depend on the unique benefits and features that it offers.
  • Walmart is putting up an e-commerce site and operating towards their mission to become the world’s number one online retailer with Node.js
  • Groupon and Paypal transitioned to Node.js after passing a few functional tests and concluded that the applications developed in Node.js were built twice as fast and with fewer people than the other applications and were written in 33% fewer lines of code and with 40% of fewer files constructed.
  • LinkedIn moved from Ruby on Rails to Node.js as they advanced to stateless servers because of the code being simplified by moving to an asynchronous evented system.

The Advantages of Node.js over other technologies

  • The applications now run 20x faster in some scenarios due to lower memory overhead and better performance of Node.js
  • It was easier for developers to grasp on Node.js and leverage from their JavaScript skills and so they no longer needed to work in different front-end and back-end teams as they could now be combined into a single functional unit and focus more on application development than firefighting.
  • The utilization of resources shrunk to 10x as enough headroom remained and the servers were cut down from 30 to 3.

The Top Exhilarating Features of Node.js

Listed below are some features that make Node.js the best way out for software architects.

  •  Event Driven and Asynchronous − Node.js library consists of API’s that are asynchronous, or non-blocking which essentially means that a Node.js based server will never wait for an API to return data but moves to the next API after calling it. Node.js has a notification mechanism of events which helps the server to get a response from the previous API call.
  •  Highly Scalable  The event mechanism in Node.js makes the server highly scalable by responding in a non-blocking way.
  •  Single Threaded – Node.js supports a single threaded model with event looping and the same model can provide service to a much larger number of requests.
  • Extremely Fast − The code execution in the Node.js library is faster because it is built on V8 JavaScript Engine of Google Chrome.
  •  No Buffering − The data in the applications of Node.js is never buffered but output the data in chunks.
  •  License − Node.js has been released under the MIT license which puts a very limited restriction on reuse and has, therefore, an excellent license compatibility.

So, what more does Node.js has to offer?

  • It employs push technology over web-sockets, thereby, offering its users with real-time, two-way connections, where both the server and the client can instigate communication and exchange data freely.
  •  It is a platform for easily building fast and scalable network applications.
  •  It provides a rich library of various JavaScript modules to simplify the development of web applications.


Despite the multitude of benefits that Node.js offers, it is still in its budding phase. Node.js could prove to be a turning point for any web development business due to the dynamic, scalable and real-time features that it is offering. What do you think about Node.js and its latest features? Do you still have any confusion related to Node.js development? Are you seeking a Node.js Development Company? Feel free to get in touch with TriState Technology and hire our expert Node.js developers to experience an end-to-end solution. All you need to do is just fill the contact us form and sip on a cup of coffee until our team works on sculpting the best solution for you.