How To Build A Salon Booking App

Ever had to wait for a tad too long for your turn at the salon? Booking your salon appointment can be a real pain, taking up way too much time and energy. Rarely do we have the time and patience to visit or call up a salon to book our appointment. Also, manually booking your appointment via call is not the optimal way to do things considering how there is an app for just about everything.

The solution? Build a salon booking app that helps people book appointments whenever they want. This way, customers do not have to worry about waiting on the phone or physically visiting the salon. At the same time, managers now have a way to manage their appointments effectively.

Develop Beauty and Salon Appointment Booking App

Are you looking to Develop Beauty and Salon Appointment Booking App? There is a high demand for numerous app enterprises. Furthermore, market-conscious individuals purchase software solutions for their organizations to keep ahead of the competition. As a result, there are several on-demand business models to consider; similarly, a salon application might benefit your company.

In today’s digitally-driven world, when most consumers or clients choose online services, a user-friendly salon application is the key to the greatest growth of your business. Here are a few compelling reasons you want the best appointment booking app or salon management software product.

These requirements will also show why salon app development costs are justifiable because it helps you grow your business. Read these elements carefully since they will determine how much you must pay to Develop Beauty and Salon Appointment Booking App.

Making Bookings Easier

A salon client’s priority is scheduling an appointment without difficulty. Salon providers may design a unique salon application allowing regular and new clients to make appointments. In this manner, they may minimize clashing bookings and limit the possibility of human mistakes due to overlapping dates or hours.

Digital Enhancements

Salon proprietors may display their businesses with pride by using online salon software. Salon workers may now promote their internet presence and remain ahead of their colleagues in this digital age.

Attraction And Retention

Handy salon applications may retain and attract new consumers since they make it easier to access salon specialists, schedule appointments, and complete other tasks on the digital salon application.

Every app developer expects flawless app processing when they have an app with thousands of users. It is where the app’s back and front ends come into play to guarantee it runs well.

Why you need to build a salon booking app?

Here are a few compelling reasons why you ought to develop a salon booking mobile app:

  • A salon booking app helps owners digitize and streamline their appointment booking processes. While most people fix their appointments and follow up accordingly, others waste time, making it difficult for other customers to fix their appointments.
  • A salon appointment booking app gives your clients the freedom to fix an appointment as and when they want to, irrespective of your working hours.
  • The fact that consumers are searching for ‘Salons near me’ and ‘Book a salon near me’ should tell you that you need to build a salon booking app to make it easy for them.
  • It saves a ton of time and energy. If you were unaware, salon staff members are often occupied with a variety of tasks including calls with clients, processing gift card sales, and so on. However, with a salon booking app in place, they can save themselves a lot of time and energy by avoiding tasks like manually handling appointments, reports, and billing.

Benefits of having a salon booking app

Now that you know a thing or two about the role of salon booking apps, here are a few advantages that come with them:


Easy browsing

Your customers will have no issues going through your salon details, including the services you offer, packages, working hours, policies, prices, and so on.

Save time

This ties into the first advantage. Since a salon booking app makes it easy for the customer to browse and provides real-time information that is easy to digest, your customers can save a lot of time while scheduling their appointments.

Push notifications

It is vital to remind your customers that you exist. Since cold-calling may not be the best option to do so, use push notifications to remind your customers that you exist, while keeping them updated about the latest.

Online payments

Online payments are the norm today, especially considering the pandemic. Building a salon booking app with a payment gateway makes it easy for customers to pay online with no issues.


This is a crucial benefit of building a salon booking app. Considering the obsession with personalized content, developing a salon booking mobile app that allows customers to choose the stylists they want.

Discounts & offers

Want to show your customers you care? Develop a salon booking mobile app to announce discounts, offers, and latest updates.

What features should you include?

If you are setting up a salon booking app, it helps to know what features you ought to include. Here are a few primary features you need to keep in mind when you build a salon booking app.


For the customer

  • In-built calendar
    Make sure you incorporate a built-in calendar to manage your appointments. This way, your customers can open the app, check reservations that are directly linked to your in-house calendar, and book their appointments accordingly.
  • Commitment fee
    Be sure to include a commitment fee to ensure customers show up for their appointments.
  • In-app payments
    In-app payments make it infinitely easy for your customers to make payments, especially in the post-COVID era. In-app payments allow you to manage your customer’s transactions and payment details.
  • Loyalty program
    A loyalty program allows you to show your customers you care about them. Make sure you incorporate a loyalty program to provide your customers with incentives. Giving them a free haircut for every ten is an example. You can include a variety of other perks and rewards for your most loyal customers, thus boosting your chances of retaining them and getting them to bring in new customers.
  • Style library
    Including a style library can be incredibly useful. Adding a photo gallery with tons of photos for your customers to choose from can help give stylists a definite idea of what they want, thus improving communication.
  • Push notifications
    Considering the number of apps and software on the market, it can be easy for the customer to forget about yours. Push notifications are, by far, the best way to let your customers know that you are around. They allow you to send your customers the latest updates and news.
  • GPS
    Every app these days uses GPS. You need to include GPS to help your customers find the salon.

For the admin

  • Client management
    1.The provision to view, add, and delete users
    2.The provision to view client audits of beauticians
    3.View and manage client profiles
  • Appointment management
    This feature allows the admin to view and manage the past and upcoming appointments.
  • Beautician management
    Use this feature to add, delete, or update beautician management. You can also view the beautician’s timetable.
  • Service management
    The service management allows the admin to view, add, delete, and edit data. This data includes bank details, ID card and beautician records, and appointments.

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How do you build a salon booking mobile app?

Now that you know a thing or two about what your salon booking mobile app ought to include, here’s what goes into building a salon booking app:

Technologies required to develop a salon booking mobile app

  • Cloud environments: Azure, AWS or GCP
  • Databases: NoSQL DB like MongoDB, Cassandra or RDBMS like Postgres
  • Powerful programming mandrill: GWT
  • Verify SMS, Voice, and phone: Twilio, Nexmo, or Sinch
  • Push notifications: FCM
  • Payment options: Stripe OR PayPal OR Any other
  • Real-time analysis: Apache Flink or Kafka

Hence, while having the finest app concept and picking amazing features are vital aspects of your app, choosing the proper technology will allow you to put everything into action with the desired impact on consumers. The app’s success relies heavily on how mobile app developers can turn your idea into a finished product. And this is one of the most critical parts of mobile app development that you cannot afford to overlook. Let’s take detailed information regarding how to build salon and beauty appointment booking app.

  • Building a Customized User Profile

    This feature allows consumers to select their chosen services and the stylist/beautician with whom they are most comfortable receiving the services given to them. It features a log showing how often a consumer has used a service. The app may deliver personalized offers based on the client’s preferred services. The client may rate the greatest service and the best service provider.

  • Browse Ready Service

    Include the app’s services to your customers, including package, pricing, date availability, and service length. To entice your client, separate each service with a reduced offer-based package.

  • Validation of Consumer Services

    Include the appropriate validation for each treatment offered by the salon. Do not make the customer wait or reject any appointments without validation. Make the UI easy to use so customers can simply book and use your services.

  • Payment Services Over The Internet

    Incorporating online payment mechanisms is one of the key digitizing aspects of the application. They give clients the option of paying their invoices. As individuals get more comfortable paying bills digitally, these capabilities have become critical in your app.

  • Include Redeeming Of Gifts

    Obtain the app-based billing method with the possibility of redeeming a discount or gift vouchers. Make the client know they received something extra in exchange for your services.

  • Activating the Push Notification Service

    Educate your consumers on their preferred services’ most recent sales and promotions. This tool allows you to keep them up to speed about salon events.

What should your team structure look like?

Your team structure depends entirely on the type of mobile app you are looking for. Since you are looking for an app that does well to manage salon booking appointments, you will need with the following members to handle this:

  • Project manager

    Make sure you work with an experienced project manager.

  • Application developer

    The designation Application Developer encompasses: Backside Application Developer, Front Application Developer, Android Application Developer, iOS Application Developer, etc., depending on your requirements.

  • App designers

    You will need a few app designers on your team, including graphic designers and professional UI / UX designers.

  • Application tester

    Do not forget to include an application tester, who is responsible for detailed evaluation and feedback, allowing you to improve the quality of the app.

How much will building a salon booking app cost you?

In a nutshell, the cost of developing a salon booking mobile app will depend on the features you want. If you are using the Agile development method, you can expect to be able to build a salon booking app for iOS within 10 weeks, save for additional features. The features that you want to include are ultimately meant to simplify the work of the admins, customers, and staff.


You need to ask yourself if you want to develop the app for Android or iOS or both. Chances are your audience uses both, in which case you will need to create a hybrid app that works on both platforms.

Besides this, you have to ask yourself if you are transferring the project to an application development company that you trust or an independent developer. Here are a few factors that will affect the cost:

  • Platform choice: iOS or Android or both
  • Features of the app, i.e., must-have and advanced features
  • Front-end application development
  • Website connection
  • Back-end application development
  • UI / UX development

In India, developing a salon booking mobile app can cost you anywhere between $10,000 to $40,000.

You can also use an online app builder to develop a salon booking mobile app. All you would have to do is:

  • Use their salon app template
  • Customize your app’s appearance
  • Add your content
  • Use their publishing wizard to launch your app


There you have it – all you need to know about building a salon booking app from scratch. As you know, apps dictate your growth and survival in the business world today, which means the bare minimum is having an app with rudimentary features. However, ideally, you ought to include all the features mentioned in the article if you want your app to be effective.

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