• Why firebase is the best as a Mobile Application backend?

    31 August , 2016 Firebase , Firebase app development company, hire firebase developer, what is firebase

    The mobile and cloud are the the buzzwords nowadays. Every week there’s some new innovation comes related to these technologies.
    There are many backed service provider like AWS,Kumulos,Meteor,Kinvey, Mongodb, StackMob, Applicasa, Appcelerator Cloud among them Firebase is on the top with their main features like free and unlimited analytics solution,Unlimited Reporting and Audience Segmentation. Firebase use integrated services like Firebase Crash Reporting, BigQuery, Firebase Notifications, Firebase Remote Config and Google Tag Manager to improve their services.
    Here is the difference

    Why to select firebase as a BAAS for mobile app?

    Features Firebase AWS Kumulos Meteor Kinvey
    Platform Providing a real-time database platform cloud services platform Cloud Backend As A Service Platform Providing a web application framework Integrated backend services
    Database provides its own real-time database management API Amazon Relational Database Service MySQL database (Hookup) provides an innovative mini-Mongo API NoSQL data store
    Pricing Easier bundling pay-as-you-go approach fixed monthly fee Scale and support based Resource-based, Feature-based, And tier-based
    Front-end Angular, Ember, Vue.js, and React AWS CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline Node.js, Go, App UI Blaze Backbone.js
    Server Side Users, Security only Server-side encryption mBaaS gives easier scalability Anything business logic with less code
    Hosting Web, CDN, Users,DB Amazon EC2,S3,RDS,SQS,DevPay,CloudFront Kumulos Cloud, Hookup App only Backend-as-a-Service (BAAS)
    Organization Google AWS(Amazon Web Services) Kumulos Ltd MDG(Meteor Development Group) Kinvey


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    Why to use firebase ?

    From last couple of years, Parse was the famous BAAS (Backend As A Service Provider) which was based on relational database and also was supporting Push Notification. But suddenly in late 2016, they announce to close their service and all the parse based application will stop working from 2017 which was shocked news. Firebase is good alternative of the Parse. If you have not still upgrade your backend from parse to other service then please contact our expert firebase developer to migrate the backend service from parse to firebase.


    What is the firebase ?

    Firebase database is no SQL database. Firebase service base on node.js so it’s response will be fast compare to web services. If you are planning to develop application where user can get quickly access functionality of the application then firebase is the best option for you. Also, Firebase is real time managing all data in database. So if you have requirement to build chat application development or application which sync with multiple devices like iPhone, Android and Web in real-time without refreshing the screen then also firebase is the good option to go with.

    Moreover, Google has just acquirefirebase. so, now firebase is providing many new features like : Cloud messaging, Crash reports, Analytics, Test labs, Google cloud storage, Dynamic links, Email service, AdMob Advertisement etc.

    If you are planning to use firebase then one more benefit is firebase is providing some social networking loginoptions: Email Login, Facebook , twitter, github , gmail

    As per our firebase expert developer below are the key benefits:

    • Create Application without backend server
    • No need extra money spent for backend server
    • Sync real time data in the application
    • Quick display data in the application
    • Faster then any backend web services
    • No SQL database so it is more faster
    • You can provide any social networking login with very few lines code
    • Push notification
    • Analytics
    • Crash reports
    • Cloud storage
    • Test Lab
    • Dynamic Linking
    • Auto Backup and many more…


    Push notification:

    Apple provides push notification functionality. But if you want to send push notification from your server then you have to write code on your server and your server’s port 2195 should be enable for sending push notification. For some reason your server’s 2195 post is not enable then you cannot include this functionality in your application.

    Even with older version of firebase, it was very difficult to send notification as it was not part of

    Before collaboration with Google it is difficult to send notification to another user from firebase. Wehad to use any other third party service like batch for sending push notification. It was very expensive for this functionality or have to purchase dedicate server and write code for sending push notification.

    We can now include push notification functionality in the app without enable your server port with using firebase. We just need to call one rest API that is providing by firebase then we can send Push notification in the app.

    In firebase this service called as Firebase cloud messaging (FCM). Firebase is providing push notification service for iOS and Android both platforms.

    Where can we use Push notification service?

    • If you are planning to broadcast some message to the entire user then this will be good option for you.
    • If you are planning to provide updates to some user in the app then this will be good option for you.
    • If your application contains payment or other functionality then you want to notify to user then it will be good option.
    • If your application contains some functionality like or add to friends network then it will good option for you
    • If you are planning to notify some user and that user is not using your app on same time then you can send to notification in their mobile.



    Firebase is providing app analytics functionality with out any extra charge with that we can track all the reports like How many user installed the your app? How many user has perform particular events?

    We can track user’s data like age, gender username etc using app analytics. You can logs events like signing, sign up, Home etc as per your application requirement.

    Track below information using Analytics:

    • Track user’s data
    • How many installations for your application?
    • How many user sign up in your application?
    • How many active users in your application?
    • How many time users view some screens?
    • How many time user clicks like button in the app?
    • How many retention user in the application? Etc


    • You can get daily, monthly, yearly reports for user’s data.
    • You can get   daily, monthly, yearly reports for some events data.
    • You can view all active users in the application
    • You can view retention users list
    • Which screen user most like in the application?
    • Which functionality usersare using much in the application?

    Crash Reports:

    This is the most useful functionality in any application. This feature is more useful for improve your application and increase your application users. This is very important feature while development and even after launch to track the crash issues.

    If your application crashing then we will get crash reports on email ID instantly. So we can track how many crash issue generated in the application. So we can resolve then crash issue in newer version. Newer application version user will not get same crash issue again.

    This service is available for both platforms. This crash reports will be display line number of code where your application is crashing so you can provide this report to your developer then he/she can resolved quickly this issue.


    • Quickly identify crash reports
    • More helpful for reproduce issue
    • More helpful from developer side
    • We can improve your application quality
    • Track crash free sessions
    • Track how many users faced same crash issue
    • We can track. Why this issue is happened? Etc


    Cloud storage:

    This functionality will be more helpful to storage any files on your cloud. Google is providing this server in minimum charges. Before few months this functionality was not included in firebase so we had to add base64 in database or use server or Amazon S3 bucket option.

    In cast of Base64 storage, size of database increase too much can degrade performance of the application. Hence, it is not good approach to implement.

    But now thanks to Google Acquisition,we can use Google cloud storage with firebase SDK so you can upload any file quickly in cloud storage and get that file the application with fraction of time.


    • Store any file from the application
    • Quick upload image or video from the application
    • Quick display images or video in the application
    • Minimum charges for storage
    • Taking lower time for uploading



    The major thing in any project is scalability. What if we get millions of the users? What type of server configuration and load balancing we would require? If server won’t be able to surprised traffic then product may fail but with firebase, they will manage everything, we just need to define proper structure of the data. Everything related to scalability, load-balancing backup would be managed by firebase itself, which will give big relief.



    Performance of the application is tremendous with firebase as they provide data real-time. We can sync it with multiple devices without waiting for refreshing the screen. Yeah, the key concern is the database structure for the application and would require paying more attention on it. As we stated earlier, it is not SQL database and somewhat different than then MongoDB or other NoSQL databases with bit more limitations.


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