IoT and Machine Learning

Imagine a life where you wake up in the morning and the air condition shuts down on its own to help you wide awake. You get up to make a coffee while putting a robot vacuum cleaner to clean the mess on its own. When you are finally ready to go to work, a self-driving car awaits you at the doorstep, picks you up, and departs for the office. Moreover, you open the laptop and start working in the car while the self-driving car takes care of the traffic.

Would you love to lead a life like this?

Who doesn’t?

Do you know IoT and Machine Learning are making this dream come true together?

Not a new concept, but today, you will see the future of real-life through the lens of IoT and machine learning.

Before that, let’s take a brief look on what IoT and Machine Learning looks like?

What is IoT?

In hyper-simple language, IoT is everything that’s connected to the internet. But these days, it is increasingly becoming products that talk to each other. Your smartphones, wearables, tablets or any other data-connected devices are IoT.

What is machine learning?

Machine Learning is the product of Artificial Intelligence, enabling programs to learn and improve automatically with the help of data and experience. Let’s just say, humans taught machines how to learn like humans which is called machine learning.

It is the machine learning that helps Netflix to predict what viewers want to see based on the purchase history (commonly called as data),

Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML) are the hot topics right now and nearing the top of the hype cycle.

Here’s the graph shouting the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT Store Online

And here’s Machine Learning (ML)

MRFR Analysis

Separately, they can do what’s possible. But together they can reach impossible.

Wonders of machine learning and IoT together

Let’s assume that on a typical working day, you wake up at 8 A.M. and want your coffee ready exactly after 15 minutes. Of course, you can set your smart coffee maker to prepare coffee at 8:15 AM. But this IoT-only device is equivalent to an alarm clock, working at the set time daily. What about the days when you have to wake up earlier or late. You can’t set a smart coffee maker each night. Sometimes you don’t even know when you will wake up as you may have come home late at night.

This is where machine learning development plays a pivotal role in the above and many other problems.

Machine learning enables IoT devices to be more human. It analyzes the data collected by the IoT devices, gets an insight into human behaviour patterns, and makes the devices work in alignment with humans. So, if we add machine learning to a smart coffee maker, the device will collect data on the time you wake up, machine learning analyzes the data, and signals coffee maker to start brewing exactly after 15 minutes of wake-up time.

Long story short, ML development turns a device into an assistant instead of a mere robot.

The combination of machine learning and IoT development is fulfilling the need of devices to be more understanding.

IoT fetches data like location, temperature, voices, faces, health, etc. Machine learning recognizes the patterns from such data in real time and decides the next action to perform on its own.

Continuing to the explanation above, let’s have a look on several ways IoT and Machine Learning development are changing the world:

How IoT and machine learning are changing the way we live

IoT and Machine Learning are not only changing the way we live but also improving the way we do business. They aid companies in maintaining long-term relationships with their clients. Businesses can easily collect and transform valuable data into future-proof decisions with the help of IoT development.

Here’s how IoT and Machine Learning are improving each area of our lives.

Refining the way we communicate in our daily lives

If you have ever used Alexa and Amazon’s Echo devices, you must have experienced a change in your communication.

Previously, we used to finish minor tasks on our own. Like setting an alarm, playing desired songs, etc. After the arrival of Alexa, we just need to command our desire and the device takes it as order and implements immediately. For example, if you say “Alexa play Justin Bieber songs”. Alexa will start playing the famous songs of Justin Beiber.

That’s not it.

There are many devices developed or are developing that will take your command and implement it immediately. For example, smart toasters, automatic lights, etc., are on their way to be your assistant.

Helping businesses to shape personalized user experience

IoT and Machine Learning development are transforming the businesses by helping them switch focus from products or services to customers that result in best outcomes.

We are already familiar with how Amazon and Netflix use machine learning to grasp our likings and offer an experience tailored to each user’s needs. They suggest products that align well with users’ likings and even recommend movies and TV shows that users’ can’t deny to put in their next watchlist.

Not only product recommendations, Machine Learning and IoT go beyond by shaping the environment as per the users’ personal preferences. For example, The Nest Thermostat uses machine learning to comprehend users’ heating and cooling preferences, ensuring that your house sets right temperatures when you return home from work and have a sigh of relief.

Cost savings in industries

Machine Learning draws data from multiple sensors of machines to learn and detect if something abnormal starts taking place.

For example, if a company runs multiple machines, machine learning collects data from all the machines available. It sends collected data to the service where it compares the same data with other similar machines available. Any slightest change warns the technicians about malfunctions so that they can cure it before the big damage takes place. This entire analysis occurs in real-time and the results are sent as notifications to the technician’s smartphone.

Knowing when a machine requires maintenance is incredibly important as it saves millions of dollars that go in vain when a machine’s minor fault turns into a big mistake.

Goldcorp, a mining company, is a great example of using machine learning. The company uses big vehicles to take away materials. Previously, the breakdown of any of these vehicles resulted in $2 million of losses per day. After installing machine learning to predict the moment of maintenance with 90% accuracy, the company enjoyed the savings as well as uninterrupted material transport.

Stronger safety and security measures

IoT and Machine Learning’s real-time technology allows people to take safety and security measures in the moment where other traditional security methods fail to reach on time.

Here’s how:

In 2017, Siemens launched an Internet of Trains project, embedding sensors in trains and tracks of Spain, Russia, and Thailand. These sensors send data to machine learning to identify signs of trains and tracks that were failing. The group used these insights to repair targeted areas immediately.

Another largest example is CCTV surveillance. Machine learning and IoT integrated facial recognition softwares in CCTV cameras to detect terrorists and wanted criminals. But San Francisco banned this technology because people’s privacy was at stake. Maybe in the future, machine learning developers will find better ways to use this technology without risking the private life of people.

If you think bigger with IoT and machine learning in terms of safety, you will see that the technology can predict accidents and crime before they take place. Data fetched from video cameras, noise sensors, smart trash-bins, etc., can signal machine learning about the preconditions of accidents or crimes.

And more

The examples discussed above are just the glimpses of infinite possibilities. If you dig deeper within your business and personal life, you will find many ways to inculcate IoT and Machine learning in your daily life. Not only for yourself, but for the comfort of your targeted audience. You may come up with ideas that drive more customers towards your brand with the power of IoT and machine learning.

Final thoughts

Millions of organizations have adopted IoT and machine learnings. Some major and familiar ones are Amazon, Netflix, Google, and IBM.  

Now it’s your turn to integrate smart solutions combining machine learning and IoT development. No matter if you are small business or a big enterprise, IoT and machine learning have room for everyone who is ready to upgrade their business as well as lifestyle.

If you are confused where to start and which technology your business needs, we recommend you to start with the latest trends.

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