Gone are the days when people were getting worried about handling daily household and outdoor tasks. Today, when they feel hungry and too tired to cook something, they can reach for an on-demand food delivery app and order whatever they wish to eat. If they want to reach somewhere, Uber is just a click away to book a cab and reach the destination.

On-demand mobile applications have taken up the world to a whirl. They have a huge impact on our daily lives. And I am not only talking about users’ who rely on on-demand apps but also I am pointing towards the businesses earning a fortune by offering these on-demand apps and services.

As per Burson-Marsterller’s on-demand app economy survey, 45 Million Americans are offering on-demand services. 51% of them have claimed to enjoy an improved financial situation in the past year. 51% of people offering on-demand services for startups are under 35 years of age.

If you want to become a part of this on-demand service provider economy, you have come to the right place.

As many businesses are included in some sort of on-demand app services, ideas are shrinking for startups.

But we have one on-demand app idea for you to set-up now and get started.

It’s On-Demand Laundry and Dry Cleaners App.

Sound too simple or boring?

Within two minutes of reading further, you will realize its potential.

Why would anyone bother to spare some time on washing clothes on weekends when they can enjoy the time with their loved ones or loved Netflix series?

This very thought turned into a foundation of on-demand laundry app that every user with a pile of clothes, waiting to be washed on weekends, is waiting for so long.

If you want to build an entire business over dry cleaning mobile app services, you are covered well.

To your surprise, you don’t need to own a fleet of workers initially. An app and a tie-up with local dry cleaners are good to go for a quick start. Later it’s up to you.

Want some more convincing before you put your time and money in it?

I got you covered.

Market demand for laundry and dry cleaning services

Talking about the market demand, you will be delighted to see that demand for laundry services is enlarging day by day worldwide. It’s not limited to householders, but also those who travel across the world as while traveling they need someone to wash their clothes so that they can enjoy exploring. Employees working outside of their hometown are surely in need of dry cleaning services as they have no one to manage their daily tasks.

Research says that the income of laundry service providers in 2016 was approximately 7.98 million dollars which are estimated to go up to 8.90 million US dollars. And we are already living in an on-demand app economy where each service has a place in users’ heart as far as its offering doorstep delivery (i.e. supporting “no need to leave the house” mindset)

Laundry app service providers are no different than a doorstep delivery service. They pick up laundry from the doorstep for washing, cleaning, and ironing. At last, they deliver it back to your doorstep within the scheduled time. This simple pick up and drop process is increasing the demand for laundry apps.

So are you up for it?

If yes, then you need to know more about how an on-demand laundry works and how much does it cost.

Here we go…

How on-demand laundry app works?

  • Step 1: Customers open the app -> select the nearby laundry services -> set the date and time for pick up -> Place the order -> Make the Payment
  • Step 2: Laundry service provider receives the request -> confirm it
  • Step 3: Laundry service provider wash, clean, and iron the clothes
  • Step 4: Laundry service provider delivers the cleaned and ironed clothes to the customers’ doorstep

That’s it.

Four steps and customers never have to worry about dirty clothes for a lifetime.

But wait.

There’s more you will offer to the users via your on-demand laundry app.

Advantages of on-demand laundry app

  • Helping customers to save time by cutting out the process of cleaning or dropping and picking up clothes from the service providers
  • Bringing everything on fingertips and offering an excellent customer experience ranging from online booking to doorstep delivery
  • Even the service provider like washers or cleaners will enjoy the benefits of receiving business at home
  • The app turns into an easy and effective way to complete laundry tasks within minutes.
  • No need to train anyone for anything
  • The laundry service provider can smartly maintain a crystal communication with customers

Oh yes, there’re tons of benefits.

But what about your bread and butter?

Coming next…

Revenue model

The on-demand laundry app brings multiple revenue streams to run your business for a long, coupled with endless growth.

Here’s the list of revenue hidden behind the stores of on-demand laundry app:

1. Extra Charges: The most basic way to earn from on-demand laundry app is to charge some extra than the basic charges of laundry service providers

2. Material Charges: Different materials require different treatments for cleaning and ironing. Also, the size of each material varies. Hence, you can charge differently for various cloth materials based on size and type.

3. Subscription Charges: Announce a subscription model where users get extra benefits like auto-schedule, free cloth washing per year, reward points, etc., for subscribing to premium services.

4. Listing Business Charge: You can also charge from service providers for listing their business on your app. As they are getting business without leaving their premises, they won’t hesitate to pay a bit.

As you keep going with your on-demand laundry business via an app, you will find many other opportunities to earn more.

Now that you are ready to step in, let’s see which features are required in an on-demand laundry app.

Key features

Basically, an on-demand laundry app requires three apps which we are going to break in features possessed by each one:

  • Customer App
  • Laundry Man App
  • Delivery Man App

Customers’ on demand laundry app features

  • Easy Signup / Login
  • Login Option from Social Media like Gmail, Facebook, etc.
  • Showing available nearby laundry service provider
  • Options of multiple cloth materials to choose from
  • Hand Wash or Machine Wash preferences
  • Different prices for a different type of preferences
  • Pickup schedules like date and time
  • Basic cost + extra charges like delivery charges
  • Total cost
  • Multiple payment options like credit/debit card, eWallets, cash, etc.
  • Order status like order received and confirmed
  • Order tracking showing when will be the laundry man arrives for pick up
  • Order cancel option
  • Notification system to update customers if any changes take place
  • Post-order rating and review option
  • “My Offers” option to provide special offers or discounts for loyal customers

Laundry man on-demand laundry app features

  • Easy Sign Up / Login with complete details of laundryman to ensure security
  • Dashboard showing the milestones achieved till date
  • Access to customers’ information like order, location, number of clothes, materials, etc.
  • Order history
  • Statistics and analytics revealing the quality of service they offer and improvement require
  • Calendar reminding tasks schedule and final delivery dates

Delivery man on-demand laundry app features

  • Login / Sign up with complete details like identity proof for security purpose
  • Map system to navigate and reach customers’ location with extreme ease
  • Earning tracker and statistics
  • Pickup and drop request via notification

On-demand laundry and dry cleaners app development process

The process of laundry app development can be simple and effective if you choose an experienced team of app developers and designers who are prone to build an app keeping your customers in mind.

Here’s the list of people you need as a team to take care of your laundry app development process:

  • Project Manager: To coordinate with all your app demands and to deliver constant updates on app progress. You should be updated with changes taking place during the entire app development process.
  • App Developers: To develop an app based on your business’ and your customers’ requirements.
  • App Designers: To design UI/UX, graphics and other visible elements of the app that offer an excellent user experience
  • Quality Analysts: to test the app and keep it free from bugs and errors. They must take care that the app doesn’t face any technical issue even after launch.

Technological requirements

  • Cloud technology: Cloud technology plays a vital role when it comes to on-demand app services. An on-demand laundry app is linked with data from all sides including payment details, orders, customers’ details, laundry person, delivery man, etc. The app necessarily needs cloud technology to store all the data on the server where only trusted person gets access. Cloud technology also maintains communication, between people contacting each other via the app, through secured servers ensuring the confidentiality of your business. It further increases users’ trust with your business.
  • GPS tracking: GPS offers navigation to laundryman and delivery man in real-time. It also displays the distance between the customer and the laundry service provider which makes it easier for the delivery man to reach on time. Customers, on the other hand, get real-time updates on the delivery man’s arrival time.
  • Reports and analytics: To constantly improve your laundry app and find out the loopholes in laundry business to fill in, you need insights on what’s working and what’s not. Insights like customers’ satisfaction from services, laundry man’s satisfaction from earning, and delivery man’s on-time service level, etc., will help you know the areas where improvement needed. Keep collecting reports and analytics from all the three apps to analyze the data and take your future decisions.
  • App Store optimization: With tons of apps available on app stores, you need a little bit of optimization so that you don’t have to worry about promoting your laundry app. App store optimization coupled with intelligence program manages the ratings, reviews, and keywords of your app.

Factors affecting the cost of on demand app

Now that you are completely agree to step ahead and build an on-demand laundry app, here are some factors to acknowledge which may affect your cost of the on-demand app:

  • Platform: For which platform you want to develop an app? Is it Android or iOS or both? Choosing a single platform or multiple platforms affect your app development cost.
  • Features: It’s obvious that the more features you include, the higher the price goes. 
  • Hosting: App hosting makes your apps go live for the general public. It is a vital investment to consider while estimating the cost of app development
  • Maintenance cost: With frequent changes taking place in users’ smartphone, it’s crucial to keep your updated and keep bring compatible features which require additional budget.
  • Third-party app integration: Adding third-party apps like GPS, social media widgets, analytics, multiple payment gateways, etc., attract more budget requirements.

Native vs cross platform app development cost

When you want to build an application for both Android and iOS, then it’s better to go for cross-platform app development as it not only saves engineering time but also cost.

Key takeaway

A mobile app offering on-demand laundry and dry cleaning services is one of the great startup ideas. After all, who says no to doorstep pick up and drop off clean clothes without dipping their hands in the washing machine. Being a time saver idea, the customers will easily get attracted to this new on-demand service in the market. Once you launch the app, all you need is a tie-up with laundry and delivery people along with word-of-mouth marketing in your nearby area. After that, you are good to go for growing your business in other areas while increasing your income.

So… are you ready for your next on-demand laundry service idea? Let’s Talk