• iOS 9 Application Development – The Ideal Choice for Fast Paced Enterprises

    21 July , 2015 ios 9

     iOS 9 is the new big thing in the application development industry. Everyone’s talking about it. There are many new developments that iOS 9 proposes over its predecessor. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting developments:

    Multitasking: The new multitasking ability, with iOS 9, is extremely exciting from the point of view of the users and the iOS 9 application development company. Various new features like Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture make this platform the ideal choice for organizations.

    Slide Over, as the name suggests, offers users the ability to quickly pick a secondary application, and even have an interaction with it without exiting from the first app. Split View is another interesting feature that allows for the use of 2 applications in a split view. This is available with iPad Air 2. The Picture in Picture feature, on the other hand, is equally interesting as it makes it possible to watch a video in a window that floats over the other apps that are currently running.

    As prospective as this might sound, having the right developers in place is extremely important too. The developer needs to skillfully use system resources. Given that the apps are going to be sharing the system with other apps, the developer as to account for memory pressure.

    Easy Searching: How brilliant would it be if a user searched for something, and could access content from within a relevant app without even having it installed on the device? That’s what iOS 9 search provides to the users. This coincides with HandOff, Siri Reminders, and Search Results. While the user experience is enhanced, this also allows good apps to be visible in relevant searches.

    Again, the app developers’ acumen matters a lot as they need to be well acquainted with the new APIs. These include the Core Spotlight framework, the Web Markup, and NSUser Activity Class.

    Efficient Gaming: With the improvement in technology, the game developers have been given the ability to implement newer features while working on their Game’s graphics and audio features.

    Right to Left Languages: This is what the developers always needed in order to deliver a flipped user interface. This feature allows the developers to flip standard UIKit controls into a right to left context. The UIView describes the attributes of semantic content. Hence, the developers get to specify how certain views will appear when they are applied to a right to left context.

    More Security: Additional security features have been appended to iOS 9. The App Transport Security (ATS) feature is an interesting way of securing connections between an app and its back end. Users don’t have to worry about accidental disclosures and other security issues anymore.

    There are many other features worth mentioning like the revamped Siri and the wireless Carplay.

    WHY iOS 9?

    While the above content explains why iOS 9 is far superior to its predecessors and an ideal choice, the following shall reinforce the same:

    1. Multitasking allows users to do more every day.

    2. Better battery life adds more life to the device.

    3. Wireless carplay and others offer higher flexibility in the hands of the uers.

    4. Much more…There is so much more to it.

    All of this makes it imperative for companies to consider the iOS 9 for their app development needs.


    At Tristate, we have the experience and the skill to be able to effectively use all of iOS 9’s new features. We have plans in place to develop comprehensive applications that boast of a rich user interface and a strong backend.

    Our renowned Gameplay Kit framework works seamlessly with iOS 9. We can develop Gameplay mechanics and combine with any high-level graphic engines. Moreover, we have researched extensively on the new APIs that can add more value to our apps. In short, we can help you take full advantage of iOS 9’s robust functionalities and features.

    For more information on our iOS 9 application development service, please contact us.