Is Flutter ready for Enterprise Web Development?

Flutter needs no introduction because it is one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks. Data shows that it is used by 42% of software developers globally. Considering the popularity, it is entirely legitimate to ask if Flutter web development will become the future?

Well, it will. Many developers globally consider Flutter for enterprise web development because of the wide range of features it has to offer. Ever since its introduction, it has been fruitful for making app development easier than native apps.

Flutter for enterprise web development

Soon, Flutter will emerge in the market as one of the most robust cross-platform networks for enterprise web development. According to Google, around 500,000 developers depend on their monthly software development kit. Flutter is giving a great competition to React Native.

Flutter’s SDK is growing at a rapid rate in GitHub. Flutter for enterprise web development doesn’t require any hybrid code requirement. With Flutter, the administrators can control data, thereby making the entire workflow smooth.

The layered architecture framework and compatibility with hardware networks have made flutter web development an efficient choice. Unlike other platforms, Flutter is an open-source platform written using Dart, an object-oriented programming language by Google.

Some of the common reasons that make Flutter effective with the use of Dart include:

  • Object-orientation
  • Smooth and fast functioning
  • Productivity
  • Improved allocation

The extensive features of Flutter make it one of the best choices for the development of native apps for Android and iOS. With Flutter web development, designing applications across different platforms become a streamlined, smooth process.

Important Features of Flutter For Enterprise Web Development

Is Flutter good for web development? This is the question that everyone wants to clear out. To answer this, you must understand the important feature of the Flutter framework. As the popular open-source mobile app development framework, Flutter has many important features that make it suitable and beneficial forenterprise web development.

Here is the list of key features of Flutter for enterprise web development

1. Get High Performance

The native-like performance quality in Flutter can help the software developer to create a responsive and fast web application. The reactive programming model in the Flutter framework enables the software developers to deliver smooth transactions and animations by creating responsive interfaces to user input.

2. Widget Library

When planning to use Flutter for enterprise web development, you must know about its rich widget library feature. This feature makes it easy to design beautiful user interfaces by creating custom UI components. It can help make the application more visually appealing and engaging and improve the user experience.

3. Fast Development

The hot reload feature in the Flutter framework allows for rapid development that helps mobile app developers to make instant changes in the code. It can help to reduce the time to create the web application and speed up the development process.

4. Cross-Platform Support

Flutter for web developmentsupports different platforms, including desktop, mobile, and web. It makes it easier for software developers to create and maintain seamless applications across different platforms and devices.

5. Easy Integration

Flutter mobile app development framework can be easily integrated with different web applications, which makes it easier to scale and extend the required applications. This framework has many packages and plugins that make it easy to integrate with different services and technologies.

6. Security

Flutter has built-in security features and offers a secure development environment, which can help to protect web applications from attacks and vulnerabilities. This app development framework strongly focuses on the application performance that can help minimize performance-related security issues.

7. Dart Programming Language

As mentioned above, the Dart modern programming language is used in the Flutter framework, which is easy to use and learn. The object-oriented features and strong typing features in the Dart make it easier to create complex applications and help to keep themmaintained over time.

8. Testing And Debugging

Flutter for web developmentoffers tools for debugging and testing web applications, including widget testing, unit testing, and integration testing. It is helpful for the software developers to fix and identify the issues early in the app development process and ensure the application’s better performance and stability.

9. Open-Source Community

This mobile app development framework has an active and large open-source community that contributes to the better development of the application and gives support to the software developers. The Community support also creates packages and plugins that extend Flutter’s functionality and make building web applications easier.

Several features are associated with Flutter that makes it the best fit for enterprise web development. With its cross-platform support,strong community support,fast development, high performance, and rich widget library, the software developers can help to create a more responsive and engaging web application that can meet your business needs. Still not convinced with its features, then look at the major benefits you can get by choosing Flutter for enterprise web development.

Why choose flutter for enterprise web development?

Enterprise apps are highly crucial to an organization, whether a small-scale startup or a well-established multinational company. The right app can help with data management and workflow streamlining. Flutter can help meet these requirements.

Some of the common reasons why Flutter is ready for enterprise web development include:

1. Layered architecture determines the functionality

An app with multiple layers can function efficiently. Furthermore, it helps to boost productivity among the developers. With the layered architecture through Flutter, developers can create efficient design patterns for documents. It will also help to understand the different features of an app.

Flutter is simple to use and has a very secure networking structure. It offers easy access through library plugins. Some of the common ways through which it provides an increase in functionality include:

  • RxDart
  • Deep linking
  • Background processing
  • Dependency Injection
  • Push Notifications

2. Efficient development environment for iOS and Native Android applications

In any development environment, it is crucial to choose across different platforms with the help of Flutter IDE. These are efficiently available across other Chromebook, Linux, PC, and Mac devices.

The developers can work on debugging and device deployment with the help of these IDEs. However, to create an environment for iOS platforms development, the developers need to have a Mac.

Different mobile app development companies can use the Flutter environment to deploy the Flutter apps for respective iOS and Android devices.

Apps built on Flutter are easily scalable because of its Dart ecosystem. Flutter projects can all be refactored as packages for Flutter Dart, allowing team members to split work among themselves. This paves the way for scaling the app.

Furthermore, Flutter widgets can be used for conducting a wide range of tests, especially integration tests, widget tests, and unit tests. Flutter packages provide a wide range of coverage that is only available for a short time.

Flutter can play an essential role in device deployment. It contributes towards developing a Dart or Flutter environment that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Nonetheless, it is necessary to hire professionals who can help you build the Flutter app efficiently.

3. Mobile app security

Comparatively, Flutter plays a vital role in providing mobile app security. Whether a starting-level app or an already advanced one, mobile app security can guarantee maximum success.

Flutter web development promises safety across all devices. Flutter launched its Simple Auth feature, which is vital in increasing device security. However, choosing an efficient authentication provider such as GitHub, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, and Amazon is crucial.

Organizations can consider getting the SSL certificate pinning with Flutter web development to offer protection against unwanted apps. It also supports secure web requests. Secure information storage can allow the growth of the business.

4. User interface

Apart from the architecture, the user interface of a particular app has a vital role in determining the app’s success. Flutter provides functionalities such as Cupertino Widget for iOS and Material Widget for Android.

Flutter supports a 2D vector animation library, Flare, that developers can use for designing animations. The use of animations can play an essential role in increasing the app’s effectiveness. Furthermore, these animations included between in-app pages can help to improve interactions and engagement.

Flutter for enterprise web development can also play an important role in managing the cache and image loading industry. Moreover, customers can also access Apple and Google Maps with Flutter.

5. Hardware requirements

Hardware permission requests have become too frequent in today’s time. The permissions are requested to streamline various activities such as location tracking, documentation, etc.

Flutter app development can now cater to the ease of accessing hardware components. It uses different features such as camera, GPS, NFC, and biometric authentication to provide these benefits.

6. Miscellaneous perks

While there are numerous perks of Flutter for enterprise web development, this isn’t all. There are quite a few features and applications that have been catering to the application’s success.

The libraries in Adobe and Firebase have Flutter support. This contributes towards the development across the Analytics ecosystem. Flutter apps can play an essential role in QR code scanning and generating the same. One of the main reasons people prefer Flutter apps is because they help send and receive MMS and SMS with complete ease.

Various tech giants worldwide are working with Flutter, such as Google Assistant, eBay, Tencent, etc.

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What are the additional benefits of flutter for web development?

Flutter is an open-source tool kit that can provide many benefits. When you develop your app on this platform, you need to identify the risks and the perk.

Apart from proving to be a convenient tool for enterprise web development, Flutter has many other benefits. Some of the expected benefits of Flutter as an open-source toolkit include:

  • A different or separate rendering engine.
  • Faster code development.
  • The apps developed on Flutter share similarities with the native app.
  • Considering the rise in the market, product development can be significantly eased with the help of Flutter.
  • Flutter apps promise security, thereby preventing the risk of exposure to any threats.


Now, you must have gotten your answer – Is flutter good for web development? It has been found that Flutter for enterprise web development can prove beneficial. This app development framework can offer you the right security, better functionality, an efficient development environment, and many more; what else do you need for your enterprise web development? Businesses looking forward to one-time app development can rely on Flutter considering its perks. Tech firms and individual developers can also benefit. It is important to choose a right flutter app development company for developing the Flutter apps.